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Black Desert Online - Caphras' Record Adventure Log Guide

In order to begin working towards Caphras’ Record’s books, you need to complete the main quest line for O’dyllita, called [Lv.60 O’dyllita I] Flower of the Burning Moon (and more specifically the penultimate quest “Caphras’ Journal”), which you will get access to after completing the main Kamasylvia questline, called [Lv. 58 Kamasylvia] The Light of Kamasylve. You can find both questlines by opening the Quest window (O) and navigating to the “Main” tab.

If you are a new player I do recommend completing all of the Main questlines, as the rewards in terms of XP, CP & Silver are quite good, and you also get to explore most of the map.

The order that the books unlock is quite weird, since you will start with Book 2, move to 3, and then 1 and 4 will unlock with the 2nd part of the O’dyllita questline.

Without further ado, let’s get to Caphras’ Record, and everything you need to do to complete all 4 books, and get your hands on 300 Caphras Stones (worth almost 900 million silver):

  • Book 1 – 80 Caphras Stones
  • Book 2 – 50 Caphras Stones
  • Book 3 – 50 Caphras Stones
  • Book 4 – 120 Caphras Stones
Table of Contents

Caphras’ Record: Book 1

Coming soon, with the release of O’dyllita II questline. You will need to have complete Book 2 & 3 before progressing with Book 1.

Caphras’ Record: Book 2

You won’t need to have any items on you to complete the 2nd book, but I do suggest you quickly check through the requirements in case you want to do any arrangements, as it will inevitably take a couple of hours to complete.

Book 2.1 | A Step to a New World

Goal: Go to the place where Caphras arrived first when he came to this world.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

To complete the first chapter, you have to visit Caphras’ birthplace, which is none other than the Kamasylvia Tree in Grána. Once inside the tree, interact with the beam of light, and you will unlock the chapter.

In order to see the beam of light, make sure you have the item Caphras’ Journal in your inventory, received from completing the quest with the same name in the O’dyllita questline.

Book 2.2 | Spreading Nightmare

Goal: Hunt ferocious beasts in Navarn Steppe

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

The next chapter is quite easy as well, as all you have to do is kill 150 Feather Wolves in Kamasylvia. They can be found spread out in Navarn Steppe, but I suggest that you visit the spot shown in the image above, as there are a lot of them in there!

Book 2.3 | Rising Black Sun

Goal: Sell goods from the east in Valencia City.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

The third chapter is going to take some time to complete, as you are required to transport a Trade item from Altinova, all the way to Valencia.

To get started, visit Quina, the Altinova Trade Manager, and pick up as many Misc. Goods > Eastern Culture items as you can carry (well if we’re traveling all this distance, we can at least make some Silver & Trading XP out of it!).

Then, navigate to Burita Allon, Valencia’s Trade Manager, in order to deliver the goods. I don’t suggest auto-pathing, as you will have to go through the Gahaz Bandits area, and it won’t be easy to stay alive due to being encumbered by the trade items. Instead, just go through the desert, and be patient!

Book 2.4 | In the Flood of Knowledge

Goal: Obtain all knowledge in Valencia City Expedition Log Category. Obtain all knowledge in Valencia (Great Desert) category.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

The most experienced BDO players will have already completed the 4th chapter, as it requires you to have completed two knowledge categories in Valencia.

The easiest one (but still quite time consuming), is the Topography > Valencia > Valencia (Great Desert) category, where you need to explore all of Valencia’s main nodes (marked below).

Then, you will also need to complete the Adventure Journal > Valencia Journal > Valencia City Expedition Log category, which requires the following steps:

  • Cadria Elephant – Speak with Yan, the Guild Manager of Valencia, and spend 100 energy to unlock the knowledge.
  • A Camel for Nerasabi – Unlocked during Quest “Good Choice”, received from Purajin, the Material Vendor of Valencia.
  • The Royal Palace of Valencia – Complete the Quest “The Royal Palace of Valencia”, received from Ganahan in Valencia City.
  • Traditional Ritual for Abundance and Rain – Complete the Quest “Traditional Ritual for Abundance and Rain”, received from Tamayeta in Valencia City.
  • Tatar’s Wake-Up Juice – Complete the Quest “Wake-up Juice”, received from Tatar, the Lake Keeper.
  • Legend of Lake Valencia – Speak with Tatar, the Lake Keeper, after having completed the questline “The Founding Legend”.
  • The Dignified Mien of Katan – Complete the Quest “Torenandus Declaration of War”.

