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Official Name
January 25, 2005
HQ Address
Novato, California, United States
Parent Company
Take-Two Interactive
2K Czech, Irrational Games, Access Software, 2K Marin


Company Headquarters Founded Ceased Operations
2K Czech, s.r.o. Brno, Czech Republic 1997 2017
2K Marin, Inc. Novato, California, United States December 17, 2007 October 17, 2013
Access Software Salt Lake City, Utah, United States November, 1982 May 01, 2006
Irrational Games, LLC Westwood, Massachusetts, United States 1997 February 23, 2017


Game Genre Platform Role Release Date
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Publisher 25-03-2022
WWE 2K22 Publisher 11-03-2022
WWE 2K Battlegrounds Publisher 18-09-2020
Borderlands 3 Publisher 13-09-2019
BioShock Infinite Publisher 26-03-2013
The Darkness II Publisher 07-02-2012
Mafia II Publisher 24-08-2010
BioShock 2 Publisher 09-02-2010
Borderlands Publisher 20-10-2009
BioShock Publisher 21-08-2007
The Darkness Publisher 25-06-2007
Ghost Rider Publisher 13-02-2007
Amped 3 Publisher 22-11-2005

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