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Published on October 9, 2021    Updated on October 13, 2021
Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online - The 10 Best Houses You Can Rent

BDO features more than 1,000 unique houses, in dozens of different styles, based on their area. After photographing every single one, we've picked the 10 most beautiful ones!

by Norelly
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There are plenty of houses available in Black Desert Online, each house has its own peculiarities: in each region, the housings were built in their own style. You can rent out houses, decorate with your own furniture, and even make it a big part of your gameplay, especially if you practice lifeskills that require workspace.

When choosing a residence, it is worth considering several aspects, such as how much space it has, what NPCs you need to be close to, or how well it is located in a good and central place. But now, ignoring these, we have focused only on beauty and uniqueness.

So after reviewing ALL the apartments available in the game, I made a list of the 10 most beautiful, unfurnished ones.

10. Heidel 9-3

City: Heidel
City location:
Costs: a total 6 CP with a chain
House specifications: 3 floors | 4 rooms | 3 doors | 7 windows
Extras: garden with a horse
Disadvantages: exterior, Heidel is always crowded
BDO Database view

I’m glad it was able to get on the list, even if it was last, a house from Heidel. Because it’s everyone’s favorite Heidel, and I think it’s the house most people on the whole list use. This house has plenty of space and the location of the city is lavish, everything is close to it. There are 4 rooms on 3 levels, with special designs. There aren’t many houses in the whole game that also have a yard, but this place got a small yard where a cute horse stands, it’s a house that is a must-have accessory for trainers! 🐴

9. O’draxxia 3

City: O’draxxia
City location:
Costs: a total 7 CP with a chain
House specifications: 2 floors | 2 rooms | 12 windows
Extras: gallery along the entire length of the second floor
Disadvantages: depressing, dark building
BDO Database view

All the houses in O’draxxia were made in this special style. The doors, the windows, and the walls built of stone give the atmosphere of the building, but what I think will be really special is the gallery that runs through the second level. The interior is pretty dark (despite the 12 windows), but it also has its own beauty. The whole house is an air space with a huge space that you can equip.

8. Grána 8

City: Grána
City location:
Costs: 11 CP
House specifications: 2 floors | 3 rooms | 14 windows
BDO Database view

This 2-storey simple but decorative house is also on the list because it is in a very nice environment, which adds a lot to its values. At this house (and like every house in Grana) the makers paid a lot of attention to the exterior, which speaks for itself. In addition, it provides us with 3 rooms on two levels, and the huge spaces could be attractively furnished.

7. Duvencrune 7

City: Duvencrune
City location:
Costs: 10 CP
House specifications: 3 floors | 4 rooms | 20 windows | 2 balconies
BDO Database view

This showy house is located in Duvencrune, in its heart as well. It offers plenty of free space through 3 levels (at least 50 cooking utensils would fit, haha) and four rooms as well. There are two balconies from two different levels and a gallery on the top level. The layout of the rooms is practical and could be decorated very nicely.

6. Grána 10

City: Grána
City location:
Costs: 8 CP
House specifications: 3 floors | 3 rooms | 5 windows
BDO Database view

The beautiful exterior, which can be said of every house in Grana, this time hides an elegant interior. This beautiful 3-storey, 3-room house is located in this lovely setting, also in a central location within the city. There is a gallery on the upper level and the whole house is characterized by these large, unique windows.

5. Duvencrune 2

City: Duvencrune
City location:
Costs: 10 CP
House specifications: 2 floors | 2 rooms | 15 windows | 1 balcony
Extras: a dome, an exit to the roof, special balcony
BDO Database view

This gem is also located in the heart of Duvencrune. As we enter the house, a huge space opens up on the first level. On the second level, there are 8 windows to brighten the room, but in addition, there is a tower surrounded by windows. From the second level, a door leads straight to the roof, which I have not seen in any other house. The most pleasant surprise, however, will come when you open the balcony door, and this lavish view will greet you. This is perhaps the largest and most beautiful balcony I have come across in the game.

