Intelligent Systems


Official Name
Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.
December, 1986
HQ Address
Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan


Fire Emblem

1990-04-20 Fire Emblem™ Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light
1992-03-14 Fire Emblem™ Gaiden
1994-01-21 Fire Emblem™ Mystery of the Emblem
1996-05-14 Fire Emblem™ Genealogy of the Holy War
1999-08-28 Fire Emblem™ Thracia 776
2002-03-29 Fire Emblem™ The Binding Blade
2003-04-25 Fire Emblem™ The Blazing Blade
2004-10-07 Fire Emblem™ The Sacred Stones
2005-04-20 Fire Emblem™ Path of Radiance
2007-02-22 Fire Emblem™ Radiant Dawn
2012-04-19 Fire Emblem™ Awakening
2015-06-25 Fire Emblem™ Fates Birthright
2015-06-25 Fire Emblem™ Fates Conquest
2015-07-09 Fire Emblem™ Fates Revelation
2017-02-02 Fire Emblem™ Heroes
2017-04-20 Fire Emblem™ Echoes - Shadows of Valentia -
2019-07-26 Fire Emblem™ Three Houses
2023-01-20 Fire Emblem™ Engage


2000-08-11 Paper Mario™
2004-07-22 Paper Mario™ The Thousand-Year Door
2004-12-02 WarioWare™: Touched!
2007-04-09 Super Paper Mario
2012-11-11 Paper Mario™ Sticker Star
2016-10-07 Paper Mario™ Color Splash
2020-07-17 Paper Mario: The Origami King
2021-09-10 WarioWare: Get It Together!

No Series

1985-04-09 Soccer
1989-04-21 Yakuman
1995-07-21 Galactic Pinball
1995-10-27 Panel de Pon™
2007-04-26 Planet Puzzle League