Smash Up Munchkin (Smash Up Expansion)

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Box includes:

  • 8 factions with 20 cards each
  • 20 monster cards
  • 22 treasure cards
  • 16 base cards
  • 10 card dividers
  • 1 VP token sheet
  • 1 rulebook

Product Description

Smash Up Munchkin is a perfect combo of those two amazing games! Factions and their abilities are pretty similar to the original Munchkin! They are greedy burglars, holy-cheaters and gold diggers that are able to serve destruction at it’s highest! There are also 2 new decks, the first one is a Monster deck. It owns monsters that can be played by a base or faction ability on a base and it adds its power to the breakpoint of a base. When monsters killed or a base scores with them attached on, rewards players with treasures, and that’s the second deck! Treasure cards can be drawn by ability of factions as well, besides the base scoring and monster killing.Most of them are ultra strong actions and a few minions, that can be played as all other cards in game.

First faction alphabetically, Clerics, that they sure not holy at all. They get through their discard pile, and not only theirs, and use abilities that gives them life expand when necessary. Dwarves care only for shinnies and gems, and they don’t really need the treasure deck for that, as they mostly get treasures from the discard pile and use them on their minions to get extra power!

Elves are good helpers, even for enemies! They are so kind that they share power to all minions, but don’t fool yourselves. Elves are never good without a reason! They probably are ready for extreme winning moves! Halflings though, are truly friendly smelly drunk and awesome talented! They allow so many extra minions in any possible situation that your deck is gonna end and refill before you spell sausage!

Mages are not afraid to discard, and they shouldn’t! They get tremendous rewards for the sacrifice they made! Deck with powerful, still weird mechanics, that can be really fan for a change, if you mostly use factions with more basic abilities. Orcs are really strong creatures. They have more than usual 5 power minions with abilities from power adding to doing absolutely nothing! Their actions either create mess or a safe winning path for the player that chose them!

Thieves have mastered the ability to steal treasures and then trades them for supermassive power or use them for their extreme abilities as usual. They are almost invisible while walking the path to victory!Heroic ending of this with Warriors that are afraid of no monster or minion ! They have the ability to play monsters either to delay a base from scoring and claim treasures then, or destroy them to take their power or just the treasures as usual!

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