4. Grána 6

City: Grána
City location:
Costs: 11 CP
House specifications: 2 floors | 3 rooms | 16 windows | 1 balcony
Extras: double-sided stairs
BDO Database view

And another beautiful-looking house from Grána. The exterior is perfectly fine, and entering the house you are greeted by huge spaces. The house consists of two levels and three rooms, the levels are connected by beautiful, unique stairs. The light of the house is provided by 16 windows, among which there is a unique, huge piece.  The upper level is made even more beautiful by a gallery from which a double-sided staircase leads down to the lower level.

3. Valencia 6-1-2F

City: Valencia City
City location:
Costs: a total 4 CP with a chain
House specifications: 1 floor | 2 rooms | 9 windows
Extras: arches, a dome
Disadvantages: Valencia is very far from everything
BDO Database view

Valencia is very far from everything, it is a long, long journey away from every other town. However, this building is very beautiful and if you want to anchor somewhere, it will be a perfect place for it. Immediately after entering, this corridor decorated with arches welcomes us, leading to a room decorated with a tower. The building is very bright and the windows face an enclosed courtyard.

Otherwise, the same building can be found more than once in the game: Valencia 6-2-2F, Rm3, Valencia 20-1, 3F, Valencia 20-2, 2F.

2. Valencia 3-5

City: Valencia City
City location:
Costs: a total 9 CP with a chain
House specifications: 2 floors | 2 rooms | 8 windows
Extras: scenic view
Disadvantages: exterior, Valencia is very far from everything
BDO Database view

At this house, the distance to Valencia was compensated by the picturesque surroundings. The house itself isn’t a big bang from the outside, it looks like a completely average, two-story house from the inside, but when you walk to the balcony, all your doubts dissipate why this house became second on this list. This view is amazing, I haven’t seen a house in a nicer setting than this throughout the game. Just jump down to the beautiful water a few “meters” away if you feel like fishing.

The building itself can be found in several places in the game (the others do not have such a nice view): Valencia 16-1Valencia 17-2; Valencia 19-1; Valencia 9-1.

1. Grána 4

City: Grána
City location:
Costs: a total 15 CP with a chain
House specifications: 4 floors | 3 rooms | 12 windows | 1 balcony
BDO Database view

And finally, the house that finished in the first place: Grána 4! This edifice is currently the largest house in the game, with 3 rooms on 4 levels, spiced with a huge contiguous space and sumptuous views. On the top floor, there is a semi-open terrace with beautiful windows to let the rays of the setting sunshine into the building! There are galleries on the above levels, but there is also a lower level, which in turn is not open to the other levels. The house has several entrances and there is also a balcony where an NPC is located with a cute cat. And as I have already said, in Grána every house looks very good from the outside, it is no different in this case either, the perfect exterior fits perfectly into this beautiful environment where it stands.


+1. Houses with animals

As an animal lover, I couldn’t go without a word besides these 3 houses. A lovely gesture that the makers thought of us and left three small gifts that put a smile on our faces.

Calpheon Market Street 2-1-2F & 2-2-2F has this lovely cat at its entrance. In addition, she is an NPC, although you can’t talk to her, her name is Renee. The houses are otherwise very simple houses, Renee makes them famous. BDO database view of Calpheon Market Street 2-1-2F and 2-2-2F here. 🐱

Velia 2-3 has this cute dog at its entrance. Even if it doesn’t do anything, it’s a beautiful decorative element of the house, isn’t it? The house itself is a huge house anyway, one of the best houses in Velia with 2 levels and 6 rooms. Click here to open the BDO Database view. 🐶

Heidel 9-3 has this beautiful horse in its garden. This house is in the list above, you can read more about it above. 🐴

It seems we have reached the end. Our list was based on our BDO Database, where you can find pictures and short descriptions of all the houses. The list was made on the basis of subjective opinion, the game was still in the process before the new snowy area arrived. In the future, for sure, beautiful houses will arrive with new areas, and a mansion will certainly be available soon.


Grew up in the world of games, studied journalism & programming, so I'm here to unite my passions! Currently a big fan of Black Desert Online and League of Legends. Probably still training horses at BDO.


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