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Published on April 3, 2021    Updated on April 3, 2021
Black Desert Online

How to Get Infinite Potions in BDO (Ornette's & Odore's Spirit Essence)

Infinite potions are a part of the treasure items in BDO - a great reward, for a great grind! Our guide will hopefully make the process a bit easier.

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The infinite potions arrived on the live servers with the patch of April 22, 2020. With the aim of putting the players in a big challenge and setting them a goal that cannot be achieved with luck in a short period of time. If you get it, you don’t have to spend more on potions, and this item will be of great help to you on your further journey.

For players who have a permanent potion, it is strongly recommended to use a Fairy with an Auto-potion feature to make the player’s life even easier, so make sure to check out our BDO Fairy guide too!

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To start getting the ingredients you need, you need to have at least 210 AP, and LOTS of perseverance and determination. I can safely say that you are facing a lot of hours of grinding ahead, but in return, you will get a super rare item that not everyone has, and on top of that the whole server will see it when you finally grab it:

Are you ready for a huge challenge?

1. About the Potions

Ornette’s Spirit Essence

Odore’s Spirit Essence

Effect: HP +275 Recovery Effect: MP, WP, SP +325 Recovery
Duration: Instant Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 sec Cooldown: 6 sec
45% recovery bonus if it used when the
character is immobile


Sherekhan’s Panacea
Ron’s Tintinnabulum
Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak
Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone
Gayak’s Courage Stone

Valtarra’s Clairvoyance
Markthanan’s Gland
Narc’s Crimson Tear
Krogdalo’s Protection Stone
Night Crow’s Dawn Stone

* potions are Family bounded items.

2. Steps to obtain the Potions

Step 1: Collect relics that can be looted from defeating monsters in certain regions:

Sherekhan Necropolis Sherekhan’s Panacea
Blood Wolf Settlement Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak
Tshira Ruins Markthanan’s Gland


Tooth Fairy Forest Ron’s Tintinnabulum
Navarn Steppe Valtarra’s Clairvoyance
Manshaum Forest Narc’s Crimson Tear

To obtain the above ingredients, you must defeat monsters at the right locations. But there is only one exception, you can obtain Valtarra’s Clairvoyance by defeating and tanning Ferrica, Ferrina, Belladonna Elephant, or Baby Belladonna Elephant of Navarn Steppe.

Step 2: Visit NPC Merindora, the eldest Spirit of Kamasylvia, to gain knowledge on the spirit essences that will lead you to obtain the following relics that need to be prepared additionally:

Step 3: Once you have all necessary relics in place, arrange-and-combine them in a certain order in your Inventory (I) to get your exclusive spirit essences.

3. Grinding areas

Since these items are rare items, you can boost your chance with buffs that gave you Drop Rate. I don’t want to frustrate you, but normally your chances of getting it are about 0.005%. The following items give bonus Drop Rates: Arsha Server, Item Drop Rate Pets, Item Collection Increase Scroll (basic and advanced), GM’s Blessings, Blessing of Kamasylve, Drop rate from Knowledge, Node Investment, Guild buffs, Night-time effect, and so on.

for Sherekhan’s Panacea (HP potion)

  • Grinding spot: Sherekhan Necropolis (210 AP spot)
  • Location: Drieghan, to the left of Duvencrune
  • Monsters that can drop: Belcadas, Garud and Lateh

for Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak (HP potion)

  • Grinding spot: Blood Wolf Settlement (190 AP spot)
  • Location: Drieghan, to the right of Duvencrune
  • Monsters that can drop: Kagtum Executioner and Kagtum Guard

for Ron’s Tintinnabulum (HP potion)

  • Grinding spot: Tooth Fairy Forest (240 AP spot)
  • Location: Kamasylve, to the left of Tooth Fairy Cabin
  • Monsters that can drop: Forest Ronaros Catcher and Forest Ronaros Guardian

for Markthanan’s Gland (MP potion)

  • Grinding spot: Tshira Ruins (140 AP spot)
  • Location: Drieghan, at the right top side from Duvencrune
  • Monsters that can drop: Leaf Keeper, Vine Keeper, and Grove Keepers

for Narc’s Crimson Tear (MP potion)

  • Grinding spot: Manshaum Forest (240 AP spot)
  • Location: Kamasylve, at the right top side from Grána
  • Monsters that can drop: Manshaum Shaman

for Valtarra’s Clairvoyance (MP potion)

This part is different from the others because it is not enough to just kill the mobs to get it, you also have to interact with their corpse using a tanning knife. To obtain this piece, you must kill Ferrina, Ferrica, Belladonna Elephant, and baby Belladonna Elephant, and then press R to gather (with an equipped tanning knife) their corpses. This also entails that you don’t need a Drop Rate bonus for this part, but the Tanning life skill mastery can add an extra rate for you. Navarn Steppe is a required 210 AP spot at Kamasylve, to the left of Old Wisdom Tree. If you do not have a high level of lifeskill gear, use Magic Tanning Knife.

4. Exchangeable Relics

To obtain the other ingredients for the potion except for the grinding ingredients, first of all, you must visit Merindora at Grána to obtain knowledge from her. Complete the Ornette’s Spirit Essence and Odore’s Spirit Essence quests which will give you the knowledge required for the exchanges.


for Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone (HP potion)

NPC: Moyamo
Required items:  x300 Peridot Leaf
Required knowledge: Ornette’s Spirit Essence from Merindora


for Gayak’s Courage Stone (HP potion)

NPC: Camira
Required items: x30 Garmoth’s Scales
Required knowledge: Ornette’s Spirit Essence from Merindora


for Night Crow’s Dawn Stone (MP potion)

NPC: Ominous Altar
Required items: x100 Dragon Scale Fossils
Required knowledge: Odore’s Spirit Essence from Merindora


for Krogdalo’s Protection Stone (MP potion)

NPC: Krogdalo’s Trace
Required items: x100 Rumbling Earth Shard
Required knowledge: Odore’s Spirit Essence from Merindora


Do you have your own story about getting these potions? Write us in the comment section below, we are wondering how long it took you to get them.


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