Published on June 11, 2018
Updated on August 27, 2022

Bloodborne - Blood Vials Fast Farming Method - 200 / Hour

In this guide, I will be explaining how to easily farm Blood Vials in a fast pace. Blood Vials are essential for surviving in the game, and in later bosses you may come short. Note that the maximum number of Blood Vials you can hold is 20 (or a bit more if you use Communion Runes).

When you reach that number, any extra Blood Vials you pick-up go straight into your Storage, so the next time you visit The Hunter’s Dream, they automatically go in your inventory until you have max Blood Vials again. My recommendation is that you farm as many Blood Vials you can because in later bosses you may die and eventually run out.

If that happens you don’t want to go back to just farm again, so dedicate an hour-two tops to farm with this method and you should be good to go for a good part of the game.

Let’s Start Farming:

In order to be able to farm you are gonna need to have unlocked The Great Bridge lamp in the Yharnam headstone.

1. From the Great Bridge lamp, head straight and kill the big guy with the 3 crows surrounding him. He should net you 2-3 Blood Vials most of the times

2. After killing him, continue on to the bridge and kill the little guy right besides the stairs. He has a slight chance of dropping 1-2 Blood Vials, tho most of the time he will drop nothing. Kill him anyways, he is weak and therefore easily disposed of.

3. Continue on the bridge and you will find two wolf-like beasts. Kill both of them as they normally drop 2-3 and maybe even 4 Blood Vials EACH.

4. Back out a bit, and head down the stairs where the weak guy from earlier was standing. Enter the building and you will be on the second floor with two enemies hiding in the corners. Kill both of them as they are weak. They have low Blood Vial drop rate, but they are quick to kill hence there is no time wasting.

5. Head downstairs where 2 more enemies lie. The first is left of the staircase and has a low Blood Vial drop rate, but he is weak and easily killed. The other is on the other side of the room and is a wheelchair guy who will drop 4 Quicksilver Bullets each time you kill him. You’ll want to farm these too since some Hunter Tools need Quicksilver Bullets to be used, or maybe you are just a gunslinger. Just kill the guy anyway.

6. Head outside from the door LEFT of the staircase as you come down then turn immediately RIGHT. You will come across some stairs and in the distance two brutes. Kill both of them as they tend to drop 2-3 Blood Vials and sometimes Shining Coins.

Now your lap is complete. Return to the lamp, enter The Hunter’s Dream and repeat the whole process. Each run is about 3-4 minutes long and can net you 10-15 Blood Vials which makes around 150-200 Blood Vials per hour. Not bad huh?

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