Published on July 1, 2019
Updated on August 27, 2022

ARK: Survival Evolved - The 10 Best Base Builds / Designs for PvE

ARK: Survival Evolved is an online multiplayer survival game that has some light RPG elements, in which players take the role of a survivor who is trying to progress through the world and gain experience, upgrade stats or gather materials in order to survive in a wild biome full of Dinos! Another basic element of the game is building, which is used to create bases for you, your loot, and the Dinos you will tame!

Although the building mechanics in this game can be frustrating some times, dedicated players have found a way to “break” ARK’s laws of structures with either extreme patience or mods. That inspired us to “find & list” the top 10 player creations, scrounging around the internets. So without further ado, let’s begin!

10. Circular Base

Circular Base, ARK: Survival Evolved

Circular Base, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: xatnys
Channel Link:

Small and circular, with minimalist features and design, this beautiful base proves to all of us that even the most cramped of places, can fit enough stuff inside to suit your needs if the design is right. The creator, xatnys, used no mods on this creation, which is pretty convenient for vanilla-players!

9. Spiral Staircase Tower

Spiral Staircase Tower, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: Sitharias – ARK PvE Builder
Channel Link:

Sometimes the default spiral staircase the game offers just isn’t customizable enough. Sitharias – ARK PvE Builder here, wisely created a customized version, made with foundations walls and ceilings, which helped to create a bigger spiral staircase than the default one. The staircase was placed inside a tall tower, on the edge of a cliff, making it extra-breathtaking!

8. Asian Pagoda

Asian Pagoda, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: Cindewittchen
Channel Link:

As obviously expected, one does not simply exclude Asian architecture and this stunning pagoda, made by Cindewittchen, couldn’t be excluded from this list. Just take a good look at how “spot-on” this building is, compared to the real thing.

7. Speed Boat MKIII

Speed Boat MKIII, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: Aaron Longstaff
Channel Link:

Want a base that is fast, floats on the water, and can protect you from harsh situations? Look no further because this Speed Boat is all you need. Creator Aaron Longstaff shows that with a lot of creativity and patience, you can make a boat that can protect you from the hazards lurking under the water. It is also easily accessible and the tutorial is very detailed which will make the building process much easier!

6. Sideways Skyscraper

Sideways Skyscraper, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: Sven P
Channel Link:

Well, we are sure that a building “Sideways Skyscraper” might be a little “extra” for no particular reason, other than cosmetic, but still, Sven P created this impressive skyscraper, which couldn’t be excluded from this list!

5. Tek Star Pyramid

Tek Star Pyramid, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: Sven P
Channel Link:

Here’s Sven P’s take on a “tek-based” pyramid building, since pyramids have been around for many centuries it’s not a surprise that ARK’s finest builders make their versions of classic cultural architecture in-game. The design doesn’t follow completely the original structure of a pyramid, as it is blended with a star-shaped architecture, making it a bit more futuristic.

4. Skyscraper

Skyscraper, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: The Pilgrimz Project
Channel Link:

Who wouldn’t enjoy the view of ARK’s world from above? This god-high skyscraper, made by The Pilgrimz Project, reaches the limits of ARK’s base building mechanics, showing us that anything is possible as long as you put your mind into it. Might be hard to build, but it is sure even more rewarding to live in one of those!

3. Forest Titan Treehouse Mansion

Forest Titan Treehouse Mansion, ARK: Survival Evolved

Forest Titan Treehouse Mansion, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: Sven P
Channel Link:

Another stunning creation by Sven P, made with a mix of wood and stone, and built on a Forest Titan’s back! A  beautiful treehouse design, that its monster-tree substructure beats its overall classic design.

2. Desert Titan Sand Castle

Desert Titan Sand Castle, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: Sven P
Channel Link:

What’s even better than a giant castle, you might wonder. A giant castle on the back of a flying Dino’ I bet will be just the thing! It is outstanding to watch a Desert Titan flying around with this huge castle on it’s back like it’s nothing. Thumbs up again, Sven P!

1. The Church Of The Titan Tamer

The Church Of The Titan Tamer, ARK: Survival Evolved

Creator: The Pilgrimz Project
Channel Link:

Is it a castle? is it a church? is it a village? Well, it’s everything you need and that’s for sure! A build of massive proportions, made by The Pilgrimz Project structured on the biggest dinosaur in the game! This masterpiece requires limitless patience and creativity, and we can not even begin to fathom how many hours, days or weeks have been put into creating this!


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