Published on February 15, 2020
Updated on August 27, 2022

Black Desert Online - Valentine's Day Adventure Log Guide

Black Desert has made a wise choice with developing the Adventure Logs part of the game. It’s not the best questing experience – like the rest of BDO – but at least the rewards are great, and usually offer account-wide benefits.

After the Halloween Log, we now get the Valentine’s Day Adventure Log, which sadly doesn’t offer any account-wide benefits, but it does offer a great amount of Silver in the form of enhancing materials!

If you want to complete it as fast as possible, then get to Velia, having these items in your inventory:

And these are the final rewards from all 9 quests:

In order to easily find all the NPCs mentioned, just click the magnifying glass icon next to your minimap, and type the NPC’s name in the search field!

Step 1 – Rumors in Velia

Step 1 – Check under the tree, opposite from the Blacksmith of Velia.

Goal: Find the note Reubens hid
Reward: 5 x Black Stone (Armor)

The 1st step is very easy, as you will find Reuben’s hidden note under the apple tree, just opposite from Tranan Underfoe, Velia’s beloved Blacksmith.

Step 2 – The Client

Step 2- Talk with the “hooded” NPC opposite from Alustin the Alchemist of Velia.

Goal: Listen to the people at Lunar Halo Inn and find the client
Reward: 3 x Hard Black Crystal Shard

The description will easily lead you to Alustin the Alchemist‘s position, and you will need to talk with the “hooded” man just opposite from him.

Step 3 – The Woman Who Stole His Heart

Step 3 – Speak with Marsella, the Jewel Vendor of Velia.

Goal: Find the woman who stole the client’s heart in Velia
Reward: 3 x Sharp Black Crystal Shard

Following the adventure log’s indication, the woman we are looking for is a vendor “surrounded by objects that sparkle” – none other than Marsella, Velia’s Jewel Vendor.

Step 4 – A Suspicious Customer

Step 4 – Raise your Amity with Marsella, the Jewel Vendor of Velia, to 100.

Goal: Become friends with the woman
Reward: 10 x Cron Stone

This step is a bit “harder”, as you will have to raise your Amity with Marsella. Hopefully she’s a people pleaser, so you won’t have a hard time. The option to Chat with her, unlocked at 95 Amity for me.

Step 5 – Her Ideal Type

Step 5 – Chat with Marsella, the Jewel Vendor of Velia.

Goal: Find out about becoming her ideal type
Reward: 10 x Memory Fragment

Just Chat with Marsella again, and “Ask her about her ideal type”.

Step 6 – Preparing for Confession I

Step 6 – Give a Special Sunflower Seed to the Client, opposite from Alustin the Alchemist of Velia.

Goal: Bring the special seed the client wants
Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

This is going to be an irritating step, as you need to give the “Client” a Special Sunflower Seed. The easiest way is to buy it from the Central Market of course.

Special Seeds tend to be available in big amounts, since they are not as flexible as High-Quality ones for Cooking purposes. Hopefully for me, I’m a farmer, so I had 2 laying around for replanting in the future. ?

Step 7 – Preparing for Confession II

Step 7 – Give 1 [Event] Mercenary’s Seal (world / field boss drop) to the Client, opposite from Alustin the Alchemist of Velia.

Goal: Hand over [Event] Mercenary’s Seal x 1 to Tachros
Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone

Some people are going to hate this step, since you are required to bring one [Event] Mercenary’s Seal to Tachros, the Skill Instructor of Velia. To get one, you will need to defeat a World Boss / Field Boss, and it’s not a guaranteed drop (but chance is very high).

You can use this helpful timer to identify which boss is upcoming for your region.

Step 8 – Preparing for Confession III

Step 8 – Give 500 Logs to the Client, opposite from Alustin the Alchemist of Velia.

Goal: Give Log x500 to the client
Reward: 20 x Cron Stone

And this is the last “grinding” you have to do, in order to complete the Valentine’s Day Adventure.. Log! You need to grind 500 Logs, and give them to the “Client“.

If you are not the Gathering type, this might take you some time to complete, once more, I hopefully had enough in my storage – the benefits of being a lifeskiller. ?

Step 9 – Borrowing the Power of Alchemy

Step 9 – Speak with Alustin the Alchemist of Velia one last time, and receive your shiny reward!

Goal: Receiving courage from Alustin
Reward: 1 x [Event] Perfume of Courage & 1 x Fine Accessory Box II

Talk to Alustin the Alchemist one last time, and you will complete the Valentine Log here. You will receive a Fine Accessory Box II for your hard work, which makes the Log a worthy investment of your time. I needed around 1 hour to complete it, while making this guide!

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