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Black Desert Online - How to Make Good Feed for Pets

Crafting Good Feed for your pets in BDO is one of the most essential recipes you will need throughout the game, along with Beer for your workers. The first time I tried to make some, I was googling and failing for 2 hours, so I decided to make an in-depth guide about it, and help fellow adventurers!

I suggest you read the whole guide at first, so that you can get a good understanding of the process, and what you are going to need, then go back to each step, and make sure you have everything you need.

Good Feed will replenish 20% of your pet’s hunger, so you are going to need many of them stocked up, especially if you are running around with 5 pets! It’s also not worth it spending your loyalty points or money on them, since the crafting process is easy, and it will help you build some life skills to your player.

Without further ado, let’s start!

1. Start Potato Farming With Your Workers

The most useful resource you can get your first worker into gathering, is potatoes. As soon as you reach Velia, you should invest in the Loggia Farm node on the left, and then click it, and invest in Potato Farming.

If you don’t have a worker get, you can hire one by visiting a Work Supervisor (pickaxe icon) and spending 5 energy for each candidate you’re shown. I suggest you spend some energy and get a worker that’s at least Green, if you have energy to spare try for a Blue one!

Once you have an available worker in Velia, and invested in the Potato Farming node of Loggia Farm, you are ready to start potato farming! Simply choose the node, and select your worker to start the work. I suggest you order the job the max times allowed, since it’s going to be easier to handle the UI later on with many workers to attend to.

Potato Farming in Loggia Farm, Black Desert Online

Potato Farming in Loggia Farm, Black Desert Online

It’s worth mentioning, that you can use any Grain Flour, not just from Potatoes, but also from Wheat, Barley, Sweet Potato & Corn. So if you already have different plans for your workers, don’t be afraid to experiment.

2. Get a Residence with a Cooking Utensil

While your worker is gathering potatoes (you can track his work by clicking on the pickaxe icon below your level on the top left), you can get started into getting a residence in the town, and placing your cooking equipment inside.

It’s not possible to craft good feed without a residence (even though there are simpler recipes you can make by the Processing tab with Simple Cooking), so you can’t skip this step.

A recommended house you can set for a residence is Velia 2-1 or Heidel 1-1, since they are located next to the storage keeper & cooking vendor, and you are going to need them! Feel free to simply browse the other houses, and make another choice for your player if this is what you want.

Velia 2-1 Residence, Black Desert Online

Velia 2-1 Residence, Black Desert Online

You can buy a Cooking Utensil from a Cooking Merchant (to find one easily, click on the magnifying glass on the top right, then choose the Cooking icon to set an auto-run path to the closest merchant).

3. Flour Farming

The first ingredient you are going to need for Good Feed, is Grain Flour, which is very simple to make due to your workers.

The only thing you will need is the potatoes your workers farmed (they get stored directly in Velia’s storage keeper) in your inventory.

Then you open the Processing tab (L key), and choose the 2nd icon, Grinding. Then you will see the potatoes in your inventory light up to indicate you can use them with Grinding, so right click on them.

Grinding Potato Flour, Black Desert Online

Grinding Potato Flour, Black Desert Online

Press Start and your character will start processing all your available potatoes into Potato Flour. You will see a progress bar, and a number which indicates how many resources are left. You can cancel the process anytime if you don’t want to process everything, by simply moving your player.

It’s wise to process as many potatoes as possible on one go, and leave your character to do the job while you take a real-life activity for 10 minutes.

4. Meat Farming

The second, and hardest ingredient you are going to farm, is meat from animals.

It is the hardest, since you need to actively farm it 100%, in contrast with Flour processing which you can AFK, and fish farming below, which is the epitome of AFK in BDO.

Sure, you can buy meat from the market, but if you are looking to be self-sufficient, and make more money than you spend in the game, then farming meat yourself is the way to go.

Any + Gathering you can get is golden for meat farming, since it’s tedious and time-consuming. You can get it from guilds, clothes, potions, foods etc.

You will find many animals you can kill and butcher for meat in town outskirts, but one particular spot I suggest for Wolf Meat, is a small walk out of Velia, and it’s named Ehwaz Hill.

Wolf Meat Farming in Ehwaz Hill, Black Desert Online

Wolf Meat Farming in Ehwaz Hill, Black Desert Online

If you are situated in Heidel (and I suggest you do if you’re cooking a lot and you are a new player), life is even easier, with foxes just outside the town on the left.

Make sure you have a Butcher Knife on you (can get it from any Material Vendor) before you venture out for meat farming.

5. Fish Farming

Some people hate AFK Simulat.. I mean Black Desert, due to how you can progress while being AFK, and how that makes you never want to log out.

Hate it (I did at first) or love it (I do now), if you want to run around with 5 pets, and keep them well-fed, then AFK fishing is the way to go, and it will make the process of crafting good feed that much simpler.

