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Published on October 21, 2020    Updated on October 22, 2020
Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online - Alustin's Alchemy Journal Guide

Alustin's Alchemy Journal is one of BDO's Adventure Logs, designed around the Alchemy lifeskill, and awarding a ton of Caphras Stones!

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To start doing the tasks from Alustin’s Alchemy Journal, you need to be Level 61, or have completed the [O’dyllita] Keepsake of Ataraxia quest. If you fulfill any of these requirements, just talk with Black Spirit, and accept the Adventure Log: Alustin’s Alchemy Journal quest, from Quest > Suggestions.

As it’s obvious from the name, this Adventure Log will test your Alchemy skills, a welcome addition to the most challenging lifeskill! And similar to the previous log released, Caphras’ Record, it will award you with a lot of Caphras Stones!

You can easily buy all the required materials from the Central Market, so this guide will focus on helping you craft them yourself!

You will also find plenty of links to our BDO database for the recipes and ingredients, so that you can easily check the various ways you can acquire each one.

Make sure you read through the whole guide first, so that you can source all the materials and ingredients appropriately, without much back and forth!

Alustin’s Alchemy Journal: Book 1

The 1st book of Alustin’s Journal is quite easy to complete, as you only have to craft a few simple Alchemy recipes – or buy them from the Central Market, and it will award you with 100 Caphras Stones in total.

Book 1.1 | Alustin

Goal: Obtain Caphras Stone x1

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

In order to complete the 1st chapter, you simply have to acquire 1 Caphras Stone, but looting monsters won’t count here!

You can either obtain one by doing any type of Gathering (meat, stone, wood etc.), or by crafting one using Simple Alchemy, which is the fastest way. Just open the Processing window (L), and choose Simple Alchemy, then right-click on an Ancient Spirit Dust and either a Black Stone (Armor) or a Black Stone (Weapon), and start processing them.

Book 1.2 | Struggle to Break Free

Goal: Hand over Clear Liquid Reagent  x1,500 to Alustin

Reward: 20 x Caphras Stone

Clear Liquid Reagent is the most basic Alchemy ingredient for any Elixir, so you won’t have a hard time crafting them!

All you need is:

I suggest you perform 2,000 crafts with these materials, they should be enough to get you 1,500 Clear Liquid Reagent, as well as be used in the following recipes, even at the lowest Alchemy level / mastery.

Book 1.3 | Vanished Like Dust

Goal: Hand over Resurrection Elixir x1,000 to Alustin

Reward: 20 x Caphras Stone

Resurrection Elixirs are super easy to craft, as they don’t have any level requirements, and you will use pretty much the same ingredients with the last recipe, with the addition of buying a few Health Potions from a General Goods Merchant (low-level areas only).

The ingredients are:

500 crafts should be more than enough to get you 1,000 Resurrection Elixirs.

Book 1.4 | A Rope Right Before It Snaps

Goal: Hand over Elixir of Energy x1,000 to Alustin

Reward: 20 x Caphras Stone

Yet another elixir with no level requirements, Elixir of Energy gets a bit harder, since it uses Blood too, which you can gather from various animals. You won’t have a hard time finding Weasels, Foxes or Raccoons around Velia, so any of these 3 will do.

The final recipe is:

Again, 500 crafts should be sufficient.

Book 1.5 | The Alchemist

Goal: Hand over Pure Powder Reagent x1,500 to Alustin

Reward: 30 x Caphras Stone

Pure Powder Reagent is the 2nd basic ingredient for most Alchemy recipes, so quite easy to create as well. I suggest you create more than you need, as the previous recipes need a lot of it as well.

The ingredients you will need:

I suggest you go with 2,000 crafts, so that you can have enough to use in the other recipes of Alustin’s Journal.

Alustin’s Alchemy Journal: Book 2

Book 2.1 | Quiet Town, Velia

Goal: Obtain Caphras Stone x5

Reward: 20 x Caphras Stone

This step is exactly the same with the 1st chapter of Book 1, so you just simple have to craft 5 Caphras Stones using Simple Alchemy, or obtain them as gathering drops!

Book 2.2 | The Line Between God and Humans

Goal: Hand over Fisher’s Elixir x1,000 to Alustin

Reward: 30 x Caphras Stone

Fisher’s Elixir requires an Apprentice 1 Alchemy level, which you will have acquired quite easily if you crafted everything so far, as well as its required ingredients! This time the complexity rises a bit, and it’s a good indication of what you can expect from Alchemy in the higher levels!

What you’ll need:

Around 400-500 crafts will be more than enough to get you to 1,000 Fisher’s Elixirs.

Book 2.3 | Unfortunate Child

Goal: Hand over Sinner’s Blood x1,000 to Alustin

Reward: 30 x Caphras Stone

Sinner’s Blood is an important Tier 2 Alchemy ingredient, so if you stick with the lifeskill, you will be making tons of them! It requires some items collected from Nodes, and some Deer / Sheep / Pig /  Waragon or Ox blood gathering. Your best bet is to go for Sheep blood in Lynch Ranch.

The full recipe:

Again, stick to 400-500 crafts!

Book 2.4 | No Such Thing as a Useless Ingredient

Goal: Hand over Metal Solvent x250 to Alustin

Reward: 30 x Caphras Stone

Metal Solvent is an important recipe, used as an ingredient in many high-value items, so learning how to craft it is essential as an Alchemist! You will need quite a few Rough Stones (best spot is always Pilgrim’s Heaven in the Valencia desert), as well as some processing, and important traces to craft it.

More info about the recipe:

100 crafts should be more than enough, so don’t worry about traveling too far to get these Rough Stones!

Book 2.5 | Kindness Fosters Virtue

Goal: Hand over Tenacious Origin of Life x1,500 to Alustin

Reward: Caphras Stone

It was an easy ride so far, but since this is BDO, the last step is going to be more painful than everything else combined. 😁

You are required to hand over 1,500 Tenacious Origin of Life, and you need to craft it yourself, you can’t buy it off the Central Market. The crafting is the easy part though, but these are the ingredients you need for each craft:

You can buy all of these in the Central Market, but depending on your timing they might be in huge demand, or very low demand. The fastest way to get all of them, is to gather herbs around Behr.

Alternatively, you can set up some farms, and invest in Special quality seeds, that will help you craft more Tenacious Origins of Life!

You will need 500-750 crafts for this, so I wish you good luck!

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