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Published on September 2, 2018    Updated on July 28, 2020
Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online - How to Obtain Max Weight Limit 3.540LT!

Weight limit can be a real burden in BDO, so after tons of research, we're bringing you the ultimate guide on how to acquire the max possible weight for your character!

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Weight Limit is one of the things in Black Desert Online, that you will quickly realize you need more of. It’s a great mechanic, and I was glad to see an MMO implementing weight on items, bringing the world to more realism, and making decisions have more impact (whether for good or bad).

Another thing that goes to show how well-thought BDO’s mechanics are, is that inventory size (the actual number of slots you have) is way less important than the weight you can carry.

Since you are using so many different town storages, there’s no real need to carry a bunch of different items. But the amount you can carry from certain items, is going to be a great limiting factor whether you’re grinding, lifeskilling or trying to make money faster in any way.

So weight limit, is directly connected with your money-making ability in BDO.

How To Increase Your Weight Limit

There are various methods to increase your character’s weight limit, some need time, grind, or even real money to acquire.

Also, depending on the reasons you need more weight, you will have to adjust your choices (for example if you are looking to grind mobs longer, it doesn’t make sense to use inferior gear that’s mostly focused on increasing your weight).

Let’s break down all the different methods below:

Increase Weight Limit with Gear

We will start with the most complex part, all the armor, accessories and clothes you can wear in order to advance your weight limit.

Silver Embroidered Trader’s Clothes

There are various lifeskill clothes for different purposes, and they are created through a Costume Mill, by processed fabrics, and rare traces from monsters.

Your best bet will be to invest a few million, and buy enough from the market, in order to create a +2 at least.

If you are going for pure Weight Limit, and you don’t care about the grinding, then the Trader’s clothes are by far a better option than an armor set with weight limit.

Item Movement Speed Weight Limit Trading XP
Silver Embroidered Trader’s Clothes +1 +100LT
Silver Embroidered Trader’s Clothes +1 +1 +150LT +10%
Silver Embroidered Trader’s Clothes +2 +2 +200LT +15%
Silver Embroidered Trader’s Clothes +3 +2 +250LT +20%
Silver Embroidered Trader’s Clothes +4 +3 +300LT +25%
Silver Embroidered Trader’s Clothes +5 +4 +400LT +40%

As you can see, the PEN version of the Trader’s Clothes awards a whooping +400LT! However, it’s worth noting that not a single one has been sold through the marketplace on EU up to date (02/09/2018).

Armor that Increases Weight Limit

When it comes to armor and weight limit, your options are limited:

Item Item Effect
Zereth Armor HP Recovery +5
Weight Limit +50LT
Hercules’ Might Set 2-Set Effect
Weight Limit +150LT
3-Set Effect 
Weight Limit +50LT

So what you can do, is combine the Zereth Armor along with 3 items from the Hercules’ Might set (helmet, gloves & shoes), for a total of +250LT.

This is quite good actually, since you will be able to grind at the same time, and in order to top the limit with Trader’s Clothes, you need TET, which is quite hard to get (around 5 tries with 50 failstacks).

Accessories that Increase Weight Limit

Accessories provide a cheap way to increase your weight, and they can be quite helpful with your alt characters that need a boost.

Treant Spirit’s Whisper Accessory Set

This is an easy to farm PvE set (meaning you can’t buy it on the marketplace), that will award you with +100LT for the 5-Set Effect.

It’s a viable option, and the AP it provides is not bad if you’re still a low-level. You want to stay away from the belt, as you will see below most belts in BDO provide weight limit, and it is quite high.

You can get Treant Spirit’s Whisper in:

  • Treant Forest – Necklace
  • Mansha Forest – Rings
  • Lake Kaia (Catfishman) – Earrings

You can also buy all of the items from the Armor Vendor in Calpheon.

Belts that Increase Weight Limit

Most belts in BDO provide a weight limit increase, and the table below is by no means extensive. It’s what you want to know though, as these are the top choices regarding weight limit.

