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Published on December 22, 2020    Updated on December 22, 2020
Apex Legends

Best Apex Legends Fan Art - 10 Insane Apex Character Artworks

We got in touch with the 10 best Apex Legends fan art creators & artists, in order to showcase their amazing artworks!

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As with every game so does Apex Legends gather an amount of people that have great artistic talent and get influenced by the characters of the game to create their own pieces of art for the people to see.

In this showcase we will feature 10 of the best pieces of art we found across the internet and give you some information about the art themselves, just a disclaimer though, the order of which the pieces will be depicted does not represent that one is better than the other, they all are extraordinary.

Now without further ado, we hope you enjoy!

Jonny Chaos – Octane

Octane by Jonny Chaos

You can follow Jonny Chaos in the links below.


Facebook: facebook.com/jonwhiteheaddesign
Instagram: instagram.com/jonny_chaos

Jonny Chaos made an excellent job with this piece by creating Octane’s model and the back ground separately, the art style has great detail and to be honest it doesn’t go that far from what the style of the original artwork looks like, the dynamic pose is really well done and the viewer can feel the movement in this piece.

Aviixe – Pathfinder

Pathfinder by Aviixe

You can follow Aviixe in the links below.


Instagram: instagram.com/stephen_boe
Twitter: twitter.com/AviixeArt
DeviantArt: deviantart.com/stephen221b

Another amazing piece, this time by Aviixe which is a very talented person and shows that can handle the brushes masterfully, not only he displays how gracefully Pathfinder grapples through the Cascades, but the impact of the force that shreds through the water is easily seen while he shoots down his opponents with his Wingman, this makes one more dynamic artwork to the list.

Fun fact: Chris Edgerly, the voice behind Pathfinder has this piece of art printed in his house.

ArtofSCS – Wraith

Wraith by ArtofSCS

You can follow ArtofSCS in the links below.


Website: artofscs.com
Facebook: facebook.com/artofscs
Instagram: instagram.com/artofsc
Twitter: twitter.com/ArtofSCS
ArtStation: artstation.com/artofscs

Now this is a really interesting piece that shows a very big and sudden movement at the exact moment Wraith is caught up really close to an explosion, ArtofSCS portrays the expression in amazing detail the distress on her face while she struggles to escape from harms way and the blur adds even more fluidity like it was a picture capturing the scene in motion.

Ramzy Kamen – Caustic

Caustic by RamzyKamen

You can follow Ramzy Kamen in the links below.


Facebook: facebook.com/theartoframzykamen
Instagram: instagram.com/ramzykamen
Twitter: twitter.com/ramzykamen
ArtStation: ramzykamen.artstation.com
Behance: behance.net/ramzykamen
DeviantArt: deviantart.com/ramzykamen

Ramzy Kamen has really shown his level of talent by making the toxic gas look so detailed, Caustic’s menacing look and the pain of the victims can be instantly understood by the viewer making them feel uneasy but also in awe of how well the grim atmosphere in this piece of art is executed.

SK Jynx – Wattson

Wattson by SK JYNX

You can follow SK Jynx in the links below.


Website: skjynx-design.com
Instagram: instagram.com/sk_jynx
Twitter: twitter.com/SK_Jynx
ArtStation: sk_jynx.artstation.com
DeviantArt: deviantart.com/skjynx

A relaxed and carefree piece from SK Jynx that shows Wattson just chilling on the rooftop of what we could guess is the top of the Air Base building, she’s enjoying the view of King’s Canyon where she first started working for the Apex Games.
A brilliant yet simple piece which shows that although Apex Legends is a game full of fighting and violence there’s always another way to portray things, in a less stressful manner.

Jessica Lee aka JEL – Bloodhound

Bloodhound by Jessica Lee

You can follow Jessica Lee in the links below.


Instagram: instagram.com/_jelart
Twitter: twitter.com/_JELart
ArtStation: artstation.com/jelart

A simple yet amazing design by Jessica Lee displaying Bloodhound in a dynamic pose wearing the Road Warrior skin which became instantly a fan favorite.
The detail and the lightning effects are amazing, and the addition of the name which also is translated to Japanese below along with the lore and the ability icons make this piece one that deserves to be showcased here.

Last.iso – Gibraltar

Gibraltar by Last.iso

You can follow Last.iso in the links below.


Instagram: instagram.com/last.iso
Twitter: twitter.com/last_iso

A great piece by Last.iso which shows Gibraltar in the aftermath of a fight stepping on what we probably assume is the Death Box of his victim, and even though there isn’t a lot of motion in this one the expression on his face is really detailed and shows that he’s tired of the resulting fight, the other small detail such as his Dome device and his ultimate are nice touches that give this piece of art a sense of completion.

GRIMM – Loba

Loba by GRIMM

You can follow GRIMM in the links below.


Website: G21MM.com
Instagram: instagram.com/G21MM
Twitter: twitter.com/G21MM_Art
Twitch: twitch.tv/G21MM

An amazing piece from GRIMM or else G2IMM that shows our favorite high society thief Loba chilling on a chair giving us that dominant look, the details on her clothing and her expression are amazing, the lightning is on point and the addition of her staff on the side plus the screen on the right that shows what we could assume is her father makes this piece a whole scene with top notch quality.

Zacc – Lifeline

Lifeline by Zacc

You can follow Zacc in the links below.


Youtube: youtube.com/Zaccrim
Instagram: instagram.com/zaccrim
Twitter: twitter.com/Zaccrim
Tumblr: zaccrimart.tumblr.com
Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/zaccrim

Our favorite support Lifeline comes alive in this amazing piece of art from Zacc, that has used some very vibrant colors which makes her pop and stand out, a piece with a much more happier vibe and of course with Lifeline’s iconic pose you just can’t go wrong with it.

Fragment – Revenant

Revenant Simulacrum form by Fragment

Revenant Human form by Fragment

You can follow Fragment in the links below.


Facebook: facebook.com/iFragmentix.Deviantart
Instagram: instagram.com/iamfragment
Youtube: youtube.com/user/IFrAgMenTIx
Twitter: twitter.com/IFrAgMenTIx
Artstation: artstation.com/ifragmentix
Deviantart: deviantart.com/ifragmentix

Now this is an extremely good piece that features Revenant in both his human and also his simulacrum form but it doesn’t end there, Fragment took it one step further and combined both of his art to create a transition between those two forms to create this astonishing piece of art.


These are the top 10 artists we found around the internet that thought deserved the spotlight on this list and we believe you should follow them all !!!

If you want to have your own art featured please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Make sure to also check my Apex Legends Character Guides!

A big thank you to all of the artists that gave us permission to feature their art on our website. ❤


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