Published on January 23, 2020
Updated on August 27, 2022

The 14 Best Witcher 3 Mods - Best AddOns for Gameplay & Graphics

As you’ve probably heard by now, The Witcher franchise has seen a comeback in the mainstream culture due to the recent release of the Netflix show, which was pretty cool. The show has prompted a lot of old and new players to play The Witcher 3 game. Steam has reported 100,000 players playing the game recently, and that’s a huge number considering The Witcher 3 was released in 2015.

Now, for those of you who played the game in multiple runs, you might find The Witcher 3’s magic to be dulled in you. Or for those who’re new to the game, you find the game to be hard, and you just want to play it for the sake of the story but not chicken out on the difficulty level. Fear not brethren, for I have come with a collection of curated mods just for you, so your experience in the Witcher 3 universe is an awesome one. Let’s jump into the mods!

All mods are available for free on the Nexus Mods website. All you need is an account (also free), and you’re good to go. To get the specific mods mentioned in the article, click on the name of the mod to be directed to the particular mod page. Be sure to check out the notes and instructions to ensure your mods will be compatible with other mods, and any other warnings so that your game doesn’t crash!

Table of Contents

1. Improved Particle System

Author: MRMAN01

First off in the mods that will improve your Witcher 3’s graphics is the improved particle system. We’ll have to admit that as a game released in 2015, Witcher 3 did many things right, but there are little things that can be improved. This mod helps with enhancing the particle system in the game, making your Igni and fire-based bombs to be a much more believable effect.

It also includes collision particles when facing monsters, just to add that extra bit of umphh when monsters lunge at you for every direction. The mod is also built to respond to the wind in the game, so let’s just say this mod is going to add points to the immersion value of the game. Nothing wrong with adding mods that elevates your graphics to make it look way better.

2. Increased Draw Distance

Author: sjbox

If you have a pretty decent rig set up in 2020, chances are you probably have better hardware to run The Witcher 3 to high or even ultra graphics settings. Another thing you can do is adding this particular mod, where it increases the draw distance in the game.

This means that instead of looking at vague coloured shapes in the distance, you could see the corresponding details of that particular structure from a distance. So, walking around Novigrad and Oxenfurt would be a much more different experience since the quality doesn’t drop the further you look away.

3. HD Reworked Project

Author: HalkHogan

Now, sometimes you’ll notice that certain things in the game seems a bit off. But then again, this game did come out in 2015. Fret not for this mod will add the extra layer of HD texture in almost everything in this game. Textures on buildings, stones and even steel is reworked in this mod and adds an extra layer of immersion into the game.

The mod works seamlessly as it patches up the game’s environment with the new texture pack without bugging out the game. Try it out today, and you’ll experience the noticeable difference.

4. Super Turbo Lighting Mod

Author: essenthy

Now, I always did feel that the weather in The Witcher 3 could be improved, especially when it transitions to another weather after a meditation session. The whole experience seems a bit jarring and might take you out of the game. Here’s two essential mods for you to improve the in-game weather.

As the name suggests, the mod helps give a different look to the game in general. While some prefer the original version of the darker colours used to convey a darker world of the Witcher universe, there is merit in checking out this mod as it mimics the lightning of the original look of the game before it was released. Some even called it before the downgrade, but I think it’s up to you whether you believe it’s an upgrade of the opposite.

I certainly appreciated the additional brightness that this mod offers as certain areas throughout the game needs additional light in order for you to make sense of your surrounding. Check out the more vibrant colours that pop out due to the added brightness in certain areas. Moving in and out of cutscenes or caves will look more uniform and natural.

5. 4K Clouds

Author: boostin4kix

Another thing that you’ll be looking at aside from the vast and various landscapes available in the game is the clouds. It might be not much, but part of the journey on horseback is what makes the game a beautiful experience.

Adding a more voluminous and higher definition clouds will kick up a notch when you’re riding Roach to your next quest.

6. Photo Mode

Author: CAPA14

There’s a lot of awesome moments which you will get to experience in the game. Pity that you have no way to capture your awesome endeavours in the game. Okay, that was a bad segue to talk about this particular mod. This mod is great when you’re trying to capture a picture-perfect moment in the game, and you seek to immortalize it as bragging material to your friends. The mod also introduces settings to toggle additional effects.

It even has the option to the change weather in order to increase the brightness of the shot or maybe even to add abit of a flair to the shot. Casting Igni on a vampire at night certainly looks pretty boss to me.

7. Fast Travel Anywhere

Author: JupiterTheGod

Maybe you don’t like all this dilly-dallying, riding around the horse, hitting the occasional obstacles or even getting spooked off your horse by a pack of wolves. You like to take action, and you like to do it now. Here’s a mod that helps you travel anywhere in an instant.

Though there is a quick travel built in the game, players might still find it time-consuming as most quests take place in locations that are pretty much far from quick travel posts. With this mod, you could click your desired location on your map.

Warning: This might break the game when you’re in a mission that requires you to travel through to complete the scenario. You might not want to use it during certain quests.

8. Over 9,000 Weight

Author: GiecuMan

Here’s another problem any experienced or new players will notice pretty fast, the problem with inventory space. Seeing that there’s a bunch of items in the game, inventory runs out pretty quickly. And it gets annoying as you’re unable to run and only able to walk. Imagine exploring a cave and halfway through your inventory get full, and you’re forced to start walking around, hoping for no more encounters along the way.

