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Mortal Kombat


Main Character

Mortal Kombat X

(2015) as
Takeda, Mortal Kombat X Character Artwork
Base Roster

Bio: Takahashi Takeda is the son of the hero Kenshi and a young Thai-American woman named Suchin, whom Kenshi met during his travels. When Suchin passed away, Kenshi was shocked to learn he had had an eight-year-old son with her. He took Takeda to Hanzo Hasashi, the former Scorpion, to be instructed in the martial arts. Takeda had no contact with his father for many years, until the day he was to leave Hanzo's tutelage. Kenshi revealed that he had left Takeda with Hanzo to protect him from his mother's murderers. Despite this revelation, and subsequent reconciliation with Kenshi, Takeda has abandonment issues yet to overcome - which makes working with his father in Johnny Cage's Special Forces team a challenge at times.

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