Awesome Level 9000 (Smash Up Expansion)

$19.99 $17.44 (as of April 23, 2018, 3:27 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details

Box includes:

  • 4 factions with 20 cards each
  • 8 base cards
  • 16 reanimated base cards from the Core Set
  • 1 VP token sheet
  • 1 rulebook

Usually ships in 24 hours

Product Description

Awesome Level Over 9000 is a ‘’must have’’ expansion for Smash Up veterans. The new factions introduce core mechanics to the gameplay, like moving around.. a lot!

A rage-quitter favorite, Bear Cavalry, will make moving between bases a dangerous game, most of the times deadly. Ghosts get you to discard cards like mad, rewarding you with extra VPs or insane burst power.

Killer Plants grow incredibly fast, and keep many debuffs under their sleeve. Last, but definitely not least, we get Steampunks, an action (on a base) based deck with tons of movement, that will make for the most interesting combinations as you keep growing your Smash Up collection.

The expansion needs a few playthroughs to let you incorporate the new mechanics, but you’re guaranteed to experience over 9000 strategies!

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