Rhutum Elite Belt +60LT +70LT +80LT +90LT +100LT +110LT
Rhutum Belt +60LT +70LT +80LT +90LT +100LT +120LT
Belt of Shultz the Gladiator +60LT +70LT +80LT +90LT +100LT +110LT
Basilisk’s Belt +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT
Centaurus Belt +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT
Manos Blue Coral Belt +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT +80LT
Asula’s Crimson Eye Belt +100LT +100LT +100LT +100LT +100LT +100LT
Manos Golden Coral Belt +100LT +200LT +300LT +400LT +500LT +600LT

Asula’s is the best choice for starting out, since you can farm it (you can’t buy it on the marketplace) and it provides you with +100LT.
Another viable choice if you’re in a hurry, is Rhutum Elite Belt, since it’s very cheap and easy to find on the marketplace, providing you with +60LT.

Last but not least, the king of weight limit in BDO, Manos Golden Coral Belt. This baby starts at +100LT, and can reach an impressive +600LT at PEN enhancement level (though that will COST).

Magic Crystals that Increase Weight Limit

If you’re going the “armor / grindy” way, then magic crystals can greatly help you raise your max weight limit.

Armor Slot Magic Crystal Item Effects Min. Silver Cost
Chest Ancient Magic Crystal – Cobelinus Max HP +100
Weight Limit +20LT
Chest Black Magic Crystal – Cobelinus Max HP +100
Weight Limit +20LT
All Damage Reduction +2
Chest WON Magic Crystal – Cobelinus Max HP +100
Weight Limit +50LT
All Damage Reduction +3
Chest BON Magic Crystal – Cobelinus Max HP +150
Weight Limit +20LT
All Damage Reduction +3
Chest JIN Magic Crystal – Cobelinus Max HP +100
Weight Limit +20LT
All Damage Reduction +5
Gloves Magic Crystal of the Sun – Boulder Weight Limit +10LT 28.000
Gloves Magic Crystal of Infinity – Strength Weight Limit +15LT 300.000
Shoes Ancient Magic Crystal – Hystria Weight Limit +20LT
Movement Speed +1
Shoes Black Magic Crystal – Hystria Weight Limit +20LT
Movement Speed +1
Max Stamina +150
Shoes WON Magic Crystal – Hystria Weight Limit +20LT
Movement Speed +2
Max Stamina +150
Shoes BON Magic Crystal – Hystria Weight Limit +50LT
Movement Speed +1
Max Stamina +150
Shoes JIN Magic Crystal – Hystria Weight Limit +30LT
Movement Speed +1
Max Stamina +175

The hard-to-get WON / BON / JIN crystals can give you an immense weight limit increase, as well as many more helpful combat stats. The other cheaper solutions, work great for a quick gain as well.

Alchemy Stones of Life

Concluding the gear section, we have a quite rare and expensive item, alchemy stones!

The ones we are looking after, are the alchemy stones of life (the green ones), and it will be quite hard to get a good level / grade one on your hands.

You will notice that all the Green grade and above stones include the weight limit buff, so that makes it a bit easier if it’s the only thing you’re after. Below you can see all their stats:

  • Imperfect Alchemy Stone of Life – +15LT
  • Rough Alchemy Stone of Life – +30LT
  • Polished Alchemy Stone of Life – +45LT
  • Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Life – +60LT
  • Sharp Alchemy Stone of Life – +75LT
  • Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Life – +90LT
  • Splendid Alchemy Stone of Life – +105LT
  • Shining Alchemy Stone of Life – +120LT

Increase Weight Limit with Food

Obviously, there are food items that can help you raise your weight limit as well, although temporarily.

These work great for Semi-AFK Processing, since you can passively boost your character’s Health level as well.

