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Black Desert Online - Pavino Greko's Collection Adventure Log Guide

To start doing the tasks from Pavino Grecko’s Collection, you need to be Level 60+ and complete the [Adventure Log] Reading Season quest. If you fulfill any of these requirements, just talk with Black Spirit, and accept the Adventure Log: Reading Season quest, from Quest > Main.

If you complete this book, you will get a total of  +600 HP buff for your whole family. But it also comes at a price: you need 1.5 billion of Silver and some developed jewelry to complete it.

It follows that it is not certain that the time has come to complete this book, I suggest you do it when you are already done with the other important books and have enough excess money for it. However, if you are a beginner, I would rather suggest other logs: Agris Fever, Alustin’s Alchemy Journal, Caphras’ Record, or Fughar’s Times of Success.

The books will certainly take a few hours to complete. I have gathered the most important information and requirements to make your job as easy as possible and as fast as possible.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

So as I mentioned above, you must accept [Adventure Log] Reading Season quest from the Black Spirit. This first quest sends us straight to the protagonist of the book, NPC Pavino Greko in Port Epheria. After you talk to him, two acceptable quests appear at the NPC: Adventure Log: Pyresh’s Formula & Seeking Darkness. These two quests unlock the first two books of the log, you must hand over x10 Gold Bar 1,000G once and x5 Gold Bar 1,000G for the second. This is the price of starting the books, so you will have to complete both quests. The gold bars are not returned at the end of the log.

Required item: Gold Bar 1,000G. Purchasable from Pavino Greko’s Currency Exchange for 100,000,000 Silver.

Pavino Greko’s Collection: Book 1

The purpose of the entire first book is to kill bosses from the Dark Rift. Whom you must kill: Red Nose, Muskan, Bree Tree Ruins Guard, Dim Tree Spirit, Ferrid and Ronin. You don’t have to go through the chapters one after the other. If every rift boss is available to spawn, it will take a maximum of 1 hour to complete the book.

Pavino Greko’s Collection – 1st Book Rewards:

  • + 200 HP in total
  • which is composed as follows: +30 for Red Nose, +30 for Muskan, +30 for Bree Tree Ruins Guard, +30 for Dim Tree Spirit, +40 for Ferrid, +40 for Ronin

Pavino Greko’s Collection: Book 2

In the second book, you have to figure out ten riddles. The process of doing this is to go to the places where the pictures were taken for each chapter, where (at best) we find an object (Trace of Pyresh) that gives a quest. The quest includes the question that we need to answer in General Chat. If we have given a good solution, the quest has been completed, and our chapter is ready. The whole book is about traveling and speaking with objects, with a fast horse approx. it can be prepared in 1 hour, or with a slower in approx 2 hours.And unfortunately, you have to go through the chapters in line.

Pavino Greko’s Collection – 2nd Book Rewards:

  • + 100 HP in total
  • The first four chapters give +5 HP, the last +30 HP, and all the others +10 HP.

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 1


Object location: Calpheon Library Tower
Fast Method: Navigate to the Calpheon Library Tower (or quite simply to NPC Vitheons Belucci), and go up the stairs to the top of the tower. As you ascend the stairs, go immediately to the opposite window, look down, and jump down to the low roof there.

Answer: 122131417191

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 2

Object location: At Balenos Mountain, Northwest from Karanda’s Nest
Fast Method: Navigate to Karanda’s Nest, and then jump northwest from the nest and continue straight on the ridge. After some walking you will find the next Pyresh object in the hilly part.

Answer: 6

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 3

Object location: behind Marie Cave’s Node Manager, NPC Ribley in a cave
Fast Method: Navigate to Marie Cave’s Node Manager, NPC Ribley. If you are facing the NPC, you will find a cave entrance behind it. Go straight through the cave, but before the road turns left, turn to the protruding rock, here you will find the Trace of Pyresh, the object that starts the quest.

Answer: .+.

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 4

Object location: on a hill from Splashing Point to Southeast
Fast Method: Set autopath to NPC Cobrio, Splashing Point’s Fisher. From there to Southeast, after the water you can see a larger hill. On this hill is the object that gives the quest, so swim into this island.

Answer: 11

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 5

Object location: in the back of Mediah Castle, in a window
Fast Method: Set autopath to Mediah Castle. When you arrive, set up an autopath for the back room of the castle (shown in the second picture). Here is the object that starts the quest.

