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Published on August 14, 2018    Updated on October 11, 2020
Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online - Processing Guide - Level 1-100 & XP / Process

We are breaking down the processing XP you get from each different craft / material, and how many of these you'll need to level up from Beginner to Guru.

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Processing is one of the most popular AFK money-makers in BDO, and with good reason. It’s certainly more exciting than AFK fishing, and if you get a good understanding of the market and the resource cycles (what’s needed to craft what, from whom and why), you can make quite a few millions / hour.

Like the rest of the Lifeskills in Black Desert, processing is split into 7 ranks / 130 levels:

  • Beginner Processing 1-10 (Level 1-10)
  • Apprentice Processing 1-10 (Level 11-20)
  • Skilled Processing 1-10 (Level 21-30)
  • Professional Processing 1-10 (Level 31-40)
  • Artisan Processing 1-10 (Level 41-50)
  • Master Processing 1-30 (Level 51-80)
  • Guru Processing 1-50 (Level 81-130)

The higher your Processing skill, the more processed materials you will get from each successful process. On average, you get around 2.5 / craft on Artisan 2.

Processing XP / Action

In the table below, you can see the Processing XP each processing action gives you. Feel free to sort based on the action or the XP amount.

wdt_ID Processing Method Process Item XP Per Craft
1 Shaking Forest Emerald 2.000
2 Shaking Gold Topaz 2.000
3 Shaking Ocean Sapphire 2.000
4 Shaking Blood Ruby 2.000
5 Shaking Star Diamond 2.000
6 Heating Pure Silver Crystal 1.500
7 Heating Pure Platinum Crystal 1.500
8 Heating Pure Gold Crystal 1.500
9 Heating Sturdy Maple Plywood 1.000
10 Grinding Resplendent Ruby 1.000
Processing Method
Data by incendar.com

As you can tell there is a variety of ways you can achieve high-XP crafts, so the key will be to identify which of these items can net you a good profit as well.

Processing Level 1-100 XP Requirements

Onward, we have one more table of data, this time estimating the total number of crafts you will need to reach each rank of Processing.

Keep in mind also that (assuming a 100% processing success rate, just for getting a rough number):

  • 1 Craft takes 10 seconds
  • 1.000 Crafts take 166 minutes
  • 5.000 Crafts take 14 hours
  • 25.000 Crafts take 3 days
  • 100.000 Crafts take 11.5 days
  • and so on..
wdt_ID Level Rank XP 2K XP Crafts 2K XP Hours 1K XP Crafts 1K XP Hours 500 XP Crafts 500 XP Hours
1 1 Beginner 1 400 0 0,00 0 0,00 1 0,00
2 2 Beginner 2 600 0 0,00 1 0,00 1 0,00
3 3 Beginner 3 1.200 1 0,00 1 0,00 2 0,01
4 4 Beginner 4 1.900 1 0,00 2 0,01 4 0,01
5 5 Beginner 5 2.900 1 0,00 3 0,01 6 0,02
6 6 Beginner 6 4.000 2 0,01 4 0,01 8 0,02
7 7 Beginner 7 5.400 3 0,01 5 0,02 11 0,03
8 8 Beginner 8 6.900 3 0,01 7 0,02 14 0,04
9 9 Beginner 9 8.600 4 0,01 9 0,02 17 0,05
10 10 Beginner 10 10.600 5 0,01 11 0,03 21 0,06
∑ = 42.500
XP Data by Guru Cook on reddit.com

2K Crafts, stands for how many crafts of 2.000 XP each you will need to attain the level, while 2K Time stands for how many hours these crafts will take (assuming 100% success rate as well).

  • You need 1.803.099.200 (or 1.8 billion) XP to level Processing from Beginner 1 to Guru 20.
  • That will take you 901.559 crafts that award 2.000 XP (for example Shaking a Forest Emerald), which translate to 2.504 hours = 104 days.
  • Similarly, while processing a more “commercial” resource like Grinding Wool (1.000 XP), will take you 1.803.108 crafts, which translate to 5.008 hours = 208 days.

Using Buffs to Level Processing Faster

All the values above are “raw”, meaning no extra Life XP has been calculated. There are many way you can gain more Life XP though, so let’s break down each item, and calculate the total time you can save.

Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes

These are the main lifeskill clothes for Processing, and you are advised to get at least +2 on them, since it’s quite cheap (10-20 million silver) to make it.

PEN is a dream, and even a TRI is going to cost you more than 100 million probably.

Item Movement Speed Processing XP Processing Success Rate
Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes +1 +5% +6%
Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes +1 +1 +10% +12%
Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes +2 +2 +15% +16%
Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes +3 +2 +20% +22%
Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes +4 +3 +25% +28%
Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes +5 +4 +40% +40%

Craftsman’s Clothes (Costume)

You can get these clothes as a reward for reaching Professional level in Processing, and also buy them from any Luxury Vendor for 1.500.000 Silver. They provide you with +10% Processing XP.

