Published on August 30, 2019
Updated on August 27, 2022

ARK: Survival Evolved - 25 Mods for Custom Items, Buildings, Maps & UI

One of the best ways to give a game a new spin is by playing it with mods, and ARK: Survival Evolved is no exception to this matter. Even in its vanilla state, it will surely consume many hours and sleepless nights from your life, but sometimes you just need more and thanks to the modding community there are countless mods for you to choose and create a whole new experience.

From the quality-of-life-mods that improve the gameplay, to new equipment and decorative items, even maps and overhauls, we have compiled some of what we think are currently the best mods for you to try out.

1. Structures Plus

Creator: orionsun
Workshop Link:

Probably one of the most famous mods for ARK, Structures Plus provides you with a vast variety of structures like new workbenches, walls, ramps foundations, etc.

There’s also a demo gun so you can pick or destroy structures from a distance. The mod also adds more options for the builds you want to create, making it essential for any building enthusiast.

2. Platforms Plus

Creator: orionsun
Workshop Link:

Was it ever your dream to build a treehouse but you never got to do it? Worry not, because orionsun strikes again with his Platforms Plus mod, which is giving you more stuff to build than the vanilla version and bigger platforms.

He also created Platforms Anywhere which enables you to build structures that support platforms anywhere.

3. Upgrade Station

Creator: Ghazlawl
Workshop Link:

This mod gives you the option to upgrade your weapons, armor, and tools
or deconstruct them and salvage the parts. Unfortunately, TEK rifles and Rocket Launchers can not be upgraded with this mod by itself, but the community won’t let things that easily so Ghazlawl decided to make Classic Rocket Launcher mod and Upgradable Tek Rifle, making them upgradeable.

4. Builder’s Helmet

Creator: Grebog
Workshop Link:

This very simple mod makes your life so much easier if you love building. It’s compatible with any structure mod and has some features this game needed from the start, like increasing your weight without having to go around each time to your dino inventory or your stash to pick your structures, it also shows you the structure outlines and has a safe way to pick them up if something is on them.

5. Homing Pigeon

Creator: PommieGamer
Workshop Link:

Tired of losing your favorite flyers? Homing Pigeon is your solution. With this mod, you can equip your flyers with a Leg Ring and specify a location for them to return there when you die, but there are more options available like send them back manually and some other advanced stuff.

6. Super Spyglass and Bitou2k’s Binocular

Creator of Super Spyglass: orionsun
Creator of Bitou2k’s Binocular: Beetle2k
Workshop Link of Super Spyglass:
Workshop Link of Bitou2k’s Binocular:

Those two mods do the same thing. Watch creatures from a distance, and the mod provides the stats and details on screen. They are pretty useful in the hands of tamers who look to tame the best possible dinos.

7. Hotbar Swapper

Creator: GyozaGuy
Workshop Link:

One thing that got me tired real fast when I was playing vanilla ARK, was that I had to go to my inventory each time and prepare for either an outdoors excursion or just be in the house and have my tools and food on my Hotbar.

With this mod, there’s no need to worry about that because now it can be swapped and I believe this is something that should exist in every game that uses a Hotbar feature. Bless you, GyozaGuy.

8. Primal Fear Human NPC

Creators: multipl3x, Pikkon & NovaStrike
Workshop Link:

Have you ever thought what if this game had NPCs? Well, the community-made sure to answer your question and thus this mod exists. You can tame, trade, or make war with other NPCs with this mod. Keep in mind though that this mod works best for PvP servers.

This is a standalone mod it doesn’t need primal fear installed. If you want a more PvE experience then you can check out Bush People, Bob NPC and quite a few more at the steam workshop.

9. Automated Ark 2.73

Creator: blitzfire911
Workshop Link:

Are you lazy? Do you prefer to explore the world without having to worry about crafting stuff? Then this mod is for you. A one time do it all once and then just chill or go for an adventure.

You can build a console and then you can choose what it will do like craft items automatically or collect things from the ground and much more. You can find very detailed instructions in the video and the link to the workshop. There’s also a discord channel for further help if you are having a hard time understanding how this mod works.

10. Awesome Teleporters!

Creator: Chris
Workshop Link:

The title is pretty much self-explanatory, as “Awesome Teleporters!” mod gives you the ability to build teleporters with various bubble sizes, remote teleporters and a dino tracker that can teleport to you, which is pretty handy in some situations.

11. Kraken’s Better Dinos

Creator: Kraken:1
Workshop Link:

This is a QoF mod that improves the vanilla dinos and changes how some of their stats work and what they do when tamed. Better Dinos also introduces some new items along with a Better Dinos Workbench where you can craft unique items for your tames.

There are some issues though with the Crypods and Upload/Download so we provided a workaround we found in the workshop forums. Also here is a notable QoF mention for a work in progress mod ARK Transcendence by UGZ & Alphamon.

12. Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator

Creator: ̀͠͏̡ScottishFold̖̲͕ ✓
Workshop Link:

Ease your burden by adding this mod to your collection and let it collect the poop fertilizer and eggs around your base. No more will you run around your base having to collect all the poop to make fertilizer for your precious crops or miss a fertilized egg from mating because let’s face the facts and acknowledge that after 10 tames things become a bit hectic.

