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Published on October 2, 2021    Updated on October 2, 2021
Black Desert Online

Black Desert - Black Spirit's Adventure Guide - Using Dice & Arcana

The BSA might look like your standard "spin to win" mobile mechanic, but as always, BDO never disappoints with its depth, complexity and rewards!

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With Black Spirit’s Adventure (board game), you can make a hefty profit in exchange for a few clicks a day. This feature underwent a lot of changes and nitpicking by the time it reached its current form, but by now it has become a very useful game.

It brings in at least a few million silver a day, less often a profit of 10-20 million, and if you reach different milestones, there are serious rewards for it!

Basics and FAQ

Black Spirit’s Adventure is a dice-based minigame that any Adventurer can play by logging in to Black Desert. Adventurers can receive one set of dice every 30 minutes of playtime. By default, you can obtain up to three sets of dice every day, but during events, you can obtain up to five sets of dice.

How to collect your daily dices

Black Spirit's Adventure New Dice available notification

When a free dice becomes available (after 30 minutes of playtime), the notification shown in the image above will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. If you click on it, the Black Spirit’s Adventure window will open. If you don’t want to open the game window from a notification, press the ESC, choose the Reward tab (F3), and then the Black Spirit’s Adventure (4) tab.

So the Acquire button in the picture collects the available dice, and the number to the left of it shows how many available dice you still have today that you can still collect. If you just have to wait for one of the dices, a countdown will appear instead of the Acquire button.

The daily limit is reset everyday at 5:00 AM. These cubes are always white, basic cubes.

How to throw the dice

You must select the one you want to use by clicking on the list of your existing dice. The image of the dice will appear in the circle on the right and you will need to click to roll.

Where does the reward come from?

All rewards earned in the game will go to Black Spirit Safe. You will find this in the menu bar in the lower right corner of the screen. From here, you have to collect the items separately in order to get them into your inventory.

Rules of the game

In this game every field wins.

  • If Dice A and B roll the same number (face), you’ll roll the dice again. (may accumulate)
  • If you roll two identical numbers and reach the finish line, you will not start a bonus roll on the next board.
  • The Nice Fluke! Arcana cannot be applied to Arcana moves.
  • The 5-roll rule has been deleted. Now there is no rule on the maximum number of throws you can make on the board.

The structure of the board

Black Spirit's Adventure Board Structure - Black Desert Online

Black Spirit’s Adventure Board Structure – Black Desert Online

  1. View your currently held dice here.
  2. Acquire button – allows you to collect your daily throws. If you still have to wait for one of the dice, a countdown will appear instead.
  3. Display the Arcana menu, your arcana set will be displayed here.
  4. The selected dice will appear here, click on it to roll.
  5. Finish tile
  6. Card tile – if you enter this square, you will receive an Arcana card.
  7. ‘Change to a special board’ tile.
  8. Total rounds finished
  9. Quick guide to play
  10. Reward list

Field varieties

  • Normal fields with the reward object icon on them
  • Blue and red fields, specify whether to move forward or backward a specified number
  • Green fields that give a random item by drawing lots
  • Start and Finish lines
  • Card tiles (6) – gives you a random Arcana
  • Change to a special board tile (7)

Board types

Black Spirit's Adventure Board 1 in Black Desert Online Black Spirit's Adventure Board 2 in Black Desert Online Black Spirit's Adventure Board 3 in Black Desert Online Black Spirit's Adventure Special Board in Black Desert Online
Board #1 Board #2 Board #3 Special Board

Black Spirit Appearances

The appearance of the Black Spirit changes after every 10th completed round.


Black Spirit’s Dice

Black Spirit’s Special Dice

Allows you to roll a set of basic dice. A special set of the dice will always roll the two sets of pips indicated on the dice.
You’ll move on the Black Spirit’s Adventure board based on the total number you roll. If Dice A and B roll the same number (face), you’ll roll the dice again. Under the double throw rule, the first throw will be followed by another random throw.
This dice can be obtained every day for free. Can be obtained from the board as a reward, or from events. Also can be processed by Black Spirit’s Special Dice Pieces (x5 Pieces and a Black Gem Fragment via Simple Alchemy).


