Albion Online – How To Transfer Gold & Silver Between Accounts or Characters

    Albion Online has a strong player-driven economy, and you will find yourself wanting to transfer currencies (silver or gold) between your characters, different accounts or with your friends and guild mates.

    Transfer Gold & Silver Between Accounts

    Even though you can’t directly send gold to another account, be it yours or a friends, there is no great reason you should do that.

    Instead, you can easlily liquidate your gold into silver, and then trade it around to your heart’s content.

    It’s even allowed by Albion Online’s TOS (article 11.2), so there’s nothing to be afraid of. What you should look out for, is that trading silver between players is only allowed in certain areas:

    • Player Cities
    • Guild Home Territories
    • Personal / Guild Islands

    From the official Terms & Conditions:

    11.2 Multiple registrations, as well as setting up and operating multiple User Accounts at our Services are allowed. However, if the User is playing the Game with multiple Characters at the same time, all of the following rules must be followed: i) the Characters may not interact or cooperate with each other if they are located outside of a player city, guild home territory, personal island or guild island, ii) the Characters may not engage in combat together and iii) the Characters may not act as scouts for each other.

    Most probably you will lose a small portion of the gold you want to trade as silver, due to the prices changing all the time (you could also win by a small margin, it really depends on many factors), so your best best will be to change gold -> silver -> gold as fast as possible.

    Transfer Gold & Silver Between Characters

    You don’t have to transfer gold between your alt characters, since gold is the only thing that is account bound on Albion Online.

    This means that all of your characters share the same gold, and you can use it with any of them as you see fit.

    However, the more you use your alts, the more it becomes a necessity to trade silver between them, for various reasons.

    There’s a couple of ways you can achieve that:

    Method 1 – Exchange With Gold

    Using the exact same method for transferring money between accounts, you can transfer money withing your alts.

    Simply buy gold with one character, then log in with the other and sell for silver.

    Method 2 – Using the Auction House

    Marketplace Screen, Albion Online
    Marketplace Screen, Albion Online

    This is an “old exploit” used in many MMOs and known by the veterans.

    You can simply list an item in the Marketplace for a crazy amount of silver, then buy it with your alt so that your other alt receives the money.

    However you should keep the Marketplace fees in mind, and depending on your situation judge if it’s better to do that, or use Method 1.

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