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20 Best Kenshi Mods

Looking at the indie scene, you may have stumbled upon a game called Kenshi. This game can be considered a diamond in the rough, and that’s why we will take a look at mods to improve the experience.

To put it simply, Kenshi is an open-world, open-ended, sometimes squad-based post-apocalyptic RPG. It was in development for a little bit over 10 years and has since achieved great success, and a strong cult following. Despite this being an indie game, there are roughly some 10k mods available out there, but this list will focus on the more important ones.

Most of these mods can be found on Steam or Nexus Mods, but they are also compatible with any version of the game.

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256 Recruitment Limit

Steam Workshop link:

It’s all in the title. This mod will allow you to recruit more people, as it increases recruitable units from 30 to 256. In addition to this, it also increases the maximum number of members in the squad from 20 to 50, and the maximum number of squads from 10 to 20. So, if you’re looking for a large party or would like to command an army, then this mod is for you.

Reactive World

Steam Workshop link:

This is one of the more essential mods out there, as it expands the world in more detail. It will as the author says, fill out the areas left lacking due to reaction systems.
So, with this mod, you can now defeat different faction leaders and you will get unique effects. The more factions leaders you defeat, the more unique the effects. The mod uses Unique Settlement Placements as its base, which makes it compatible with mods that use it as well, and it has little effect on the player experience. Definitely give this one a try.

Living World

Steam Workshop link:

Living World is a mod that adds and changes a large number of world state triggers (as well as town overrides), to make the game more alive. What this means is, for example, if an important NPC is dead, the town can go to a different faction. If the player is aligned with a certain faction, you can decide who takes over.
It also features many fixes and small improvements that make the game more enjoyable, and it adds several new things. You can, for instance, review the Deadcats, and talk to Cannibals, you can start the game as a Reaver recruit, a Tech Hunter, or even as an ally to the Shek. In addition to this, there are numerous other small features, such as better bounty hunting, shopping visits, and so much more.
Living World is also compatible with other mods, but do check the load order just in case.

Unique Settlement Placements

Steam Workshop link:

As the name suggests, this mod creates unique town entries for every town, settlement, and ruin. It’s compatible with other mods and is often used alongside the Reactive World mod.

Let’s Talk

Steam Workshop link:

Ok, this one is a bit unique, but there is a reason. Playing Kenshi, you probably noticed that the NPCs get quieter as the game goes on. Despite having plenty of dialogue, it’s only spoken once, so if you miss it, well tough luck. But, with the help of this mod, you can talk about the same stuff over again, and talk with other NPCs. You will also get unique dialogs with unique recruits, and there’s plenty of it. This a definite recommendation.

Radiant Food Expansion

Steam Workshop link:

There are several food mods available for Kenshi, but this mod is one of the finer ones. It introduces new food, new recipes, and fishing. Fishing is now fully implemented, and as a plus is compatible with other fishing mods. In addition to this, it fixes the fish prices and identity fixes, to make the world more believable. Oh, and you can now also grow wine, and it’s fully tradeable as well!

Shops have more items+

Steam Workshop link:

This mod will give shops more items in stock. It will increase the amount from 5 to 15 times, depending on the type of shop. All shops will refresh their items every 8 hours, except for the Hive shops (those stay as is, 6 hours). Also, shops have more money now, fixing a potential problem that some players might run into.

Bouncing Boobs

Steam Workshop link:

You know what it does. No explanation is needed.

Body Change

Steam Workshop link:

With several mods out there that allow more customization (stylized and realistic), this mod is fairly simple. It will allow changes to the physique, height, and other things such as the length of thighs, legs, etc. Simple and easy to use, and as a bonus, NPCs will also appear taller, shorter, or of the other variations.

Great Animations Mod

Steam Workshop link:

This mod will add 56 new combat animations, and each weapon has a unique animation. It also has new taunt animation and is compatible with other mods (such as MC and MCA).
Combat Animations Mod makes the fight feel more natural and the hits look like they have weight to them.