Item Item Effects Duration
Seafood Mushroom Salad Weight Limit +20LT 30 min
Special Seafood Mushroom Salad Weight Limit +30LT 45 min
Meat Pasta Weight Limit +40LT 60 min
Spaghetti Alla Bolognese Weight Limit +40LT 75 min
Prawn Salad Weight Limit +40LT
Knockback / Floating Resistance +10%
60 min
Sweet and Sour Prawn Salad Weight Limit +40LT
Knockback / Floating Resistance +10%
75 min
Honeycomb Cookie Weight Limit +50LT
Fishing Speed +1
90 min
Crispy Honeycomb Cookie Weight Limit +50LT
Fishing Speed +1
110 min
Margoria Seafood Meal Weight Limit +50LT
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit Rate +2
Max HP +100
90 min

View all Weight Limit Increase recipes in Black Desert Online Database

Increase Weight Limit by Leveling your Character

Every time you gain a combat level, you are awarded some extra weight limit (between +2LT – +4LT per level) in order to compensate for the increasing weight of your gear.

While of course it’s not a viable option to increase your weight per se, it’s worth knowing the fact!

There is also still some confusion on whether different classes have different base weight limits, or whether the base weight limit by itself is an RNG number.

You can read more on this discussion [bdo forums] where one user listed 13 of his 56 level characters (subtracting any bonus LT of course), and came up with a +60LT difference on the min / max! (lowest was Kuno with 496LT and highest the Zerker with 550LT)

Increase Weight Limit by Leveling Strength

Your character has 3 different fitness stats that he can level. These are:

  • Breath – Increases Stamina – Level by walking / running
  • Strength – Increases Weight Limit – Level by carrying trade packs
  • Health – Increases Max HP – Level by consuming food

The soft cap is Level 30, and the hard cap Level 60.

You can easily get to Level 20 by getting a trade item from a trade manager, and running in an auto-loop inside a safe zone. That will get you +29LT.

Other Strength Level milestones:

  • Level 6 – +10LT
  • Level 12 – +20LT
  • Level 21 – +30LT
  • Level 30 – +40LT
Data & full graph by Jumanji [bdo forums]

However, I suggest you do the same by actually trading the items to other managers, so you can make some money and level your Trading lifeskill in the process. Trading is a great money-maker in the end-game, so you won’t regret leveling it.

Just for reference, there is a guild consumable, Sour Green Grape Juice, which “greatly” increases Strength XP gain.

There are also other consumables which you can use to raise Strength XP (30 min cooldown), like Seaweed from underwater gathering, or Spirit Essence of Earth.

Increase Weight Limit with Loyalty Points

Buy Weight Limit Increase +50LT with Loyalty Points

Buy Weight Limit Increase +50LT with Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are an in-game currency, which you can only get awarded for playing the game.

You get 100 each day, and then you will also gain some for reaching some milestones (total hours / days played).

These will let you unlock some items on the Pearl Store, out of which most are trash.

Actually, the weight limit upgrades are by far the best value / money you can get for your loyalties, with the only negative factor that these upgrades are character-bound.

There is also a limit, so the maximum amount you can buy per character, is 4 Weight Limit +50LT upgrades. Each one costs 3.500 loyalties, so that amounts to 14.000 loyalties (140 days) to get them all, and a total of +200LT for your character.

Increase Weight Limit with Pearls

Similar to loyalties, you can buy Weight Limit Increase with pearls too (the in-game currency you get for real money).

Weight Limit Increase Item

Buy Weight Limit Increase with Pearls

Buy Weight Limit Increase with Pearls

This is what you can get (each item is limited to 1 per character):

Pearl Item Pearl Cost Pearls / 1LT
Weight Limit Increase (50LT) 600 12
Weight Limit Increase (100LT) 1.000 10
Weight Limit Increase (150LT) 1.350 9
Weight Limit Increase (200LT) 1.700 8,5
[Event] Weight Limit Increase (250LT) 2.400 9,6
[Event] Weight Limit Increase (300LT) 2.800 9,3

So the total amount of weight you can get for real money is 500LT per character, which is going to cost you 4.650 pearls (46,50€ or 40,43€ if you’re buying the 10.000 + 1.500 pearls deal).

