Apex Legends – Pathfinder: Lore, Abilities & Best Gun Loadouts Guide

Pathfinder is one of the most played and versatile characters in Apex Legends. Learn how to be aggressive or supportive with our in-depth guide!

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Pathfinder is one of the most played characters in the game, he is a modified MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity) and is specialized in accessing and scouting areas that otherwise would have been harder to reach.

HisGrappling Hook can attach to almost any surface on the map and allows him to traverse faster, his passiveInsider Knowledge is very useful in finding the location of the next ring, however not many players use it.

And lastly, his UltimateZipline Gun is one of the best tools for getting him and his team out of danger or hard to reach areas.

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Pathfinder Lore

Pathfinder Apex Legends

Despite being a robot Pathfinder is very optimistic. A MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity) modified to specialize in location scouting and surveying, he booted up a lot of years ago in an abandoned laboratory without any idea about who created him. With only his MRVN designation to hint at his identity, Pathfinder set off in search of his creator.

Pathfinder has learned much in his travels since then (like how to make a mean Eastern Leviathan Stew) but hasn’t come any closer to finding his creator. He still hasn’t given up hope however, and has worked a number of odd jobs to find his creator. It was a meeting out of luck with Mirage aka Elliot Witt who’s a bartender and learned about the Apex Games.

Afterwards, he had the idea to participate in the games and gain a following so he joined the popular bloodsport. In the meantime, he remains enthusiastic and helpful, always ready to make new friends (then shoot them).

Pathfinder Abilities Guide

Tactical Ability – Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook Tactical
Cooldown 35 seconds
Description Grapple to get to
places quickly.
  • Throws a grappling hook that will attach to the first solid object it hits (including players and ziplines) and pull you towards it.
  • The maximum length of the grappling hook is 21 meters. There is a circle on Pathfinder’s crosshairs that turns blue to indicate when the surface you’re pointing at is within grapple range.
  • By aiming to the side, you can swing in that direction instead of being pulled straight in. The grapple will disconnect after swinging to a 90° angle, and you will keep your momentum.
  • The grappling hook can also attach to players, pulling the two of you together.
  • If you grapple onto a zipline, you will immediately start riding it when you reel yourself in.
  • The grapple can attach to Crypto’s Surveillance.
  • When your hook connects to a surface, you will get a slight push forward towards the direction you are aiming.
  • If thrown at an object while maintaining momentum in a different direction, you will swing while being pulled towards the object, allowing for tactical repositioning.
  • While being an extremely useful tool to reach high positions or just move faster on the map, it can also be used for flanking and evading opponents, which can often turn fights in your favor.
  • Keep in mind that both you and your grabbed opponent can continue shooting while the hook is retracting.
  • The animation can be canceled at any time by pressing the crouch button.

How to Use Grappling Hook

This ability is Pathfinder’s bread and butter, not only it allows him to move faster and hard to reach places but it is also the perfect tool for flanking or escaping enemies.

Pathfinder in the hands of good players is a pain to track and hit while grappling and sometimes can get really annoying, this is probably the reason why so many players prefer him.

His tactical also allows him to grapple escaping enemies so he can finish them off, it also allows him to switch from low and high ground and always maintain superior positioning.

There’s a trick for Pathfinder to cover some distance while running on straight ground and this is done by grappling and immediately jump the moment the grapple touches the ground, that way Pathfinder gets a small boost and becomes faster.

Remember, when playing pathfinder there’s an indicator around the crosshair which turns blue each time his tactical is in range, it also has a small cooldown which means can be used very frequently.

Passive Ability – Insider Knowledge – Low Profile

Insider Knowledge Passive
Cooldown N/A
Description Scan a survey
beacon to reveal
the Ring’s next location.
  • Allows you to access the 12 survey beacons available on the map in any given match to determine the circle location after the currently marked circle.
  • The interaction with the survey beacon takes 7 seconds, during which you are vulnerable.
  • Survey beacons can be pinged. You can use this to help a Pathfinder locate or remember to scan them, or if you are Pathfinder, inform your squad of your intent to scan them.
  • A survey beacon can be used again when the next round starts.
Low Profile Passive
Cooldown N/A
Description   More difficult to hit
incoming damage
increased by 5%

How to use Insider Knowledge

This is the most simple passive that exists in the game and it only has one purpose, to reveal where the next ring will be.

