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Black Desert - Guardian Outfits, Costumes, Underwear & Accessories

In Black Desert Online, there are several Guardian outfits and exclusive accessories available in the Pearl Shop that you can purchase for real money, and also sell through the Central Market (if you don’t open them). Her clothes are made of fur, claws or ornaments appeared dense on them, making her clothes even more dangerous and old. There aren’t too many outfits available for her right now, but we hope that will change soon.

In this list, you can find all outfits, costumes, underwear, and accessories connected to the Guardian. These looks are not always available in the store, so we aim to include a full collection of them.

Keep in mind that all outfits, costumes, underwear & cosmetics are character-bound, so once you open them with a character, you will never be able to transfer them to another character (you can still extract them for Cron Stones though).

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Guardian Outfits

As with most classes, Guardian got a unique outfit on her release (Ynixtra). She hasn’t received too many outfits since her arrival, but she still has some unique outfits: Leporem, Winter Mountain Spirit, Kharoxia, Mueburus, and Conquistadora.

Guardian Premium Outfits

Kibelius Premium Set

Leporem Premium Set

Winter Mountain Spirit Premium Set

Ynixtra Premium Set

Guardian Classic Outfits

Karlstein Classic Set

Karlstein Classic Set, Guardian Outfit

Kharoxia Classic Set

Kharoxia Classic Set, Guardian Outfit

Mueburus Classic Set

Mueburus Classic Set, Guardian Outfit

Guardian Outfit Sets

Blanchard Set (Gloves, Earrings & Shoes only)

Blanchard Set (Gloves, Earrings & Shoes only), Guardian Outfit Pieces

Conquistadora Outfit Set

Conquistadora Outfit Set, Guardian Outfit

Marine Romance Outfit Set

Marine Romance Outfit Set, Guardian Outfit

Mountain Guardian Spirit Outfit Set

Mountain Guardian Spirit Outfit Set, Guardian Outfit

Vediras Outfit Set

Vediras Outfit Set, Guardian Outfit

Guardian Costumes

Lifeskill and PvP costumes function normally with Guardian, like the rest of the classes.

Guardian Lifeskill Costumes

Canape Classic Set

Canape Classic Set, Guardian Costume

Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set

Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set, Guardian Costume

Pavilla Costume Set

Pavilla Costume Set, Guardian Costume

Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set

Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set, Guardian Costume

Venecil Dress Set

Venecil Dress Set, Guardian Costume

Venia Riding Attire

Venia Riding Attire, Guardian Costume

Guardian PvP Costumes

Desert Camouflage Premium Set

Treant Camouflage Premium Set

Guardian Underwear

Unlike clothes, there is a fairly large number of underwear available for her, two of them unique: the Silev and Velvia.

Black Garter Belt Underwear

Black Garter Belt Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Cavaro Underwear

Cavaro Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Checked Beige Underwear

Checked Beige Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Dream Laced Underwear

Dream Laced Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Jasmine Garter Belt Underwear

Jasmine Garter Belt Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Lazies Underwear

Lazies Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Leopard Underwear

Leopard Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Le Vladian Underwear

Le Vladian Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Nude Basic Underwear

Nude Basic Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Nude Black Underwear

Nude Black Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Queen Heart Underwear

Queen Heart Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Sileshi Underwear

Sileshi Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Silev Underwear

Silev Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Silk Corset Underwear

Silk Corset Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Velvia Underwear

Velvia Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Vivid Blooming Underwear

Vivid Blooming Underwear, Guardian Underwear

White Zebra Underwear

White Zebra Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Zebra Underwear

Zebra Underwear, Guardian Underwear

Guardian Accessories

The following accessories are shared between most female classes and are not exclusive to Guardian.

Guardian Helmet Appearance Skins

Chipmunk Headband

Chipmunk Headband, Guardian Accessory

Grolia Hat

Grolia Hat, Guardian Accessory

Lychnia Headpiece

Lychnia Headpiece, Guardian Accessory

Trilby Headpiece

Trilby Headpiece, Guardian Accessorry

White Bunny Ears

White Bunny Ears, Guardian Accessory

Guardian Head & Ears Skins

Ignis Ear Cuff

Ignis Ear Cuff, Guardian Accessory

Kyrill Ear Cuff

Kyrill Ear Cuff, Guardian Accessory

Round Earring

Round Earring, Guardian Accessory

Guardian Eye Skins

Badane Glasses

Badane Glasses, Guardian Accessory

Ellen Glasses

Ellen Glasses, Guardian Accessory

Inquirer’s Glasses

Inquirer’s Glasses, Guardian Accessory

Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses

Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses, Guardian Accessory

Shoid Glasses

Shoid Glasses, Guardian Accessory

Guardian Nose, Mouth & Chin Skins

Cat Whiskers

Cat Whiskers, Guardian Accessory

Curitt Piercing

Curitt Piercing, Guardian Accessory

Metal Piercing

Metal Piercing, Guardian Accessory

Tort Piercing

Tort Piercing, Guardian Accessory

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