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Nintendo Co., Ltd
October 23, 1889
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Kamitoba-hokotate-cho, Kyoto 601-8501, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
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Date Game Role
Developer, Publisher
Publisher, Publisher, Publisher
2017-03-03 1-2-Switch Developer, Publisher
1989-04-21 Alleyway Developer, Publisher
2015-11-13 Animal Crossing™ Amiibo Festival Developer, Publisher
2008-11-16 Animal Crossing™ City Folk Publisher
2015-07-30 Animal Crossing™ Happy Home Designer Developer, Publisher
2020-03-20 Animal Crossing™ New Horizons Developer, Publisher
2012-11-08 Animal Crossing™ New Leaf Developer, Publisher
2017-10-25 Animal Crossing™ Pocket Camp Publisher
2005-11-23 Animal Crossing™ Wild World Developer, Publisher
2009-09-14 Art Academy™ Publisher
2019-08-30 Astral Chain Publisher
1998-06-29 Banjo Kazooie™ Publisher
1985-10-18 Baseball Developer, Publisher
2014-09-20 Bayonetta 2 Publisher
2022-10-28 Bayonetta 3 Publisher
2023-03-17 Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon™ Publisher
2005-06-30 Big Brain Academy™ Publisher
2014-11-13 Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker Developer, Publisher
1984-11-28 Clu Clu Land™ Developer, Publisher
2007-08-09 DK Jungle Climber Publisher
2005-02-04 DK King of Swing Publisher
2019-09-13 Daemon X Machina Publisher
2015-08-04 Devil's Third Publisher
2015-06-24 DokiDoki Tegami Relay Developer, Publisher
1981-07-09 Donkey Kong Developer, Publisher
1983-09-28 Donkey Kong 3 Developer, Publisher
1999-11-22 Donkey Kong 64 Publisher
1994-11-18 Donkey Kong Country Publisher
1995-11-21 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Publisher
1996-11-18 Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Publisher
2010-11-21 Donkey Kong Country Returns Publisher
2014-02-14 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Publisher
1988-07-19 Donkey Kong Jr. Developer, Publisher
1983-12-12 Donkey Kong Jr. Math Developer, Publisher
2004-12-16 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Developer, Publisher
1995-06-26 Donkey Kong Land Publisher
1996-09-23 Donkey Kong Land 2 Publisher
1997-10-27 Donkey Kong Land III Publisher
2007-06-28 Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast Publisher
2003-10-28 Donkey Konga Publisher
2004-07-01 Donkey Konga 2 Publisher
2005-03-17 Donkey Konga 3 Publisher
2013-12-31 Dr. Luigi Developer, Publisher
2001-04-08 Dr. Mario™ 64 Developer, Publisher
1984-04-21 Duck Hunt Developer, Publisher
2001-04-14 Dōbutsu no Mori™ Publisher
2002-06-24 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Publisher
2006-11-19 Excite Truck Publisher
1984-11-28 Excitebike™ Developer, Publisher
2009-04-20 Excitebots: Trick Racing Publisher
2003-07-25 F-Zero GX Publisher
2001-03-21 F-Zero Maximum Velocity Publisher
1998-07-14 F-Zero X Publisher
1990-11-21 F-Zero™ Publisher
2008-07-31 Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse™ Publisher
2003-08-08 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles™ Publisher
2012-04-19 Fire Emblem™ Awakening Publisher
1990-04-20 Fire Emblem™ Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light Publisher
2017-04-20 Fire Emblem™ Echoes - Shadows of Valentia - Publisher
2023-01-20 Fire Emblem™ Engage Publisher
2015-06-25 Fire Emblem™ Fates Birthright Publisher
2015-06-25 Fire Emblem™ Fates Conquest Publisher
2015-07-09 Fire Emblem™ Fates Revelation Publisher
1992-03-14 Fire Emblem™ Gaiden Publisher
1996-05-14 Fire Emblem™ Genealogy of the Holy War Publisher
2017-02-02 Fire Emblem™ Heroes Publisher
1994-01-21 Fire Emblem™ Mystery of the Emblem Publisher
2005-04-20 Fire Emblem™ Path of Radiance Publisher
2007-02-22 Fire Emblem™ Radiant Dawn Publisher
2002-03-29 Fire Emblem™ The Binding Blade Publisher
2003-04-25 Fire Emblem™ The Blazing Blade Publisher
2004-10-07 Fire Emblem™ The Sacred Stones Publisher
1999-08-28 Fire Emblem™ Thracia 776 Publisher
2019-07-26 Fire Emblem™ Three Houses Publisher
2017-10-20 Fire Emblem™ Warriors Publisher
2022-06-24 Fire Emblem™ Warriors Three Hopes Publisher
2011-12-01 Fortune Street Publisher
1995-07-21 Galactic Pinball Publisher
1997-09-27 Game & Watch Gallery 2 Publisher
1998-12-01 Game & Watch Gallery 3™ Publisher
1997-08-23 GoldenEye 007™ Publisher
1984-05-01 Golf Developer, Publisher
1985-08-13 Gyromite Developer, Publisher
2017-07-13 Hey! Pikmin™ Publisher
1984-06-12 Hogan's Alley Developer, Publisher
1985-01-30 Ice Climber™ Developer, Publisher
2005-08-08 Jump Super Stars Publisher
2004-04-15 Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Publisher
2000-03-24 Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Publisher
2003-07-11 Kirby Air Ride Publisher
2017-11-03 Kirby Battle Royale Publisher
2020-09-23 Kirby Fighters 2 Publisher
2011-08-04 Kirby Mass Attack Publisher
2018-03-16 Kirby Star Allies Publisher
1996-03-21 Kirby Super Star™ Publisher
2000-08-23 Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble Publisher
2022-03-25 Kirby and the Forgotten Land Publisher
1993-03-23 Kirby's Adventure™ Publisher
1995-02-01 Kirby's Avalanche Publisher
1995-12-14 Kirby's Block Ball Publisher
2012-07-19 Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Publisher
1995-02-01 Kirby's Dream Course™ Publisher
1992-04-27 Kirby's Dream Land Publisher