While not many pathfinder players take advantage of the Survey Beacons, it’s quite useful to know where the next ring will close especially if there are defensive legends in the game like Caustic or Wattson.

Keep in mind that it takes 7 seconds to use the Survey Beacon and that you are completely vulnerable until it’s finished.

It’s also good to memorize the locations of the Survey Beacons if you are a Pathfinder main.

Ultimate Ability – Zipline Gun

Zipline Gun Ultimate
Charge Time 120 seconds
Description Create a zipline for
everyone to use.
  • Creates a zipline between your current location and a target location, which you, your teammates, and enemies can use to move quickly between both points.
  • The other end of the zipline can be attached to any surface, allowing them to lead to places that players can’t stand.
  • The maximum length of the zipline is 100 meters. Up to 4 ziplines can be active on the map at once.
  • You can jump and interact with the zipline again while using it, this way it makes it harder for the enemies to hit you.
  • Ziplines can be pinged
  • The zipline is very useful for getting to usually unreachable locations, escaping an unwinnable fight or just progress quickly on the map (to escape the ring, for example). Ziplines can be deployed to most surfaces, however certain structures (frame of the map) may not be used. You cannot use them to reach “out of the map” zones.
  • In an emergency, you can interrupt the use of a zipline by selecting any other item (weapons/healing) or ability (Grappling Hook).
  • Remember foes can use them too, don’t get cornered or ambushed by your own zipline!
  • You can also use this ability to set up an ambush for an enemy squad after your escape, very quickly changing the tables dramatically.
  • Remember, a zip line follows a straight line. Do not send a zipline straight into battle. Going head on will get you killed.
  • If you think your team is in a dangerous position, you can plant a zipline as an escape route. Even though your team might not use it immediately, you can use it as a quick escape route.
  • As of 23/July/2020 Ziplines have a cooldown applied to them, if the player spams the jump and use the zipline again they will fall down after a couple times.

How to Use Zipline Gun

Zipline Gun is a pretty straight forward ability that allows you and your teammates to go from point A to point B a lot faster.

It is a straight line, however you must be careful when you deploy it near enemies because it makes a sound and is easily recognizable, the enemies will wait for you and start shooting at you.

On the zipline you become a very easy target especially when you are coming straight on your opponent’s face and don’t forget that everyone can use it.

There’s a technique that can make you a lot harder to hit and that’s to jump and use the zipline again, that way your movement becomes unpredictable and also you can do this in different positions while mid air but also spam the buttons fast so it will seem like you are walking on it.

Pathfinder can create ziplines in higher places so his team can get the higher ground advantage, but beware every skill has its drawbacks in Apex Legends so what you need to do after placing a zipline is to keep an eye out for anyone who’s not in your team trying to use it.

Best Weapon Loadouts for Pathfinder

Peacekeeper, Apex Legends

Pathfinder is a very helpful character but can also be very aggressive and people who play this game for long can distinguish a good pathfinder from a bad one which sometimes it makes them feel intimidated, nonetheless a good loadout for pathfinder would be to go all out aggressive or for long range distances.

Wingman& Prowler SMG /R-99

The most dangerous combo for Pathfinder that compliments his movement abilities but also cover some range is the Wingman and R-99 or Prowler.

With this combo you can easily poke enemies from afar and then grapple as fast as you can to quickly go closer and finish them of with an R-99 or a Prowler.

The Prowler takes the“Select fire” Hop up to make it go full auto and the R-99 needs at least a Level 1Extended Light Magazine if you want to be forgiven for missed shots.

In case you choose to go with the Wingman and the Prowler and you aren’t that confident with your aim prioritize the bestExtended Heavy Magazine for your Wingman.

You could use the Wingman as a Mid range weapon by equipping it with a2x HCOG Bruiser or a1x-2x Variable Holo and you should prioritize the1x Digital Threat for the Prowler or the R-99.

For Season 5 theSkullpiercer Rifling“Skullpiercer Rifling” Hop up has returned in to the loot pool and deals 2x to 2.25x Headshot Damage.

