Smash Up (Core Set)

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Box includes:

  • 8 factions with 20 cards each
  • 16 base cards
  • 1 rulebook

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Product Description

This is the start of something big. Something that everyone was talking about. A combination of awesomely lethal and imaginary (or not) super creatures fighting together to rule the galaxy!

Aliens invade the battlefield teleporting others away, while using extraterrestrial technology to gain profits and confuse enemy plans. Dinosaurs come with lasers (i kid you not), and will step on everything with UNREAL power making it all about survival of the fittest.

Hard to predict and prone to surprises, Ninjas get out of literally nowhere to claim their spot, and assassinate key targets. Meanwhile, Pirates move between bases and loot everything they can, then move back to where they want (fair right?).

Robots own mostly minions and just two actions, but beware of their “extra-minion-in-any-possible-way” abilities, these guys are overclocked! Tricksters are a pain in the brain for opponents, having an arsenal of tricks that’s able to ruin even the most obvious next-round winner.

To counter minion-spam, Wizards fill the void of action-spam, often playing 5+ cards on a single round, recycling their deck at the speed of light! Speaking of recycling, Zombies hold the true meaning! Going back and forth on the discard pile, they always return with more undead friends on their side.

And that was just the beginning! The game gets more and more exciting with all follow-up expansions, offering a unique gameplay experience. Combine two classes, make a massive deck and fight!

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