10+3 Games to Play While Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077

With Cyberpunk around the corner, we have created the ultimate list of games you should play before its arrival!

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Cyberpunk 2077 is less than two months away but we know you have that itch, that uncontrollable itch that won’t leave your body and as the date comes closer and closer it gets worse, up to a point where you need to fulfill your sci-fi gaming needs and hopefully haven’t played one or maybe two of the games we will mention today in our list.

Mass Effect Trilogy

Release Date: 16/Nov/2007 – 26/Jan/2010 – 3/Mar/2012
Platform: PS3, XBOX, PC
Developer: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts

While it may have been a lot of controversy around its ending you can not deny the fact that Bioware in its glory days had created one of the most astounding sci-fi shooters that took the world by storm. The Mass Effect saga might be a game you already know but for the sake of it and the sheer enjoyment this game offers it had to be on this list.

The point of the whole game is to save the world from an alien master race that has invaded earth causing mayhem and destruction leaving only you commander Shepard the chosen one to save everybody from becoming cinders and ash from the hordes of the Reaper alien invaders.

In Mass Effect you have many skills and choose your own progression through the skill trees, do you want to become an expert sharpshooter ? You got it, do you want to pull enemies in with the force of a mini black hole that you just thrown at them ? No problem you can do it, or maybe invest your skills in team leadership and provide your many crew mates that you can take with you in your adventures with power ups.

Mass Effect is a very enjoyable game that has a lot of dialogue options, a karma system and many intriguing characters and systems to meet in every game in this trilogy.

Destiny 2

Release Date: 6/Sep/2017
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision

Destiny 2 is an online shooter looter game where you assume the role of a Guardian, they are the protectors of Earth’s last safe city and they have this power called Light which allows them to fight back the invading alien races that aim to take the Last City.

In Destiny 2 two you can explore huge maps with other players and engage in dynamic events happening all around the area, or you can embark on missions either solo or with friends.

Each area is distinctive and different than others so there’s a lot of variety which combats boredom and makes the game more interesting to explore.

In this game you can choose 3 main classes, Hunter, Titan and Warlock.

Each one of them have 3 more sub-classes that go deeper and made to suit each player’s playstyle.

The progression system is based on your Gear Score, while the skills are equippable and you can only use three at a time, an Active skill which is unique to each class, a Grenade skill which all classes have but each one has different effects and the Super which is the ultimate skill of each class.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay & Assault on Dark Athena

Release Date: 1/Jun/2004 – 7/Apr/2009
Platform: XBOX, PC – PS3, XBOX 360, PC, MAC OS
Developer: Tigon Studios, Starbreeze Studios
Publisher: Vivendi Universal – Atari

Those two games are a must play kind of thing, they are very unique and the atmosphere is so engaging and immersive that you will be hooked and never want to stop playing until you have finished them, another thing that makes the game so unique is that it was first released in 2004, 16 years ago and at that time it had one of the best graphics our eyes had ever seen.

Escape from Butcher Bay puts the player in a triple max security prison where Riddick has to find a way to escape but the game although short combined with Assault on Dark Athena they can provide enough hours to keep you entertained.

In Escape from Butcher Bay you can interact with numerous inmates and guards so you can learn about their daily routines and find openings which give you the chance to further explore areas of the prison that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, the game also includes some side quests that are not necessarily part of the main story but can offer a lot of enjoyment.

Assault on Dark Athena is a direct sequel to Butcher’s Bay and this time Riddick finds himself inside a huge spaceship which is operated by mercenaries that harvest dead bodies, this one is a bit more action oriented but still has all the gameplay mechanics from the first one.


Release Date: 21/Feb/2012
Platform: PS3, XBOX 360, PC
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Syndicate is a linear action shooter with an emphasis more on its gameplay rather than its story, it is set in the year 2069 where a neural implant chip called the DART chip has been developed which connects its users into the Dataverse and it basically makes any other digital device useless.

In Syndicate you play as a corporate Hitman hired by the Eurocorp syndicate which basically protects the interests of their company, making you run around and kill people most of the time by using a variety of augmented abilities to dispatch your enemies.

Although the game feels repetitive and mostly revolves around shooting enemies, it’s only about 8 to 10 hours long, the only sense of story is provided by the cut-scenes and the bosses added at the end of some levels that make the game a little bit more interesting.

The Technomancer

Release Date: 28/Jun/2016
Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC
Developer: Spiders
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

The Technomancer is an action RPG set in a dystopian future on Mars during the War of Water.

You play as a rookie Technomancer who can harness electrical powers which are amplified by their cybernetic implants, the story begins with the protagonist being initiated to become a full member of the Technomancers.

Its gameplay is very action oriented with fluid combat transitions from melee to casting skills and loot gathering which offers the players a variety of gear to choose from like armors and weapons.

The game has four skill trees and three different fighting styles so players can accommodate them to their taste, enough to prepare the Technomancer to fight his enemies, not only humans but alien wildlife as well.

The Outer Worlds

Release Date: 25/Oct/2019
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Private Division

The Outer Worlds is one of the most recent games that came out on this list and is made by the original team behind Fallout New Vegas. This game feels and plays a lot more like Fallout hence some people are calling it “Fallout in space”.

The game features a character creation and a spaceship from the early stages of the game which is used for traveling around in discovered fast travel points and as a place for your companions and inventory space.

The story of the game is set in an alternate reality where U.S. President William McKinley  was never assassinated resulting in big corporations to flourish even further, creating a future governed by the so called Megacorporations that began colonizing and terraforming  alien planets.

You play as the role of a survivor from a spaceship called Hope which was sent to the Halcyon star system for colonization but it mysteriously disappeared until a mad scientist that goes by the name Phineas Welles rescued you from your never ending cryosleep giving you a chance you find out what happened and explore the areas around Halcyon.

