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Published on February 2, 2022    Updated on April 10, 2022
Black Desert Online

Black Desert - Warrior Outfits, Costumes, Underwear & Accessories

A full list of Warrior's BDO Skins, offered through 4K screenshots, and categorized by outfit type.

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In Black Desert Online, there are several Warrior outfits and exclusive accessories available in the Pearl Shop that you can purchase for real money, and also sell through the Central Market (if you don’t open them). I’m not revealing a big secret by stating clearly that the Warrior’s outfits undeniably contain warrior traits. Armor from head to toe and almost certainly comes with a helmet in addition to its special looks. Besides these, only the blood shows better on his clothes!

In this list, you can find all outfits, costumes, underwear, and accessories connected to the Warrior. These looks are not always available in the store, so we aim to include a full collection of them.

Keep in mind that all outfits, costumes, underwear & cosmetics are character-bound, so once you open them with a character, you will never be able to transfer them to another character (you can still extract them for Cron Stones though).

Table of Contents

Warrior Outfits

As with most classes, Warrior got a huge number of unique outfits since his release. If you are looking for warrior-exclusive looks, these are the Brut Lancelot, Doomsday, Goyen, Grotevant, Kairos, Trailblazer, Cornelius, Evergart, Karcenov, Azure Knight, and Deathlord. Wow, this list is long even compared to female classes.

Warrior Premium Outfits

Acher Guard Premium Set

Bolyn Premium Set

Brut Lancelot Premium Set

Crown Eagle Premium Set

Doomsday Premium Set

Gavi Regan Premium Set

Goyen Premium Set

Grotevant Premium Set

Kairos Premium Set

Kibelius Premium Set

Millen Fedora Premium Set

Trailblazer Premium Set

Warrior Classic Outfits

Bern Classic Set

Bern Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Cantusa Classic Set

Cantusa Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Cavaro Classic Set

Cavaro Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Clead Classic Set

Clead Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Cornelius Classic Set

Cornelius Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Evergart Classic Set

Evergart Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Karcenov Classic Set

Karcenov Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Karlstein Classic Set

Karlstein Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Lahr Arcien Classic Set

Lahr Arcien Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Red Robe Classic Set

Red Robe Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Wilderness Classic Set

Wilderness Classic Set, Warrior Outfit

Warrior Outfit Sets

Azure Knight Outfit Set

Azure Knight Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Crayodel Soldier Outfit Set

Crayodel Soldier Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Deathlord Outfit Set

Deathlord Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Durandal Outfit Set

Durandal Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Frostbite Outfit Set

Frostbite Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Jolly Winter Dream Outfit Set

Jolly Winter Dream Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Leonidas Outfit Set

Leonidas Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Marine Romance Outfit Set

Marine Romance Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Noel Outfit Set

Noel Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Onyx Jaguar Outfit Set

Onyx Jaguar Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Pila Fe Outlaw Outfit Set

Pila Fe Outlaw Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Shadow Chaser Outfit Set

Shadow Chaser Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Snowflake Outfit Set

Snowflake Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Vediras Outfit Set

Vediras Outfit Set, Warrior Outfit

Warrior Costumes

Lifeskill and PvP costumes function normally with Warrior, like the rest of the classes.

Warrior Lifeskill Costumes

Canape Classic Set

Canape Classic Set, Warrior Costume

Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set

Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set, Warrior Costume

Kzarki Suit Set

Kzarki Suit Set, Warrior Costume

Pavilla Costume Set

Pavilla Costume Set, Warrior Costume

Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set

Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set, Warrior Costume

Venia Riding Attire

Venia Riding Attire, Warrior Costume

Warrior PvP Costumes

Desert Camouflage Premium Set

Treant Camouflage Premium Set

Warrior Underwear

The following underwear pieces are shared between most male classes and are not exclusive to Warrior.

Airblock Boxer Briefs

Airblock Boxer Briefs, Warrior Underwear

Cante Underwear

Cante Underwear, Warrior Underwear

Liance Underwear

Liance Underwear, Warrior Underwear

Montem Boxer Briefs

Montem Boxer Briefs, Warrior Underwear

Python Boxer Briefs

Python Boxer Briefs, Warrior Underwear

Robert Boxer Briefs

Robert Boxer Briefs, Warrior Underwear

Warrior Accessories

The following accessories are shared between most male classes and are not exclusive to Warrior.

Warrior Helmet Appearance Skins

Chipmunk Headband

Chipmunk Headband, Warrior Accessory

Trilby Hat

Trilby Hat, Warrior Accessory

White Bunny Ears

White Bunny Ears, Warrior Accessory

Warrior Head & Ears Skins

Khaled Ear Cuff

Khaled Ear Cuff, Warrior Accessory

Raven Ear Cuff

Raven Ear Cuff, Warrior Accessory

Teary Ear Cuff

Teary Ear Cuff, Warrior Accessory

Warrior Eye Skins

Badane Glasses

Badane Glasses, Warrior Accessory

Barrack Eyepatch

Barrack Eyepatch, Warrior Accessory

Ellen Glasses

Ellen Glasses, Warrior Accessory

Inquirer’s Glasses

Inquirer’s Glasses, Warrior Accessory

Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses

Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses, Warrior Accessory

Warrior Nose, Mouth & Chin Skins

Cat Whiskers

Cat Whiskers, Warrior Accessory

Metal Piercing

Metal Piercing, Warrior Accessory

Rektar Piercing

Rektar Piercing, Warrior Accessory

Round Piercing

Round Piercing, Warrior Accessory


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