13. Big Raft

Creator: unclepee
Workshop Link:

This mod brings a bigger raft in the game for the people who love to sail the high seas.
If you love to build big bases and love traveling by sea then this mod is for you. Although, you have to be a bit careful with the dinos because sometimes unexpected things happen so be sure to keep them at a minimum and only have what you need.

14. Dino Tracker

Creator: Knevilo & Shiratori
Workshop Link:

Yes yes, we know an item that is called Transponder Tracker exists but it is quite expensive to make and, not only that, it also needs Transponder Nodes to work and you need to be level 66 to learn it.

Dino Tracker, on the other hand, can be learned at level 25 and costs only 1 metal ingot and 1 hide. It is a skin that makes your life in ARK a whole lot easier and you don’t have to fill two Hotbar slots just to track some dinos.

15. Accessories Plus

Creator: Nemesis
Workshop Link:

Accessories Plus is a mod that expands the arsenal for your adventuring needs but not only that. Besides including a Backpack and a Quiver, which both are upgradable, there is also some other useful stuff! It also includes structures like an Oil Pump or a Wooden Well, Cosmetics and so much more!!! Head on to the link and find out!

16. All Dinos Allow Guns

Creator: Temil2006
Workshop Link:

Don’t you hate the fact that you can only shoot your guns from certain dinos? Temil2006 has the solution for you and it’s called All Dinos Allow Guns. Now you can feel like a badass while riding your Raptor and shooting anything that stands in your way.

17. Dragonpunk Mods

Creators: Team Dragonpunk, Broku & Alley_Killa
Workshop Link:

Dragonpunk is not just a simple mod, it changes the way you play ARK completely,
giving you the option to have spells, wands, crafting structures, it has its overhaul mod, map, creatures, races, and even a battle royale mode.

It is recommended you also have Immersive Taming mod by Burgesssssss. If you are looking for a way to make ARK different this is surely one way to do it.

18. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture

Creators: ExileAcid & eNc | Henrik
Workshop Link:

For all the fans of medieval architecture here comes a mod, aiming to deliver a true castle building experience that can cover all your needs.

With over 200 building parts, 3 different structure tiers, siege weaponry, equipable weapons, and many more things are waiting for you to discover in this very magnificent mod.

19. Ark Steampunk Mod

Creator: iSPEZZ
Workshop Link:

Another mod that looks to please a more industrial crowd, Ark Steampunk offers a wide variety of structures, a steamboat a freaking steam submarine, a lot of decorations, armor, basically, all the structures that you can find in vanilla have a steampunk version.

Hell, they even have a Steam Mech Rhino. It is recommended to also use Clockworks Creatures with this one.

20. ArkSettlements

Creator: Kiwiboys
Workshop Link:

If managing a village is your thing then look no further. ArkSettlements is created to give you the experience of a city-building management game to ARK.

Being inspired by Sim City and City Skylines, this is a very ambitious project and Kiwiboys are very passionate about bringing you another kind of experience for you to enjoy in this game.

21. Eco’s decorative and RP mods

Creator: eco
Workshop Link:

What we have here isn’t exactly one mod but rather a collection of mods similar to Dragonpunk. Its main purpose is to decorate your base and make it look more lively with a very big list of many things but it’s not only limited to that.

Each one of these mods has its theme and other items like skins, saddles, and structures so everything you build and everything around it will feel like it was already in the game.

22. Monkey Maze

Creator: iSPEZZ
Workshop Link:

Monkey Maze is a mod that is designed to give players an Indiana Jones feeling making it possible to build mazes with traps, rotating walls, and monsters, looking to feast on their next victims.

Use your imagination and create a deadly maze for your friends to try out and who knows maybe you will feel generous and put a prize for anybody who will make it out alive.

23. PokéArk: Claw & Fang

Creator: Alphamon & Amalgamaniac
Workshop Link:

Does this mod need any introduction? Assuming you have never heard of Pokémon, here comes a mod that is just that. It replaces all of the creatures in the game with Pokémons, but this is still a work in progress which means it doesn’t include all of them yet. It also includes Shiny ones, while normal pokemon are breedable.

Note: Combine it with Kanto Region Mod by Zengetzu and Pokeballs – Dino Storage by Aleksey.

24. Thieves Island

Creator: TheAlchemist
Workshop Link:

One of the things I have to admit is good about ARK, is that the modders can create maps. Thieves Island is a pirate-themed map with a dense jungle old ruins and flying mountains.

The passion of the creator is clearly shown by his description of the map, as he created a backstory for it, making it even so more interesting. Another fun fact is if you read it, and you know some things about pirate history, then you know that Madame Cheng was a real person.

25. The Known World Map A Game of Thrones Immersive Experience -ALPHA-

Creator: Noot
Workshop Link:

Last, but not least, we have another great mod that is the best thing that could happen to ARK players and fans of Game of Thrones. Yes, we know the last couple seasons were terrible so don’t let your mind go there right now, let’s all hold on to the good things. Right? ?

What the mod is about is the world of Game of Thrones as we know it and now we have a chance to visit it. It’s still in Alpha state, but we have high expectations on this one and let’s hope it all turns out to be great. There are also a couple of mods that are required (MarniiMods: Horses & Castle Black Elevator), so check these out as well.

And that is it, people! Our top 25 mods for ARK: Survival Evolved! You might have noticed that there are a couple of extra ones in some and the reason is that some of them work greatly with one another. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any other mods to suggest let us know in the comments!

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