Kenshi: Genesis

Steam Workshop link: link:

A total overhaul mod, and one of the biggest and most popular community mods. Can be viewed as “Kenshi Plus”, as it seeks to create a more deeper and challenging Kenshi experience.
It features around 250+ new armor items, 40+ weapon items, and an expanded dialog. Kenshi: Genesis also has brand new quests and dialog, all designed to draw you deeper into the game. As such it’s a definite recommendation.

Nice Map (Tpg + Grid + Zones + Zone names + Roads)

Steam Workshop link:

This is a fairly simple map replacement, with added Topographic look. The map variations represent, the highest level of terrain, roads, zones, zone names, and zone outlines.
There are also several variations that you can download individually, all forming a nice collection.

Sparring Mats

Steam Workshop link:

If you ever wanted to have more realistic martial arts training, and give yourself a good headstart., then this is the mod for you.
With this mod, you can raise your melee defense up to level 20, and you also have a separate mat that can raise your marital arts also up to 20. Naturally, it requires two people to spar, but it can be made also go slower if you’re by yourself. A simple, realistic mod to raise skill.

Vanilla Hair Fix

Steam Workshop link:

If the vanilla hair was getting on your nerves, or you have experienced glitches with the hair meshes then take a look at this mod. It will fix the vanilla hair meshes while maintaining the original style. They are neatly organized by hair length, and several of them got renamed. and some hairstyles didn’t have unique names, which was also fixed. It’s compatible with other mods, but you must pay attention to the load order.

Kenshi Load Order Organizer

Steam Workshop link:

A simple tool that will save you a lot of time. If you don’t want to check your load order every 5 seconds and want everything to be nicely organized, then this is what you have been missing.
It will provide all mods in order for you to place them manually. Since there is no separator or organizer for Kenshi, this mod will make things a lot easier.

Kenshi Improvement Project

Steam Workshop link:

An ambitious project that aims to improve and expand aspects of Kenshi while staying true to the original game. It currently has numerous features, in large part dealing with the NPC behavior (they will now heal captured intruders, guards will dispose of dead bodies, etc.), one new game start (The Rich explorer), bigger backpacks, and on and on. The latest update, added a new race, Enhanced Human. The developer has stated that the mod is compatible with other mods, such as Living World. If you’re looking for an improved experience that will not differ to much from the original give this one a try.

Reduced Weather Effects

Steam Workshop link:

In case you found the weather effects (such as rain), too annoying then this mod will take care of it. It will reduce the number of weather effects, to a less annoying detail.
A very helpful mod, indeed.

Advanced Character Creation – Basic

Steam Workshop link:

This mod will allow for more detailed and advanced character creation. It adds new face textures for each race and sub-race, and new sub-races also have new textures.
It offers a good variation on the existing races, such as adding a reddish Shek, Palelanders, and new variations for the Skeleton race. It’s compatible with many mods, which are all listed on the mods page, hence the subtitle basic. It’s a good mod for a repeated playthrough, as it offers new variations and can be expanded to better suit your tastes.

Recruitable Prisoners

Steam Workshop link:

This mod gives you the option of recruiting captured prisoners that you disarmed. To make things more interesting some of them have specific conditions that must be met, but you can try as many times as you like. The mod will also make some races playable once you start a new game, due to the result of making them recruitable. It uses all of the original dialogue, with a pretty good variety and structure. It’s regularly updated, so there shouldn’t be any errors due to new updates.

Martial Arts Fast Dodger

Steam Workshop link:

Simple mod, that makes the dodge animations 40% faster, so you won’t dodge during the whole fight. The animations such as blade block, are faster and characters can now easily fight in large fights. Also, it’s helpful when fighting very fast opponents, but it doesn’t improve the dodge chances, only the time it takes to execute the animations, and fixes several bugs as well. It too is compatible with other mods.

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