Dreamfall Chapters

Release Date: 21/Oct/2014
Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE, OS X, Linux, PC
Developer: Red Thread Games, Blink Studios
Publisher: Deep Silver

Dreamfall Chapters isn’t the first game of the series but rather a sequel to The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The longest Journey and believe us when we say, before the Dreamfall games when fans were only able to play The Longest Journey, they would have no idea that the story would evolve like this.

If you are interested to know more about the prequels a simple google search is just one tab away, but for now let’s talk about Dreamfall Chapters.

This game is based in the far future which the main character is investigating a conspiracy from a corporation that tries to steal dreams from people using a device that connects onto their heads thus enslaving their world’s population but also creating a rift that opens another into another world called Arcadia.

The world where Zoë is from is called Stark, it is very technologically advanced and it’s supposed to be the exact opposite of Arcadia which is based on magic and has a fantasy setting.

Dreamfall Chapters and its prequels are all adventure games to their core and offer many hours of puzzle solving and story telling that is very unique and can not be found in other games.

Shadowrun Returns

Release Date: 25/Jul/2013
Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Publisher: Harebrained Schemes

What happens if you merge a fantasy world with a cyberpunk one ? You get Shadowrun.
This game has a futuristic sci-fi setting with people who are cybernetically augmented but with the races you would normally find in medieval fantasy games.

Shadow run is a turned based RPG based on the Shadowrun table top game, the story is about a Shadowrunner receiving a pre-recorded message from his associate Sam Watts, which was activated the moment he died.

The message was saying that he has a reward of 100,000 nuyen being held by an escrow for finding whoever killed him, so your character embarks on a journey to Emerald City to find out that he was the latest victim of the Emerald City’s Ripper.

Shadowrun plays like any other tactical turned-based RPG and has a variety of skills to choose from that represent what kind of build you are going for, it also has cyberware which is equipped in the character screen that enhance the character stats.

It also has an interesting take on hacking which enables the character to enter the matrix (yes for real this is how it’s called) in order to hack the devices that are found throughout the world.


Release Date: 15/Aug/2017
Developer: Bloober Team
Publisher: Aspyr

Observer is a psychological horror game and probably one of the closest games that resemble Cyberpunk 2077 and it’s a must play if you are as hyped as we are.

In Observer you take the role of a futuristic detective who receives a call from his estranged son located in a tenement building which is a place where Class C citizens live in, cast offs of society who are addicted to drugs and holograms.

Upon arriving at the scene the main character Daniel Lazarski finds out that his son is nowhere to be found, so this leads into an investigation which will take you through the whole area.

It is a first person game and has some really freaky moments and some stealth parts which make the game enjoyable and always give the feeling of wondering of what comes next.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution & Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Release Date: 23/Aug/2011 – 23/Aug/2016
Developer: Eidos Montréal
Publisher:  Square Enix

This is the final game on the list and probably the most similar game that you can play to this date that has all this Cyberpunk style you are looking for.

Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mankind Divided are prequels of the previously released Deus Ex games (which we also recommend but are very dated games) and take place in 2027 just less than 7 years away from now.

You play as Adam Jensen, a security consultant working for a company named Sarif Industries and his main objective is to protect a research lab in Detroit.

One day the company got attacked by terrorists that were led by three heavily augmented mercenaries and as Jensen was trying to fight them off he failed and almost died, but afterwards he was saved by Sarif through numerous augmentations and reconstructive surgeries.

After coming back to his senses Jensen continued to work for Sarif and although the player has the freedom to choose the narrative, the purpose of the game initially is to find those responsible for the attack.

Mankind Divided is set 2 years after the events of Human Revolution where the Aug Incident that happened made the public hate augmented people.

By then Adam Jensen had began working for the Interpol Task Force 29, an international unit that fights against augmented terrorists that have appeared after this incident.

Jensen is also mixed up with the Juggernaut Collective, a group of hackers trying to expose the Illuminati for their plans to promote to the United Nations of a scheme that will make every augmented person to be controlled by them.

Both games are FPS RPGs with stealth elements and have a variety of skills for players to progress through, each depending on the playstyle of their choice.

Honorable mentions


Release Date: 26/Sep/2017
Developer: Reikon Games
Publisher: Devolver Digital

Ruiner is a top down action game set in 2091 in a cyberpunk dystopia at a city called Rengok the player takes control of a silent protagonist, in search of his brother who has been kidnapped by a corporation called Heaven, that controls Rengkok.

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

Release Date: 29/Jul/2011
Platform: PC
Developer: Streum On Studio
Publisher: Streum On Studio

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is set in a dystopian future where the player takes the role of an E.Y.E member a secretive elite organization of demon fighting cybernetic warriors.

It is a first person shooter with RPG elements and a unique system that each time the player starts the game, has to go through a dream state in order to wake up and spawn at the location they were before exiting the game.

Remember Me

Release Date: 3/Jun/2013
Platform: PS3, XBOX 360, PC
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Capcom

Remember Me is an action adventure game set in 2084 future Paris, a corporation called Memorize has invented a new brain implant which allows 99% of the population to upload their memories on the net as well as remove unhappy or unpleasant ones.

However not everybody likes this and a small group of rebels called Errorists are working against it to bring down the corporation.

The brain implant is called Sensen and some of those people became addicted to it by absorbing too many memories which corrupted their Sensen, turning them into mindless husks, wandering the sewers of Neo-Paris.

Been a gamer since birth. I don't have a certain taste in genres, so I try every type of video game I stumble across, from racing games, to RPGs, to shooters - anything that clicks in me I play it, and if i become obsessed with it, I'll also write about it .


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