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Apex Legends Loba Guide - Lore, Abilities & Best Gun Loadouts

Loba is the high society thief of the Apex Games and is very reliable in providing her team with loot faster than any other Legend, but also has the means to escape from tight situations. Starting with her tactical Burglar’s Best Friend gives her the ability to teleport with the help of her bracelet, her passive Eye For Quality which makes her see high tier loot through walls or supply bins, and her ultimate Black Market Boutique, a staff that once placed can be interacted with and teleport loot to players from a certain radius.

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Loba Lore

Loba, High Society Thief, Apex Legends

Loba, High Society Thief, Apex Legends

Gender: Female
Heirloom: N/A
Voice Actor: Fryda Wolff (@FreeTheWolfVO)

When Loba was nine, she looked on as simulacrum hitman Revenant killed her family. Left with nothing, Loba was given to a foster family. But like her mother and father, she quickly found out she was good at being a thief. She started with picking pockets and as her skills improved, Loba used every tool at her disposal to lift herself from the gutter. Everything changed when she broke into a supposedly impenetrable facility and got her hands on the Jump Drive tech stored inside. With her new teleportation bracelet, the most secure and unattainable items were within her reach. So was her dream of living the high life.

Rumors spread across the Outlands: if you wanted something valuable -and well guarded- Loba’s who you go to. She was almost able to put her past behind her. But when Revenant joined the Games, her past catapulted into her future. Desperate to find a way to kill him, she found out the truth about the Simulacrum with help from her friend Jaime and successfully sabotaged a facility full of Revenant bodies, bringing Skull Town and Thunderdome crashing down in the process. However, she learned it was just one of many such factories hidden across the Frontier. Now, she’s joined the Games to find a way to end him for good. It doesn’t hurt that the Arenas are brimming with treasures just waiting to be plucked.

Revenge will come, if fortune favors her. In the meantime, some shiny things have caught her eye.

Loba Abilities Guide

Tactical Ability – Burglar’s Best Friend

Burglar’s Best Friend Tactical
Cooldown 30 seconds
Description Teleport to
places or escape
trouble quickly
by throwing
your jump
drive bracelet.
  • Throws Loba’s bracelet and immediately teleports her to its landing spot.
  • While the bracelet is in midair, you can force it to drop straight down.
  • Upon activation, it cannot be canceled (excludes other Legends abilities that can cancel the bracelet) and you’ll go where the bracelet lands.
  • If the bracelet is thrown off the edge of the map, it’ll return back to Loba without starting the cooldown.
  • Can be used while on ziplines or jump pads.
  • The max distance that the bracelet can be thrown varies based on the following:
    • 71 meters if you’re on normal ground levels which is the standard distance.
    • 100+ meters if you’re on high ground places such as towers or buildings, maxing out distance.
  • The bracelet’s distance can be extended by bouncing it off aLaunch Pad. This does not work if you are too close to the pad; you’ll just teleport right on top of it.
  • Silence can cancel the teleport while the bracelet is in midair.
  • The bracelet can hit aSurveillance Drone and teleport you to it, even though the drone is not solid ground.
  • Dimensional Rift will cancel the bracelet’s effect if it’s in midair and the portal is taken at the same time.
  • It will not go inside a Gibraltar’sDome of Protection but will instead bounce off the dome.
  • There is a brief animation that plays after you get teleported before you can use your weapon, plan accordingly.
  • Teleport behind an enemy to attack them by surprise.
  • Use the ability to force the bracelet down in order to teleport right behind cover.
  • Don’t forget that you can throw the bracelet through windows and small gaps in walls.
  • The bracelet’s sound effects are very loud and its trail is visible to everyone so enemies can be notified that you’re nearby, so be cautious when using.
  • Climbing will cancel the animation of the bracelet. Used at the right time, this can save you a second.

There Are Known Bugs.

Occasionally, the bracelet can get glitched and stop working after taking Wraith’s Dimensional Rift. Once it gets glitched, it can only be fixed by using the Black Market Boutique, which will somehow undo the bug.

Under rare circumstances, if Loba gets hit by a melee attack at the same time her bracelet touches a surface, she’ll teleport the enemy meleeing her too.

Aiming with a Peacekeeper, Wingman or Prowler Burst PDW directly after using the bracelet causes a visual glitch (that last if still aiming with the Peacekeeper).

It does not work in some areas on Kings Canyon and most of World’s Edge.

How to Use Burglar’s Best Friend

First things first, Loba’s tactical is a throwable, that means if you hold your tactical button you will see an arch that shows where it will land.

Loba’s bracelet doesn’t bounce off of surfaces, it will drop down immediately wherever it hits and that’s where you will be teleported.