These cards have special abilities and if you use them wisely, they bring benefits. These cards can be obtained from the board, each board has at least one Card field, which when you step on it, you get a random card. They can also be opened from boxes, often available from events:

  • Arcana of Fate Box
  • Wanderer’s Star

Arcana types

Card Name Description
Pace of Delight Upon use, the Black Spirit moves 1-6 squares forward.
Lucky Day Upon use, 1-3 additional rolls to finish will be granted. This
card is no longer available, as the rule that you
must reach
the finish line from a given step has been removed.
Fated Encounter Upon use, the Black Spirit returns to START.
Nice Fluke! Upon use, receive 2 times more rewards for landing
on a square. However, this only applies to squares
that you landed on by throwing dice.
Clattering Rattle Upon use, randomly obtain dice that will be stored.
Cosmos Cataclysm It moves the Black Spirit to a random square
(excluding your current, START, & FINISH squares)
of the current board.


The whole board is about rewards. There is a reward for everything:

  • rewards available for each field
  • rewards for completing the board: for the basic board, the reward is a Black Spirit Adventure’s Box (contains for example Boss Accs and a lot of valuable rewards), for the special board the reward is a Caphras Stone Bundle – 5.
  • rewards for a certain amount of completed rounds: it is broken down almost into seasons because they are updated periodically, and reset. Within the game, on the ‘Reward’ tab of the board, you can see the current rewards, usually given for every 10th completed round.

The rewards of the fields would not be discussed separately now, as they can be viewed at any time in the game. Basic boards feature Mass of Pure Magic, Concentrated Magical Black Gem, or dream horse materials, these are quite useful items.

There are even more valuable things on the special boards: plenty of Cron Stone, Caphras Stone, Caphras Stone Bundle, Advice of Valks, and more.

How to earn millions of Silver from the game

TLDR; save special dices & arcanas. catch the special board.
open fire from cubes and cards!

Needless to say, special dice and cards are the most valuable in the game, we have to calculate with them. In this game you have to plan a little bit in advance, so always count the fields if there is a valuable reward on the horizon and use a Special Dice or Pace of Delight! Remember how good combo is a Special Dice and a Nice Fluke! card.

The special board above all: this board is a gold mine, the best of all. Plenty of Cron Stones and Caphras Stones can be obtained here. The most valuable field on the board is the one that is completely in the middle, the Caphras Stone Bundle II (Caphras Stone x10–30.). But there is also the Caphras Stone Bundle I (Caphras Stone x10-20.), in three fields. Here are the best to use the ‘Nice Fluke!’ card and a special dice combo, so always do it when you can. At the end of the board, put special emphasis on the last two (or three) squares, try taking out the Caphras Stone bundle, and the x30 Cron Stone as well. And if there is, use a ‘Fated Encounter’ card to jump to the Start field and do the same path again. 🤑

The most valuable fields in the table are in order:

  1. Caphras Stone Bundle II – at best 30 Caphras Stones, valued at about 84 million
  2. Caphras Stone Bundle I – at best 20 Caphras Stones, valued at about 56 million
  3. Cron Stones x30 – worth about 30 million
  4. Caphras Stones x10 – worth about 28 million
  5. Cron Stones x20 – worth about 20 million
  6. Advice of Valks (+40)

* note: I deliberately calculated Cron Stone at a non-Blacksmith price, everyone gets these out of costume extraction(=essentially: perform an outfit extraction at Blacksmith to get Cron Stone for 1 million / piece) these days.

Schedule special cubes: use this only for important fields, calculate in advance where you will come with it and whether it is worth using it. If you are moving towards the end of the board, calculate with the rule that after reaching Finish you will not get an extra roll, no matter how you roll a special dice.

Rushing for rounds completed rewards: in this case, the Cosmos Cataclysm card comes in very handy if you use it from the Start field. As you have to hurry, it will be worth using special dice as well, as they are the fastest to move with because of the bonus rolls.

And lastly, don’t forget to take out as many dice as possible every day,
because slowly, but there are a lot of benefits to this simple game!
Although it is somewhat an RNG game, we can still influence it enough.


Grew up in the world of games, studied journalism & programming, so I'm here to unite my passions! Currently a big fan of Black Desert Online and League of Legends. Probably still training horses at BDO.


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