You can still active fish, just beware that it takes time, and especially if you don’t have any + Fishing (from clothes, food, rod, guild etc.) or some bait, it’s going to take a lot of time to catch a single fish (and not to mention if you are not good in the mini-game you might even lose some catches).

On to AFK Fishing! What you have to do is very simple.

Just equip your rod, and visit a nice fishing spot (if you see a lot of people fish there, then it’s a good spot). I suggest you go by the Velia or Heidel docks, depending on where you have set up your residence.

AFK Fishing in Black Desert Online

AFK Fishing in Black Desert Online

Equip your fishing rod, then go near the water, and press Space to start fishing when you see the popup.

Then simply check the box “Throw away useless items caught during auto fishing“. This is the only thing you need to do in order to auto-fish, just leave your player there, and he will do the rest.

Once you’re done, you will want to dry the fish, in order to cook Good Feed. You can use fresh fish as well, but keep in mind that fresh fish expire after 24 hours, and you never know if you’ll get to cook them on time. Better be safe than sorry, and dry them all, there’s nothing you lose, and there’s nothing you gain by cooking with fresh fish. So dry them!

Open the processing tab (L key), and choose Drying. All your inventory fish will light up, indicating you can dry them. Right click on the fish, check the box to process all similar items, and let your character do the work. Remember that you have to repeat the process for every different type of fish you caught, as you can only process similar items together.

AFK Fishing Tips

  • Have as much free inventory space as possible. (And have at least 2 empty slots on the nearby storage – else you won’t be able to dry the fish).
  • Make sure your rod durability will be enough for how long you are planning to auto-fish. tl;dr: repair your rod between every session.
  • Auto-fishing during sleep or work is a no-brainer.
  • Minimize the game to the tray! There’s no reason to eat up resources from your pc. Simply press ESC, then Disconnect, and then choose Tray. Whenever you want to come back in the game, just choose the BDO icon from your hidden tray icons.
  • Don’t forget to use the fish! After 24 hours they will expire, that means you can’t trade them anymore, and you can’t dry them anymore – the only thing you can do is delete them.

6. Buying the Last Ingredient – Mineral Water

The last thing you will need, is an ingredient you can only buy from Cooking Merchants, and it’s quite cheap.

Click the magnifying glass on the top right of your game (named NPC), and click the Cooking icon. This way, you will get an auto-path for the closest Cooking Vendor, so that you can purchase the waters.

NPC Vendor Auto-Path, Black Desert Online

NPC Vendor Auto-Path, Black Desert Online

Mineral Water is quite cheap (30 silver / piece), so you shouldn’t have any trouble with that.

At last, you’re ready to cook the Good Feed ?‍?

7. Cooking Good Feed – Putting It All Together

So to recap, you should now have:

  • A nice potato farm, which your worker can work non-stop (as long as you feed him with Beer).
  • A residence which you can use for your cooking activities.
  • Tons of Potato Flour.
  • Plenty of Meat (remember that you can only use the following for Good Feed: Deer, Fox, Rhino, Pork, Beef, Raccoon, Weasel, Bear & Wolf Meat).
  • Plenty of Dried Fish.
  • Tons of Mineral Water.

Make sure you have all the ingredients on you, and go to your residence. Place the cooking utensil in Place Mode (top center of your screen, select the utensil, then place with spacebar), and launch it by hitting R when next to it.

Good Feed Cooking for Pets, Black Desert Online

Good Feed Cooking for Pets, Black Desert Online

Then place the ingredients one-by-one:

  • 6 Meat
  • 2 Dried Fish
  • 4 Grain Flour
  • 3 Mineral Water

Once you are done, double-check the amounts, and then click on Continuous Production, and select Max Quantity. This way, you are going to set an auto-loop for cooking all your available ingredients.

However, since you will have many different meats & fish (most probably), you will need to restart the process several times, choosing the different combinations of meat and fish.

Keep in mind also, that any fish of green or better quality (blue, yellow etc.), will let you use just 1 Dried Fish in the recipe! So there is no need to spend more than you have to.

Cooking Tips

  • You can use two different types of meat in conjunction, for example 4 Weasel Meat and 2 Wolf Meat. Keep in mind though, that since there are 4 slots in the utensil, you can’t use 2 different meats and 2 different fish.
  • While cooking, you will notice many “weird” dishes being crafted along with Good Feed as well. If you hover on them, you can get information about where to exchange them, and what will you get. The most notable of them, is Dish With Poorly Prepared Ingredients, which you can trade for valuable Contribution Points!
  • You can craft Good Feed (or any recipe) by using less ingredients (for example 5 Meat), but that will work only when you are skilled enough in Cooking, so don’t even bother trying when you’re still a Beginner / Apprentice Cook.
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    What level does cooking need to be for making Good Feed?

    • Avatar photo Babalon, Mother of Abominations says:

      Hey Ada! You need to be an Apprentice 1 Cook, so I suggest making Beer for the Beginner 1-10 levels, as you’ll need it!

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