You can’t use these at the same time with Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes, unless you buy a p2w coupon from the Pearl Store. You will find it in the Function -> Misc category, it’s named Equipment Tailoring Coupon and it costs 1.500 pearls (1.000 on discount usually).

This way, you can turn the Craftsman’s Clothes into an outfit, which you can equip at the same time with your Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes, adding 10% XP to your Processing leveling.

Seafood Cron Meal

A recipe that’s very demanding to make, as well as expensive and rare to buy.

It’s the king of lifeskill foods however, since it provides:

  • Cooking / Alchemy Time -0.6sec
  • Life XP +10%
  • Processing Success Rate +10%
  • Gathering +2
  • Movement Speed +2
  • Fishing +2
  • Weight Limit +50LT

Seafood Cron Meal Recipe

Sute Tea (Food)

This is the best alternative food item for any lifeskill you raise, since it provides you with 8% Life XP for 90 minutes (or 110 minutes for the yellow version, Healthy Sute Tea), and is quite cheap, and very easy to buy on the market.

There is a 30 minute cooldown for using another food item, so you can efficiently stack 1 or 2 more food buffs for a smaller duration, depending on the Sute Tea version you use.

There are 2 more alternatives, Whale Meat Salad which gives 10% Life XP, but is really impossible to find on the market, and Assorted Side Dishes which provide 5% Life XP.

Sute Tea Recipe

Couscous (Food)

Couscous provides you with 5% Processing Success Rate for 90 minutes (or 110 minutes if you are using the yellow version, Classic Couscous).

The recipe is kinda special to make since it uses quite a lot of resources which are only found in the Great Desert of Valencia.However you can usually find some in stock in the Marketplace, so make sure to stock up enough for your needs.

As a “cheaper” alternative, you can use Pistachio Fried Rice, which provides you with 3% Processing Success Rate.

Couscous Recipe

Elixir of Flowing Time (Elixir)

As far as Alchemy is concerned, the best elixir for Life XP is Elixir of Flowing Time, providing you with 15% Life XP for 8 minutes.

You can also use the weaker, and way cheaper version, Elixir of Time, which will give you 10% Life XP for 5 minutes.

There is also an OP elixir called Perfume of Swiftness, that provides 20% Life XP for 20 minutes, but again it’s very hard to product it or find it available on the market.

Elixir of Time Recipe

Value Pack

The Value Pack is BDO’s form of monthly subscription. It costs 1.500 pearls, and along with the rest of the buffs, it provides you with +10% Life XP.

Venecil Dress / Karki Suit

This is the “processor’s outfit” in BDO, and it will let you process resources from your storage. That means you will not need to carry on you the raw material, essentially doubling the time you can AFK process, and it’s going to cost you 2.200 pearls.

It’s worth noting, that as far as Processing Leveling is concerned, it won’t help you level faster. Using the Craftsman’s Clothes Costume is a better alternative for that reason, since 10% XP is way faster than 3% Success Rate. However, in real life scenarios you might be better off with a Venecil / Karki, since it will let you easily afk process for 2-3 hours.

Weight Limit is a huge factor in AFK processing, so check out our other guide on how to obtain max weight on your character.


This is the most P2W way to raise your Life XP gain, and if you want some serious gains, you’ll have to pay some serious money.

I won’t delve into details, but the max Processing XP you can get from pets, in a kinda utopian / whale scenario is this:

  • 5 T4 Pets with Life XP Talent = +20% Life XP
  • 5 Pets with Processing Skill = +15% Processing XP

Final Buffs – 125% Life XP & 60% Processing Success

If we calculate the “best-case” scenario based on the maximum buff amount (and not money efficiency of course), we got:

  • Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes +5 – +40% Processing XP + +40% Processing Success Rate
  • Craftsman’s Clothes Outfit – +10% Processing XP (costs 1.500 pearls)
  • Seafood Cron Meal / Whale Meat Salad – +10% Life XP
  • Couscous – +5% Processing Success Rate
  • Perfume of Swiftness – +20% Life XP
  • Value Pack – +10% Life XP
  • 5 T4 Pets w/ Processing Skill & Life XP Talent – +20% Life XP & +15% Processing XP

This way we end up with +65% Processing XP, +60% Life XP & +60% Processing Success Rate.

We didn’t count the failed attempts in the XP tables of this guide, since it’s very hard  to calculate them, so we still won’t use these numbers below.

So roughly, instead of 901.559 2K XP Crafts (or 104 days) to go from Beginner 1 to Guru 20, having 125% extra XP will get you there in around 338.084 Crafts (or 39 days).

Since I know you are curious about the P2W factor here, if we withdraw the Value Pack & Pets from the above calculation, we end up with +80% Life XP (Life XP & Processing XP combined), therefore 721.247 2K XP Crafts (or 83 days).

So the roughly measurable P2W factor is 44 days of AFK Processing.

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