If you are going to use it offensively like teleporting behind an enemy make sure they either have low HP, some distance between you or they are out in the open.

Loba is a Legend that requires the player to have some good knowledge of the map so she can utilize her bracelet at the fullest potential.

When you are in a tight position and you need to escape fast you have to do that immediately when your shield is depleted, or if you don’t have enough HP you could run, hide and then use your tactical.

Another good way for escaping fights that aren’t going to your favor is to run to the nearest door you can find, close it and block it, then use your tactical to escape.

The reason behind that is that you have a few seconds that won’t allow you to use any of your weapons or healing items, leaving you vulnerable.

This goes before you teleport and after.

You can always drop the bracelet anywhere you want before it finishes traveling to the projected arch you see before throwing it.

This tactical can only be canceled before you throw the bracelet, after that it can not be canceled and you will be teleported.

The bracelet leaves a trail behind it whenever it’s thrown and anybody can see it, even enemies so be careful as it leaves you at a disadvantage every time you come out of the teleportation animation.

Although its many drawbacks this tactical is very useful at getting the higher ground when you are fighting enemies, also if your aim is good enough and you manage to drop their health really low they will be forced to heal. This becomes the perfect moment to use the bracelet, to teleport behind your enemy and finish them off, just remember to keep an eye on their team mates and do not teleport that close, keep your distance because after you use your tactical you won’t have any other disengagement skills for a while.

If aimed correctly you can teleport inside buildings which will make it much harder for the enemies to come close to you, or get inside buildings that have their entries blocked.

A pro play you can do with this tactical is once you throw it to where you want to go you can jump off the map which will make you harder to get hit and once you activate it you will be teleported back on the ground, just be careful not to fall off and die.

Passive Ability – Eye For Quality

Eye For Quality Passive
Cooldown N/A
Description Nearby epic
and legendary
loot can
be seen
through walls.
The range is
the same as
Black Market
  • Range is ~113 meters.
  • Includes Heirloom items.
  • Can ping the loot through obstacles and inside supply bins.
  • Ping Range is 12 meters.
  • Loot ticks and Death Box cannot be seen through obstacles despite these contain epic or legendary loot.
  • Use this passive ability to inform your squad mates the location of loot in the area.
  • If you see an item disappear you can use this information to know that enemies are in the area.

How to use Eye For Quality

A very simple passive that allows you to see Epic and Legendary loot through walls and containers, with the exceptions of loot ticks and loot drones.

The radius for seeing the loot is the same as the ultimate’s but when you are too far from an item you will hardly understand what it is, so it’s best to pick some scopes up and aim down the sights to make out what it is easier and ping them for your friends.

This passive is very useful for finding hop ups so as a Loba you can play with weapons that require them since it will be easier to find them.

Ultimate Ability – Black Market Boutique

Black Market Boutique Ultimate
Charge Time 90 seconds
Description Place a portable
device that
allows you to
teleport nearby
loot to
your inventory.
Each friendly or
enemy Legend
can take up
to two items.
  • Loba starts every match with 50% of her ultimate charged.
  • The Black Market has 100 health. It can be destroyed by shooting it and it can also block doors.
  • Black Market can be collapsed by its caster by pressing Character Utility Button when in close proximity. Deploying a new Black Market will collapse the old Black Market.
  • After placing down the Black Market, it takes about 4.5 seconds before it can be accessed and releases a large pulse which can be seen by anyone.
  • You can loot as much ammo as you want from Black Market Boutique, it will not count as the maximum amount you can loot.
  • Similar to accessing the Death Box, when holding down the interaction button you can access Black Market, it opens a menu which shows users all items within a ~113 meter radius, visible on the minimap.
    • Items within the radius will be hovered off the ground slightly when the player is using it.
    • It can loot the contents of closed Care Packages, Loot Ticks, or Cargo Bots.
    • Deathboxes from Flyers must be dropped if you need to get those with Black Market.
    • Full stacks of Ammo and Health Kits will be taken when selected.
    • There will be a glimpse of teleport trail to Black Market each time a player take an item from it.
    • Teammates’ banner cards cannot be retrieved.
  • Ultimate Accelerants only charge 20% for this ultimate, as opposed to the normal 35%.
  • Loot inside unopened care packages is now visible with Eye for Quality and accessible through the Black Market Boutique.
  • Pathfinder’sGrappling Hook can attach to Black Market.
  • Loba herself can take one item from locked Vaults and locked Bloodhound’s Trials compartments. Items that can be looted this way will show a lock icon on the right side of the item button and will ask for your confirmation before looting that item. Doing this destroys the Black Market and sounds an alarm.
    • The Black Market will be destroyed regardless of how many items were taken before by each legend.
    • This also does a small amount of damage to you.
  • If your squad is already geared, a good habit to do with the Black Market Boutique is to drop your current purple/gold/red Body Shield, and take another high tier Body Shield from the area. Be careful when doing this method as the Black Market Boutique will see the Body Shield that you’ve dropped nearby.
  • Before looting from a vault or from Bloodhound’s Trial, make sure all your teammates already taken every possible items from the Black Market, and you are left with taking a single item from the Black Market since the Black Market will be destroyed regardless of how many items it was taken from it.
  • This ability is great after using a Respawn Beacon or Mobile Respawn Beacon so your revived teammate(s) can quickly access the nearby loot. It also allows teammates to loot the items from the area which is hard-to-reach/hazardous, such as outside of Ring or Lava without risking it.
  • When going to third party fights, use this ultimate to steal their loot before fighting them.
  • As soon as a nearby Care Package is opened, its content is shown in the Black Market. If you’re fast enough you can loot it before your enemies.
  • When being used, the items in Black Market’s range appears floating knowing that an enemy is nearby using it.
  • You can use the ultimate to loot the contents of a Supply Ship before it lands at its random destination on the map.
  • Try saving a Black Market for Rounds 5 or higher as everything can be seen as the play area shrinks.
  • Give your squad mates time to loot before retrieving the Black Market Boutique.
    • If your squad mates need a certain type of loot and you don’t need anything, select the item(s) for them and drop it.

