Apex Legends - Activating the Firing Range Bots Easter Egg
Published on July 12, 2020    Updated on August 7, 2020
Apex Legends

Apex Legends - Activating the Firing Range Bots Easter Egg

In Apex Legends, you can activate the bots that are located in Firing Range, and spice up your training routine! Get to the end of this guide to learn how to bring the bots to life!

by Cthylla, The Great Old One
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Apex Legends has implemented numerous easter eggs. even since the very early release. Most of them are just for fun, like Nessie’s easter egg, or one of the developer’s cute dogs, Mirage’s cell phone, and many, many more.

One of the easter eggs though comes actually really handy to use as a warm-up and it is a pretty good way to train your aim in-game. Fun fact is that Respawn was not aware of this addition, as one of the developers stated that he got it in the game since day one without telling the rest of his team!

Below I will show you, step by step, how to trigger the bots that are placed in The Apex Legends’ Fire Range. You can follow the video and look for more specific information in the step-by-step explanation below the video!

Step 1: Drop Your Weapon & Ammo

The first thing you do after entering Firing Range, using any Legend, is to drop your weapon and ammo.

Step 2: Go to Last Spawn on Your Left

After you drop your weapon and ammunition, head outside of your spawn, turn left, and head in the last spawn (cave).

Step 3: Press “M” & Choose Pathfinder

After you enter the last spawn (cave) on your left, press “M” and change to Pathfinder. If you entered firing Range with Pathfinder you can skip this step.

Step 4: Grapple on the Metal Sheet Above

Inside the cave, you will find a metal sheet hanging on the shielding. Grapple and land on this metal sheeting.

Step 5: Crouch & Look Down

When you successfully land on the metal sheet, crouch and look downwards. Beware that you need to look down in a very specific spot in order to trigger the bots, and it is usually the part that most people fail to do, so pay attention to the video to see the exact angle you have to look at.

Step 6: Press “M” & Change Legend

If you made sure that you are looking in the right direction, press “M” again, and change Legend. If you still want Pathfinder, change to any Legend, and change back to Pathfinder, after you confirm the next step.

Step 7: The Metal Sound Indicates That The Bots Are Active

The moment you will change Legend, you will hear metal grinding sound, which indicates that you succeded to activate the bots! If you don’t hear that sound, you will have to double-check if you did everything else right.

Step 8: Loot Fast, Have Fun!

The bots can kill you and they will if you do not loot fast! As you can see in the video I almost died out of it cause I had no idea that they would all shoot me at the same time, and I also had no clue that they had Peacekeepers! 🤣

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