This mod comes in handy whereby it increases your inventory capacity to 9999. Gone will be the days of you shuffling through enemy territory just because you are stuffed with loot. You can go on looting without a care in the world!

9. The Gwent Card Dealer

Author: mangekyoumadara1987

Hey buddy, how’s your progress in The Witcher 3? Barely 50%? You’ve been busy challenging every person who has a Play Gwent option? Well, it’s hard to deny that Gwent is one of the most fun and addicting mini-games that ever existed. But there are certain instances where getting certain Gwent cards are done if you’re challenging certain NPCs from main of side quests.

And should you accidentally proceeded to a certain level of the quest; you might lose your chance to win a rare card from the NPC. It’s hard to get your Gwent on knowing that you’ll never get a chance to own that unique card. Introducing the ultimate mod for you Gwent aficionados out there, the Gwent card dealer mod.

A pretty straightforward mod, players can now purchase all those cards with coin instead of trying to win of NPCs, which might hinder your progress in the main game. Nevertheless, enter the Passiflora high stakes tournament with a renewed sense of confidence. Show those pompous Gwent expert wannabes who’s the real expert around this part of the world.

10. Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra

Author: Adnan4444

Netflix’s Witcher had a unique look that is quite frankly, a satisfying homage to The Witcher franchise. It does draw a lot from the games, but sticks mostly to the books for certain aesthetic choices. But The Witcher universe is imprinted strongly to some with the faces of the actors and actresses in the series.

So, what better way to experience the Witcher 3 game with those faces implanted on the character models? Introducing the Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra facial imprint mods, which changes the original faces of Geralt and Yennefer into the ones in the show. The mod didn’t do much for gameplay and meant for an aesthetic option for players. It’s definitely exciting to watch Henry Cavill’s Witcher solving the mystery of the missing pan.

11. Auto Loot

Author: JupiterTheGod

There’s a lot of items to be picked up in The Witcher 3 universe. You’re going to need items for quests, to make potions and oils or to craft weapons and armour pieces. So, you’ll need to be looting everything in all your encounters. Unfortunately, looting quickly becomes a tiresome routine.

It gets even more annoying if you have a bunch of slain monster loot scattered around the area. And if it’s dark, you tend to miss it. This mod takes all of that annoyance out of the door, and you’ll no longer need to spam the loot All key. The mod also takes out the menu system when you’re near a loot. All you need to do is walk through the loot, and it’ll be picked up for you.

The mod also includes a area of effect looting function so that you could loot everything in a specific radius. And don’t worry about accidentally stealing, which always ends with you running for your life. The mod identifies this and pops up the regular menu with a warning indicating you’re stealing, so this helps to avoid accidentally stealing. Pretty convenient mod!

12. Auto Apply Oils

Author: SheepDarklord

When it comes to combat, Witcher 3 employs a lot of different mechanics to even the odds out. Sometimes, there’s a giant stone golem that stands your way in completing your quest. You’re going to need to your Elementa oil to get the job done way faster and without blunting your sword in the process as the fight gets dragged along without the oil.

However, this mechanic can sometimes be forgotten to be done beforehand, and it turns out to be cumbersome mechanic to some players, and might also be a hindrance to the more newer and casual gamers as well. Enter the auto-apply oil mod. This mod helps you apply the right kind of oil by scanning the type of enemy you’re dealing with. So, if you’re surrounded by ghouls, the Necrophage oil will be auto-applied on your sword.

13. All Quest Objectives On Map

Author: Wolfmark

The Witcher 3 universe is huge, littered with a bunch of Witcher contracts and quests that you can undertake during your playthrough. However, it could get a bit overwhelming, and it could take some time for you to get used in where things are. Certain merchants are not marked in the map; for example, merchants in Novigrad can only be seen in your minimap as your approach their shops but not in your main word map.

This mod helps in identifying all the available merchants in the entire map. It also helps identifying various quests markers that will help you in starting the quest quicker, instead of accidentally bumping into it. Personally, I use this mod to identify merchant locations as I find it easier for me to offload loot or when I’m in the midst of crafting and collecting armour upgrades. Certainly a useful mod to have whether it’s your first or 10th playthrough!

14. Increased Creature Loot

Author: mindkiller316

If you finally have gotten a good groove going on in the game, you’ll start exploring into brewing the available items in the game. From potions to armor, everything that matters in giving you a fair chance against harder opponents can be crafted. You’ll notice that it’s pretty hard to get certain loot to drop off certain creatures and there are certain creatures that are difficult to find.

Examples such as cyclops or trolls which are quite limited in the game, as they do not spawn in the open world as often as drowners or wolves. This mod cuts the time of you going back and forth or even counting your lucky stars that your next Witcher contract involves in hunting that specific creature again. More creature loot equals less time trying to figure out where’s the next one.

The mod also comes with various mods that help you determine what sort of loot restrictions that you want. You could have only got extra loot from monsters or you can set it so that all monsters and animals drop additional loot that would otherwise be rarely found.

Final Note

Though the game recently found itself gaining in popularity, the game’s community never died and it can be seen in the types of mods being added month after month. The Witcher 3 game offers and awesome experience, and with the mods available crafted by the community, there’s always new ways to experience the game.

The game also can be an enjoyable for those who are inexperienced and are looking to just immerse themselves in the Witcher lore. Either way, these mods are available for free. So what are you waiting for? Get these mods to enhance your Witcher 3 experience today! May you find luck in The Path.

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