Published on February 12, 2021
Updated on August 27, 2022

33 BlazBlue Cosplay Costumes for All Characters

BlazBlue offers a diverse cast of characters that cosplay artists can use and bless us with their creations! I’ve handpicked the best BlazBlue cosplay I could find for each character below, along with the creators’ social media handles!

The following list will be exciting for all BlazBlue fans, but if you’ve never heard of this game, we hope that you’ll want to try it after watching all these amazing characters!

The game features beautiful hand-drawn environments and character sprites, so let’s change the 2D to 3D, and take a closer look at what BlazBlue characters look like in real life, embodied thanks to these cosplay artists!

Don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments! I was unable to find any cosplay for Azrael, Izanami (?) & Susano’o, so if you’ve created one – let us know in the comments!

Oh, and don’t miss out on our Best Mortal Kombat Cosplays for some more fighting game costume creations!

Amane Nishiki by Kinny V

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Facebook: Kinady Navarro
Patreon: Kinny V
Instagram: Kinny V Cosplay

Arakune by unimbalance

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Bang Shishigami by Tenipurix Cosplay

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Twitter: Tenipurix Cosplay
Facebook: Tenipurix

Bullet by MizziMie

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: MizziMie
Twitter: MizziMie
Twitch: MizziMie

Carl Clover by Saria Cosplay

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Facebook: Saria Cosplay
DeviantArt: Saria-Alkiniria

Celica A. Mercury by Starry Akari

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Facebook: Starry Akari
Twitter: Starry Akari
Instagram: Starry Akari

Es by toxicandere

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Twitter: toxicandere

Hakumen by Gregory BT

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: Gregory BT

Hazama by Aicosu

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Twitter: Aicosu
Instagram: Aicosu
DeviantArt: Aicosu

Hibiki Kohaku

Do you know who is in the picture? Please write us in the comment section below!

Iron Tager

Do you know who is in the picture? Please write us in the comment section below

Izayoi by Yuzika Cosplay

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Facebook: Yuzika

Jin Kisaragi by Bibi & Nexi Cosplay

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: KiraHouten Photography

Jubei by Oshi

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Facebook: Oshi
Twitter: Oshi Hidra
AC Paradise: Oshi

Kagura Mutsuki by PaulomaticaCosplay

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Facebook: Paulomatica
DeviantArt: PaulomaticaCosplay

Kokonoe by MadnessEyes

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Facebook: Kristina Zhmulina
VK: Kristina Zhmulina
DeviantArt: MadnessEyes

Litchi Faye Ling by Yayacosplay

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Facebook: Yayacosplay
Website: Yayacosplay
Instagram: YayaHan
DeviantArt: Yayacosplay
YouTube: Yayacosplay
Twitter: YayaHan

Mai Natsume by HANON

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Worldcosplay: HANON

Makoto Nanaya by Shiroiaisu

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Facebook: Shiroiaisu Cosplay
Twitter: Shiroiaisu 
Instagram: Shiroiaisu Cosplay
DeviantArt: Shiroiaisu

Naoto Kurogane by iBzrra

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: iBzrra

Nine The Phantom by bunnie

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Twitter: bunnie

Noel Vermillion by MeiMei

Follow KiraHokuten Photography


Facebook: Kira Hokuten 
DeviantArt: KiraHotuken
Model: MeiMei

Platinum the Trinity by aika-kuroda

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Facebook: kuroAK
Twitter: Scarlet Vivienne
Instagram: Scarlet Vivienne
DeviantArt: aika-kuroda & Xeno-Photography

Rachel Alucard by Calssara

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Facebook: Calssara Cosplay
Twitter: Calssara
Instagram: Calssara
DeviantArt: Calssara
Website: Calssara
Tumblr: Calssara

Ragna the Bloodedge by ViviCakesCosplay

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Facebook: ViviCakesCosplay
Instagram: ViviCakesCosplay

Relius Clover by Van

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Worldcosplay: Van

Taokaka by Kurai-Hisaki

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DeviantArt: Kurai-Hisaki

Tsubaki Yayoi by Taykonderoga

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Valkenhayn R. Hellsing by kikoumaster

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Worldcosplay: kikoumaster

Yuuki Terumi by lazyeight

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Facebook: Devian Grey
DeviantArt: lazyeight

Λ-No.11- by ibixii

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Facebook: Ibixii Cosplay
Instagram: Ibixii Cosplay
DeviantArt: ibixii

μ-No.12- by Melali

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VK: Melali Natsume
DeviantArt: Melali

ν-No.13- by Kak-Tam-Ee

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Facebook: Dasha Kaktamee
Patreon: Kinny V
VK: Kaktamee
DeviantArt: Kak-Tam-Ee

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