Answer: 45

From here, the remaining 5 chapters are already in the desert, so if you feel you need it, buy a compass now.

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 6

Object location: on the rock behind the Barthan Gateway node
Fast Method: Set autopath to Barhan Gateway node. We have to get to the top of the rock behind it, but we can’t climb on it from here, we have to start from Capotia, as if we were going to grind at nagas. Since this is already an area of the desert, there is no minimap available in some places, but this should not disturb you, go up the hill as I marked in the picture (above at the 2nd), turn left and go to the corner of the cliff. Here you will find the Trace of Pyresh, the object that starts the quest.

Answer: 4198

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 7

Object location:On the northwest side of Ibellab Oasis
Fast Method: Head from Sand Grain Bazaar to Ibellab Oasis. When you arrive, the object will be on the left side of the oasis.

Answer: 11

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 8

Object location: on a cliff not far from Gavinya’s Great Crater Node Manager
Fast Method: Depart from Ibellab Oasis to Ancado Inner Harbor. From here you can now use autopath, so configure it to lead you to the Gravinya Great Crater node. If you’re at the node manager, start along the water and then turn right on the road. There will be the Pyresh on the second cliff, but I will also show this in the pictures above.

Answer: 67

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 9

Object location: Inside the node Rakshan Observatory building
Fast Method: Set an autopath from Gavinya Great Crater next to the Rakshan Observatory node. Go up to the node manager and there will be a building next to it. Inside this is the object that gives the quest.

Answer: 68

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 10

Object location:at the foot of Arehaza Tower (in the city of Arehaza)
Fast Method: When you are near Arehaza, set up autopath for Trade Manager NPC Surondula. From here you can already see the tower, go to it and you will find the object at its foot that will start the quest.

Answer: 0

Pavino Greko’s Collection: Book 3

The third book will be given to you by Pavino Greko, but only if you are ready with Rubin’s Herald Book 3, and Bartali’s Adventure Log Chapter 6. In this book you no longer have to give answers in the chat, you just have to visit certain places, but a good deal of it.

Pavino Greko’s Collection – 3rd Book Rewards:

  • + 200 HP in total

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 1

Object location: at the highest point of the Calpheon Tower
Fast Method:
Set an autopath to the Calpheon Tower, and climb to the highest point of the tower. In the pictures you will find all the necessary instructions about how to get to the top of the tower.

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 2

Object location: in a garden not far from Valks
Fast Method: Set autopath to Valks in Calpheon, because our target NPC is not far from him. To the right of Valks is a road down to a beautiful garden area. Go there and you will see an Artist NPC at the end of the garden. You need to talk to him.

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 3

Goal: Obtain all knowledge in the Exploration category
Tips: You can find this category at the (H) Knowledge window > Academics > Exploration I. In the gallery above I will show you all the ways to acquire the knowledge here. These knowledge are Exploration Points that are scattered throughout the world in BDO. A blue animation indicates their location, and only a few locations are exceptions to this, because there will be places where quests must also be completed.

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 4

Target: visit Florin’s Stable Keeper (NPC Herar) within 2 minutes
Fast Method: From NPC Rubin (at Calpheon City) pick up this timed quest, and set up the autopath for NPC Herar in Florin. Keep in mind that after using the Chat option with the NPC, hurry back because you will also need to get back to Rubin within the time frame! A fast horse is essential for the task.

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 5

Target: visit Norma Leight at Norhern Wheat Plantation
Fast Method: Simply visit her and select the Chat option with her.

Pavino Greko’s Collection: Book 4

There are no complicated tasks in the last book, only one task: to hand over different jewelry to Heidel’s Jeweler. However, chapters can only be created in sequence, and not all jewelry can be accessed exclusively from Central Market.

The fourth book can be obtained from Pavino Greko once we have completed the previous chapters and accept the ‘Adventure Log: More Beautiful Than Jewels’ quest.

Pavino Greko’s Collection – 4th Book Rewards:

  • + 100 HP in total

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 1

Goal: Hand over DUO: Rainbow Coral Ring to Dora Fonti

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 2

Goal: Hand over DUO: Tree Spirit Belt to Dora Fonti

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 3

Goal: Hand over DUO: Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator to Dora Fonti

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 4

Goal: Hand over TRI: Blue Coral Earring to Dora Fonti

Pavino Greko’s Collection Chapter 5

Goal: Hand over DUO: Ring of Cadry Guardian and DUO: Orkinrad’s Belt to Dora Fonti

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