Black Desert Online – Farming – Seeds & Crops Markeplace Prices

Farming in Black Desert Online, is a fun, yet one of the most demanding lifeskills. The Energy, and especially the Contribution investment you have to make is very large, so you better make the most out of it!

Of course, working with the table below will let you make a nice income, even if you run a few farms, and even if you run the 10 free 1-slot ones. It’s all about studying the data, sorting, filtering & deciding which crops you want to focus on.

I’m running 10 x 10-slot farms right now, so that’s 100 CP, but I’m running many data mining scenarios at the moment, and I want to have the appropriate amount. A very good option, is to use the 6CP – 7-slot farms, as they provide a great ratio of CP / Slots. You can view more combinations in Incendar’s site here.

Seeds & Crops Marketplace & Farming Data – What to Plant

The table below consists of personal data mining on a marketplace snapshot from 13th August of 2018 (860 days after the EU server has been launched).

Explaining the Data Columns

In order to make the most out of this farming table, we have to look closer at the values of each column:

  • Category: The main item category, so you can identify cooking ingredients like vegetables and cereals, from alchemy ingredients or mount feed.
  • Strain: Pretty self-explanatory, the strains group together each crop family, e.g. you can focus on strawberries, and limit the results on their crops / seeds alone.
  • Quality: For each crop & seed there are 3 different qualities, with no exceptions. While cooking or alchemy, you can substitute 3 normal quality ingredients with 1 high-quality ingredient (green), or 5 normal ones, for 1 special (blue).
  • Nodes: This is the total number of sub-nodes, where your workers can gather that resource for you. The crops your workers will gather, are always of normal quality, with very very few exceptions. But instead of portraying these exceptions in the table, I found it more usable to “repeat” the values, so for example you might want to focus the table on special crops – it’s extremely helpful to see which ones also offer a node, even if it produces just normal quality crops. The exceptions are the Strawberry node, which also supplies you with Special Strawberries, as well as the Sweet Potato node, which supplies you with all qualities (I think I didn’t leave one out, let me know in the comments).
  • Grids: Here we can see how many farming grids the seed needs for its growth space, with all seeds needing either 1 or 2 grids.
  • Min. Price & Max. Price: This is the minimum / maximum price you are currently allowed to list your item for. These aren’t the “hard” mins & max’s (since there is no official source about them), and depending on supply and demand, the gaps and limits might change. You will notice some items having identical min / max, and this is a sign that there is a massive supply / demand for the item, not letting it take even a small “breath” of price margin. Unfortunately not all items had an available price at the time of writing, so they have been left empty. I aim to make a 2-day data mining again in the near future, in order to manage and gather min / max for every single item throughout these 2 days.  (of course refreshing all data, so that the formulas stay consistent).
  • Current Price: This is pretty much the average price the game “thinks” an item has, and the only price you are going to see (along with the price of the last trade) when an item is off the market, and doesn’t have any min / max information available. It’s a good number to calculate on, since ideally you don’t want to be the guy that sells at minimum, and depending on supply you want to aim for the maximum.
  • Trades: This is the total numbers of times the item has been traded since the server’s launch. That’s 860 days at time of data-mining (release date is 3rd of March 2016), and is the most accurate way to estimate the demand of an item.
  • Registered Items: This is the least useful number from the whole table, since it’s just a snapshot. I decided to include the numbers, just to make it a little bit more helpful to identify some items with very high / low supply, but as with any item in Black Desert, the only way to learn how much an item sells, is to sell / track it for a few days.
  • Trades / Day: This is the 1st formula we are using in order to make the data even more useful. We are simply dividing the total number of trades, by the total number of days the server’s been up (Trades / 860), in order to get a rough daily average of sales for the item.
  • Volume / Day: The most useful number out of the whole table. Here, we don’t just estimate a close average for the amount of trades (demand), but we are looking at the total volume of Silver that’s being traded daily. The formula is Trades / 860 * Current Price. A quick example to show you the power of this number, if you sort the data in the table, you will quickly notice that Wheat has a whooping amount of 250K Trades every single day, making it the most traded crop in Black Desert. At the same time, Special Strawberries reach almost 1 Billion Silver in daily volume, around 11 times more than Wheat. Balancing between quality / quantity is key in order to sustain a healthy income from your farms.

Coming Soon

This table is not yet complete, as there are a few more things that I want to add / improve, in order to make it the ultimate reference for its purpose (an interactive BDO farming spreadsheet, that aims to help all farmers, regardless of their main goals and source of revenue).

Features that will be added soon:

  • Min. Temp / Max. Temp & Min. Humidity / Max Humidity: No farming table is complete, without adding the Temperature & Humidity values of each seed. If you want to achieve a steady and fruitful harvest, you will have to compare your crops’ needs, and identify what’s the best place to plant them, and what’s the best combo of crops for each scenario.
  • Conditional Formatting: In order to make all the numbers in the table more readable and user-friendly, I will implement conditional formatting, that will help you identify “good” & “bad” choices, compared to all the rest of the seeds / crops, or the ones you currently have your focus on. Tremendously useful.
  • More Filtering Options: Currently filters don’t do very much, and can help you narrow down the results depending on the item you’re looking for. The search function on the top right is quite helpful on that too. But I’m still trying to figure out the best way to filter based on prices, any ideas are welcome!
  • Harvest XP: I will be honest, I’m not even sure right now if different crops give different amounts of XP per harvest or action, but this is the case with most lifeskills in Black Desert. Either way, I’m thinking of ways to implement leveling data – if available – in order to make the table more rich.
  • YOUR NEEDS: Let me know in the comments what more you need from the table. What you don’t like, what additional features you need, and if you think something doesn’t make sense. This is for all of us, so your help is greatly appreciated.

About the Data Source & Validity

It’s essential to note, that any data relating with the amount of trades, or min & max prices, is a marketplace “snapshot” from the EU region, on the 13th of August 2018, 860 days after the EU / NA version of the game was released.

Those with a brain, will quickly realize that it matters a little, since the most important numbers derive from comparing all the crops & seeds, at that particular time, providing an immense help for planning out your farming efforts.

Obviously things change, and a special event, or a patch, could move the price & demand of certain items higher or lower. Before taking any final decisions, compare the current state of your crops of interest by looking up at their current prices and supply.

All the data have been data-mined by me, using the game as my only source of information.

Babalon, Mother of Abominations
Babalon, Mother of Abominations
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