EVA-8 Auto /Peacekeeper & R-301 Carbine /VK-47 Flatline

This is a very reliable combo for close and personal but also long range encounters the EVA-8 can take the“Double Tap” Hop up for that double one click damage and the Peacekeeper can take the“Precision Choke” Hop up to reduce the pellet spread but remember that it makes a charging noise so you have to be sure you will hit your enemies.

Moving to the assault rifles both the R-301 and the Flatline are great companions for mid to long range because they can take the“Anvil Receiver” Hop up that deals more damage but sacrifices a big amount of rate of fire.

They can be easily used in full auto and at close quarters as well but be sure to utilize your shotguns first.

You can equip a1x Digital Threat on the shotguns and for the Flatline and R-301 it is recommended to equip them with a2x HCOG Bruiser, a1x-2x Variable Holo and the Flatline should at least have a1x HCOG Classic or a 1x Holo because its default iron sights are horrible.

Since the Peacekeeper has entered the Care Package rotation and is now a Golden weapon you can switch it up with Mastiff Shotgun  It’s a fast semi-auto weapon that although it’s underpowered now it can still rival the Peacekeeper and it has no leg damage reduction.

For Season 5 the “Anvil Receiver” has been removed from the loot pool.

P2020 & G7 Scout /Sentinel

Believe it or not the P2020 in combo with the Sentinel or G7 Scout can melt enemies in seconds simply because of the“Hammerpoint” Hop up and the Charged up Sentinel.

The G7 Scout is also a really good alternative for stripping the enemies off their shields with the“Double Tap” Hop up and follow up quickly with the P2020 and the“Hammerpoint” Hop up.

Keep in mind that the P2020 is practically useless without“Hammerpoint” so if you decide to play with this loadout you should find one as soon as possible.

The P2020 can equip a1x Digital Threat or even work good with a2x HCOG Bruiser and while the sentinel can equip sniper optics, it is not recommended for the purpose of this combo because after you strip the enemy from their shields you must take them down immediately, especially when they are wearing a Level 4 Body Shield.

We recommend using a2x HCOG Bruiser or a 3x HCOG Ranger on the G7 Scout and the Sentinel.

The Sentinel can be charged up with twoShield cells, it can deal devastating damage to the enemy’s shield.

How to Play Pathfinder

Pathfinder, Apex Legends

Pathfinder is a fast paced character that can reach a lot of places quicker than other legends giving him an edge in mobility over others and allowing him to chase his opponents faster.

HisGrappling Hook can be used for flanking, chasing low health enemies, catching them off guard, escape and reach high places really fast, that means you can be on a rooftop in mere seconds while other legends would have to go there by running.

You could say Octane can also do that but his ultimate is more limited and it’s better used for other circumstances.

Another way to use Pathfinder’sGrappling Hook is to aim your enemies directly but the thing is you both get pulled in the middle and while this is happening you and your enemy can still use weapons, so the best way to use it is when they are trying to escape and need about one or two more shots to take them down.

You can use theGrappling Hook on straight ground or slight slopes to get a movement boost and in order to do that you have to jump exactly the moment it makes contact.

His passiveInsider Knowledge is really useful if you have characters in your team that play more defensively like Caustic or Wattson because by knowing where the ring is going to close you can place traps and prepare an ambush for unsuspecting enemies.

Beware though when you interact with a Survey Beacon you expose yourself for 7 seconds.

His UltimateZipline Gun is a fast way to get out of danger, reach hard places, flank an unsuspecting team and in general, transport not only you but all of your team to a better and hopefully strategic position.

You can also prepare it as an escape tool for your team without having to immediately use it, this can prove useful as the Ultimate has only a small Charge Time of 120 Seconds and you can also use it to get in the safe zone faster.

Sometimes you have to loot outside the ring so it’s a good thing to have a zipline waiting for you outside.

You can even attach it on walls so the possibilities are endless, be careful though, it can also be very dangerous as it can be used by everyone and if an enemy is chasing you it’s best not to use it because they will just use it as well and catch up with you.

Been a gamer since birth. I don't have a certain taste in genres, so I try every type of video game I stumble across, from racing games, to RPGs, to shooters - anything that clicks in me I play it, and if i become obsessed with it, I'll also write about it .


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