You can check your Knowledge window (H) to keep track of your progress.

Book 2.5 | Unjust Imprisonment

Goal: Execute the beasts in the jail.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

The last chapter is going to be a bit grindy, as you need to kill 3,000 monsters in Pila Ku Jail. Follow the image above in order to get there, and happy grinding!

Caphras’ Record: Book 3

Book 3.1 | Regained Freedom

Goal: Combine the items of the followers to obtain the ring.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

The 1st chapter will heavily depend on your luck, as you will need to create a Ring of Cadry Guardian, by combining 3 rare drops from the Cadry Ruins.

I heavily suggest you use an Item Scroll for this purpose, as it can boost your luck significantly, and if your gear can afford it, also go to the Arsha server for an even bigger item drop rate!

Book 3.2 | For Lord Hadum

Goal: Follow his trace in Velia.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

To get started in the second chapter, you need to speak with Zaaira, the Material Vendor in Velia, and start the Quest “Remnants of Someone”. It will require you to gather 100 Corn, and then hand them back to her. You can’t simply buy it and give it to her, so simply go South of Velia, and you will find plenty of Corn fields.

After you hand the Corn back to Zaaira, she will give you a Caphras Gemstone. Then, you need to Chat with her and “Ask more about Caphras”. This will send you to Alustin, the Alchemist of Velia, where you need to accept the Quest “Traces He Left”, which will require you to first Chat with Alusting and show him the Caphras Gemstone, and then Chat again, and hand in the following items to him (you can buy them from the Central Market, no need to gather them yourself this time):

  • 10 Titanium Ore
  • 100 Powder of Crevice
  • 1,000 Black Stone Powder

Completing the quest will reward you with a Caphras’ Powder. Then, you need to accept the quest “Tragedy Revealed” from Alustin again, which requires you to Chat with Eileen, the General Goods Vendor in Velia, and hand over the Caphras’ Powder to her. She will then give you the Caphras’ Essence item, which you need to hand over back to Alustin by Chatting with him.

And that’s it, the 2nd chapter has been completed!

Book 3.3 | Clash of Greeds

Goal: Learn about Cron Castle Gold Coin. Learn about Fall of Cron Castle. Learn about the Cron Castle’s Altar.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

For the 3rd chapter, you will need to have unlocked three separate knowledge entries:

  • Cron Castle Gold Coin – Complete the Quest “Catching Mackerel”, from Abelin in Velia.
  • Fall of Cron Castle – Get 500 Amity with Tranan Underfoe, the Blacksmith of Velia, and Chat with him to unlock the knowledge.
  • Cron Castle’s Altar – Chat with Cron Castle Altar, the Cron Castle Node Manager.

Book 3.4 | Into the Cold Sea

Goal: Locate where Caphras was once sunk in.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

In the 4th chapter, you will have to discover the location Caphras’ was sunk in. To get there, go to the Cron Castle’s coast, and swim underwater towards the location shown on the image above. Then, simply interact with the beam to unlock the chapter!

Book 3.5 | Return to the World

Goal: Learn about this pas on Iliya Island.

Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

For the last chapter of the 3rd book, you will need to travel to Illya Island, and speak with Diega, the Chief, in order to accept the Quest “Caphras’ Lady”.

This will lead you into an interactable beam a bit further away, so once you interact with it, simply return to Diega, who will award you with a Caphras’ Leaf, and that’s it! You have complete the 3rd book from Caphras’ Record!

Then, simply speak with your Black Spirit, go to Suggested Quests, and accept “Caphras: Book of Immortality”. Then Chat with the Black Spirit, and hand over the Caphras’ Journal and the Caphras’ Leaf to it. You will then receive a Caphras – Tome of Light and Shadow, which will unlock the 1st Book from Caphras’ Record – which still requires the 2nd part of O’dyllita questline to be completed.

Caphras’ Record: Book 4

Coming soon, with the release of O’dyllita II questline. You will need to have completed Book 1, 2, and 3 before progressing with the 4th book.

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