How to Use Black Market Boutique

This is a very useful ultimate for you and your team it’s really good for early to late game but be careful, in the late game enemies will have a much easier time spotting you since the Black Market Boutique leaves a pulse the moment it’s activated.

It has 100 HP so it can provide a little bit of cover if you are caught out in the open.

It can block doors which will buy you some time to run, heal or strategize your next move.

Black Market Boutique is very useful for acquiring the loot inside care packages without being opened.

Never leave Loba’s ultimate out in the map always collapse it, unless you want to give your enemies an advantage.

For early game, locations with Charge Towers are perfect for Loba as she can instantly charge her ultimate get some loot and be ready to go.

You can use this ultimate to loot supply bins and deathboxes without having to go there and be exposed.

Best Weapon Loadouts For Loba

Volt SMG, Fortune Teller, Apex Legends.

Volt SMG, Fortune Teller, Apex Legends.

Mastiff Shotgun/EVA-8 Auto&R-99/ Volt SMG

This is the close range load out and it’s perfect for Loba for the reason that she can use her passive and find Hop Ups easier than other Legends.

Although the EVA-8 is most preferred for her, if you find a Mastiff first pick it up and you can always swap to an EVA later.

In order to be effective with this load out you should always have either Volt or the R-99 out first, the recoil control on both weapons is fairly easy so you should try and deal as much damage as you can before moving in your enemies.

Before you do always make sure that they aren’t covered by their teammates, for finishing them off you can switch to your shotgun and after that you can just teleport out with your tactical.

The EVA-8 can equip a “Double Tap” Hop Up which makes it fire two shots with one click, most recommended for the shotguns is a 1x Digital Threat scope but most players prefer the Mastiff with its default iron sights, as for the EVA you can also go with a 1x Holo.

The best scope for the R-99 is the 1x HCOG Classic but it can also use a 1x Holo a 2x HCOG Bruiser, a 1x-2x Variable Holo but those two are best for the Volt since it has easier recoil control.

Both SMGs can equip a 1x Digital Threat.

Note: The “Double Tap” Hop Up has been removed from the loot pool for Season 8.

P2020/Mozambique Shotgun& VK-47 Flatline/Havoc

This is the mid to close range load out and it can be very dangerous in Loba’s hands.

Starting with the assault rifles the Flatline is one of the most standard weapons for any player in the Apex Games, but the Havoc is where all the fun starts, as usual with Loba’s Eye For Quality she can spot the “Turbocharger” Hop Up easier and once equipped into the Havoc it removes the delay making it fire the moment you click your mouse.

But it doesn’t end here, the Havoc can also equip the “Select Fire” Hop Up which makes it fire a powerful single shot that deals devastating damage.

As for the P2020 and Mozambique, the first thing you have to do is to find a “Hammerpoint” Hop Up as soon as you can which allows them to deal more damage to enemies without shields.

A good strategy is to start fighting with either the Flatline or the Havoc until you break all of the enemy’s shields and then you have two options, you can push with the tactical and shoot them with the P2020 and the Mozambique (don’t forget the Hammerpoint) or you can just use the traditional way by running onto them and keep your tactical in case things go south forcing you must make a quick escape.

For the P2020 most players prefer the 1x HCOG Classic and for Mozambique the 1x Holo but the best scope is the 1x Digital Threat.