You should also note, that on special occasions there is an [Event] Weight Limit Increase (250LT) on sale for 2.400 pearls (9,6 pearls / 1LT), so it’s definitely worth getting, even though the Pearls / LT ratio is bad. The same applies to the 300LT version.

Caution! If you are thinking on investing on the Polar Bear pet below, keep in mind that the [Event] Kina’s Adventurer Pack item (Travel Aid category on Pearl Store), is limited to 1 per character, and that character can’t buy it, if you have already purchased a +100LT Weight Limit Increase on him.

Polar Bear Pet

Get Weight Limit Increase with the Polar Bear pet

Get Weight Limit Increase with the Polar Bear pet

The polar bear is one of the BDO pet species, and along with auto-fishing time reduction (doesn’t stack) it can award you with +LT (stacks!).

  • Polar Bear Tier 1 – +20LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 2 – +30LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 3 – +40LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 4 – +50LT

So in essence, you could theoretically (well, and practically if you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars) achieve +250LT by having 5 Tier 4 Polar Bears (well, now that I think about it make that a few thousand dollars).

If you are considering to invest on polar bears, I want to warn you again, that the auto-fishing time reduction doesn’t stack. That means it stays the same no matter how many polar bears you have (its tier will increase it though, so 1 T4 polar bear is max for fishing time).

You can get polar bears by using BDO’s referral system (no Steam players unfortunately), which lets you buy the game for a friend (ehm, or your other pc), and when he gets to 30 level, you will be able to choose from a) Hedgehog pet b) Polar Bear pet or c) 1.000 pearls as a reward. You can do this a maximum of 10 times.
Personally, I suggest you go for Hedgehogs, since it’s the most OP pet in the game (for gatherers), and it’s quite rare to show up in the store with other means. Polar Bears in contrast, can be acquired from the store with some bundles, and also show up in some special occasions (that’s where Steam players get their chance).

Value Pack (BDO Subscription)

Get Weight Limit Increase by using a Value Pack

Get Weight Limit Increase by using a Value Pack

Another way you can increase your weight limit by using pearls, is obtaining the Value Pack.

That’s the game’s subscription in essence, which will cost you 1.500 pearls, and award you with +200LT for 30 days, along with 16 inventory slots, 16 slots for all storages, combat / skill / life / horse XP +10%, 30% bonus to marketplace sales, unlimited use of character appearance change, and the ability to remotely invest in nodes.

Final Weight Limit – 3.540LT+!

The obvious conclusion from the guide, is that it’s a huge waste of money if you want to reach the MAX weight limit for your character. Both in-game, and irl-money.

But at the same time, it’s not that hard to gain even +1000LT, by choosing what works best for you from the guide.

We’ll close this guide, with a reference table that makes it easier to help you make your choices:

Method Min. Silver Cost Pearl Cost Weight Limit
Base Character Weight Limit 250LT (?)
Gear – Zereth Armor 100.000 +50LT
Gear – Hercules’ Might Set (3-Set Effect) 300.000 +200LT
Gear – 1 x WON Magic Crystal – Cobelinus 22.000.000 +50LT
Gear – 2 x BON Magic Crystal – Hystria 44.000.000 +100LT
Gear – 2 x Magic Crystal of Infinity – Strength 600.000 +30LT
Gear – Treant Spirit’s Whisper Accessory Set +100LT
Gear – Shining Alchemy Stone of Life (?) +120LT
Gear – Manos Golden Coral Belt +600LT
Food – Margoria Seafood Meal 100.000 +50LT
XP – Combat Level 60 +250LT (?)
XP – Strength Level 30 +40LT
Loyalty Points – 4 x Weight Limit +50LT 14.000 Loyalties +200LT
Pearls – All Weight Limit Increase Items 7.050 +1.050LT
Pearls – 5 x T4 Polar Bear pets ???.??? +250LT
Pearls – Value Pack subscription 1.500 / month +200LT
Max Weight Limit 3.540LT+
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