For the Flatline and Havoc the best ones are the 2x HCOG Bruiser, a 1x-2x Variable Holo but with the “Select Fire” Havoc you can also go with the 3x HCOG Ranger.

NOTE: The “Anvil Receiver” Hop Up has returned to the loot pool for Season 8.

NOTE: The “Turbocharger” Hop up is back in the loot pool for Season 8 and can be used on the Havoc and the Devotion.

NOTE: “Hammerpoint” and has been removed for Season 9, this practically makes the P2020 not that viable anymore, the Mozambique still is though, alternatively you can use the Bocek Compound Bow that can equip the “Shatter Caps” Hop Up making it work like a shotgun and “Deadeye’s Tempo” allowing it to increase the rate of fire with perfect timed shots, or the 30-30 Repeater which can be charged with a powerful shot when in ADS and can use the “Shatter Caps” Hop Up which allows it to function like a shotgun by switching its fire mode.

NOTE: The “Anvil Receiver” Hop Up is vaulted for Season 10.

Wingman& G7 Scout/Sentinel

This is the long range load out which is for players who want to play it a bit safer.

The Wingman is perfect for sharpshooters who might be able to land far shots but also for fights that could happen a lot closer and the same goes for the G7 Scout, which can equip the “Double Tap” Hop Up and makes it fire two shots with one click.

The Sentinel is mostly for long ranged engagements and can be charged with 2Shield Cells dealing increased damage 70 -> 88.

It’s not a forgiving weapon though and a missed shot might cause you a lot of trouble so if you don’t feel that confident it’s better to stick with the G7 Scout.

The best scope for Wingman is the 1x Digital Threat but a lot of player prefer the 1x HCOG Classic although the 1x Holo and the 2x HCOG Bruiser are good options as well.

The Wingman can equip the “Scullpiercer Rifling” Hop up that deals 2x to 2.25x Headshot Damage.

As for the G7 Scout the best scopes are 2x HCOG Bruiser and the 3x HCOG Ranger.

And for the Sentinel you should start with the 3x HCOG Ranger and from there you can choose between the 6x Sniper, the 4x-8x Variable Sniper and the 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat.

NOTE: After Season 7 a new hop up for the Wingman has been introduced, it is called “Quickdraw Holster” Hop Up which increases the speed of your ADS, Weapon Swap, and reduces Hip Fire spread.

NOTE: The “Double Tap” Hop Up has been removed from the loot pool for Season 8.

NOTE: The “Skullpiercer Rifling” has been removed for Season 9.

NOTE: “Deadeye’s Tempo” can be equipped by Sentinel.

NOTE: The “Quickdraw Holster” Hop Up has been vaulted for Season 10 and is replaced by the Boosted Loader” Hop Up which can be equipped by Wingman and Hemlok, this new hop up features a reload function that adds more ammo in the weapon if the player chooses to reload it before near the end of the magazine but not at 0.

How to play Loba

Loba, Pack Hunter, Apex Legends.

Loba, Pack Hunter, Apex Legends.

Loba is a Legend that although is a support, she can be played quite aggressively if you master her.

She has enough mobility to make her sly and get out of tough situations fast enough, but she can also provide her team with loot that otherwise would have taken them forever to find.

Try and preserve Burglar’s Best Friend to escape fights instead of going into them as it’s most useful for escaping rather than initiating, the reason behind this is that when you throw the bracelet it leaves a sound and a trail making it very easy for enemies to train their aim on you.

Since you will be unable to use your weapons before and after you activate your tactical it’s best to move around as much as you can, and one of the best techniques you can do is when you have a lot of distance from the ground you can throw it somewhere safe, jump down and teleport so that the enemies won’t be able to follow, this counts the pitfall out of the map as well but be careful not to go too far and die.

One of the most important things with Loba is to keep her team geared up with the best equipment possible so using Eye For Quality to ping the items from afar for your team is key.

Because she can see Epic and Legendary loot through walls and supply bins from afar, she can use weapons that use Hop Ups.

Her Black Market Boutique emits a pulse a few seconds after it touches the ground, nearby players can hear and see it but players from afar can see it but not hear it, this makes you a target so keep in your mind to you use it indoors or somewhere with enough cover so you and your team can have enough time to loot what you need.

You can also use it to snatch items from other enemy teams, especially when they open a Care Package and it has a Care Package Weapon inside.

When you are caught out in the open you can use the ultimate as a quick cover but remember, it has 100 HP and will go down easily so once you place it think of your strategy quickly.

Black Market boutique is also very useful for armor swapping instead of recharging shields while mid fight, this makes it faster for Loba or her team to get back in fights and a good source of body shields are death boxes so try to keep your fights close to them.


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