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DOOM - The 23 Best Mods, WADs & Total Conversions

The original DOOM despite the fact that it will almost turn 30 years since its release, has a very dedicated community. The game also has numerous source ports, which makes the game easily playable on almost all platforms.

Due to its strong following, the community for DOOM still continues to create mods, be them total conversions, map packs, weapon mods or something entirely different.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of DOOM mods that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

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Best DOOM Total Conversions

Total conversions are mods, which are essentially like little games that run on the DOOM engine. Many talented modders have used this as an opportunity and a starting point in their game developing career. Often with complete new takes, and in some cases infinitely more fun than some AAA games, here are the Total Conversions that you definitely need to try out.

Ashes 2063

Author: Vostyok
Download link:

Ashes 2063 is a post-apocalyptic mod developed by Voystok. Inspired by 80s and 90s comics and movies, the mods biggest strength is the atmosphere. Everything from enemies, weapons and locations will draw you in and you will forget that you’re actually playing a mod.

Ashes 2063 was so well received by the community that it got an expansion Dead Man Walking. Due to its popularity, Voystok released a remastered version which contains better graphics, effects and comes with the Dead Man Walking expansion.

The weapons all look used and rugged, and you will need to conserve ammo, and rely on your knife, which can be used while you have your gun out. Enemies will lunge, rush and move faster, so you will need to think on your feet.

It’s one of the best total conversions out there, and will serve as a nice introduction to anyone that is new to the DOOM modding scene. It has a nice easy-to-use launcher for newbies, and veteran players will appreciate the challenge of its higher difficulty. Look out for its sequel Ashes Afterglow.

Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth Starter Pack

Author: Sergeant Mark IV
Download link:

Made by Sergeant Mark IV, who is probably best known for making Brutal DOOM, this mod is a fully developed mod that takes the levels from the first two games and turns them up to 11. There are 32 levels in total, divided into 3 episodes similarly to the original DOOM.

Everything in this mod is made with careful planning, passion, and dedication. Things like lighting, enemy placements, textures, and level layout are all high-quality stuff. The levels have a natural flow to them, and it feels like you’re actually progressing towards your goal. With plenty of challenges and secrets, this mod also allows you to fight alongside fellow marines and even carry them to the next level (if they don’t die, of course).

The highlight of this mod is definitely the invasion of Earth and the urban maps, which create a great atmosphere and manage to show the real hell on Earth.
Get it, play it, you certainly won’t regret it.


Author: BlooM Team: Drugod, Rolls3D, Ozymandias81
Download link:

BLOOM is one of the best mods created in recent years and is genius in its design and atmosphere. It takes the elements from two of the best FPS games, DOOM, and BLOOD, and mixes them into one big, unforgettable adventure. You can choose to play as either Doomguy or Caleb, both of whom have their own style. For example, Doomguy can take Caleb’s Akimbo power, which means a whole lot of firepower.

The enemy monsters are a mixture of foes from the two games, meaning you will fight something like Zombarons (a mix of Zombies and Barons of Hell). The arsenal of weapons is also interesting, and while Caleb’s arsenal is largely unchanged, Doomguy has a few new toys.
A UAC Frostgun (which freezes enemies), UAC Flamethrower, and a Tesla Cannon. Every weapon comes with its own type of ammo, so it doesn’t waste any other ammo type.

The biggest feature is the level design, which is as you can guess a mixture of DOOM and Blood levels. What’s interesting is that all of the maps look familiar, but as you progress they will become more and more complex. If you’re a seasoned player of FPS games, this will be a nice surprise, as the levels will become more “dreamlike” as you go on.

A definite recommendation for any old school fans and newbies, that will give you hours of fun. You can see the passion and dedication put into the mod, which is always a plus.

Aliens: Eradication TC

Author: Payload Games
Download link:

An Aliens mod for DOOM is kind of inevitable, and one of the first DOOM mods was an ALIENS mod, back in 1994. With that being said Aliens: Eradication TC, is the ultimate Aliens experience, that is even better than some of the licensed games.

The mod offers you several classes to choose from as your playstyle, and those are Merc, Colonist, Combat Synthetic, and Weyland-Yutani operative. The merc class is the all-around default setting, while the Colonist class will give you more of a survival horror experience. The other two classes, Combat Synthetic and Weyland-Yutani operative can turn you into unstoppable killing machines.

While it may lack a direct narrative, it more than makes up for it in the atmosphere, giving you a sense of fear and adrenaline. It will keep you on your toes at all times, and there are plenty of aliens, which will force you to think on your feet and plan your next move.

If you’re looking for an Aliens experience that you never had, give this mod a try. The sheer amount of polish, and most importantly the understanding of source material, make it something that you don’t want to miss. Try it even if you’re not a fan of the series, it’s just that good.

Total Chaos

Author: Sam Prebble
Download link:

Total Chaos is a horror mod that can easily keep up with AAA horror games. Looking at it, at first, you wouldn’t believe it was actually a DOOM mod. When it comes to graphics and presentation it’s in a league of its own.

Set on the island of Fort Oasis, a once-thriving mining colony, you receive a mysterious radio signal. Investigating, you will encounter monsters and other horrors not wishing you well.

You will need to scavenge in order to survive, and naturally inventory management. Various items can give you buffs, more stamina, and even harder attacks. You will need to keep an eye out for food, craftables, consumables, and so on.

There are plenty of weapons at your disposal, but guns are naturally in short supply, which leaves you relying on a variety of melee weapons. If you find a gun, you will need to make every shot count, as there isn’t much ammo lying around, waiting to be picked up. However, you can’t just swing around it aimlessly, as it will drain stamina. If it’s drained too much, you will move much slower making it harder to avoid enemies’ attacks or do a fast retreat.

The levels and atmosphere of the game are really well thought out and the sound design will make your hair stand. Developers managed to nail that horror atmosphere, which is really, really hard to do.

Overall, Total Chaos is probably one of the best-looking TC out there and an amazing horror experience. Definitely not for those of the feign of heart, but if you have the guts, definitely give this one a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Trench Foot

Author: TrenchWork
Download link:

Trench Foot is basically 40k meets DOOM. It places you in the role of a Master Templar, a ruthless and devoted enforcer of the One True Faith. You must survive in the irradiated, crumbling trench of Cretu all the while crusading against demonic and crazed enemies of the Canonicate.

The first thing that you will notice is, that the Trench Foot is its presentation, and both visuals and sound are done masterfully. It’s obviously inspired by 40k lore dealing with the siege of Krieg, but it does manage to find its own look.

However, don’t be fooled by its fantastic presentation, as Trench Foot is also really hard. You can easily be killed, either in ambushes, explosions, hordes of enemies swarming your position, or the trench itself. There are 14 unique weapons to choose from, ranging from pistols, revolvers, and shotguns, to the more advanced weapons which are used while dealing with the unholy threat.
The overall quality and the presentation clearly show that a lot of effort and love has gone into this mod, and it isn’t something you should miss out on.

Reelism 2

Author: Kinsie et al.
Download link:

Reelism 2 is an improved mod of its predecessor Reelism and is certainly unique. Developed by The Kins and the original developers of the first mod, it was released in 2022 and is rather simple, but has quite a bit of depth.  To start, you will need to pick a map, and all of them are rather unique. There are space stations, familiar-looking hellscapes, urban areas, castles, and even giant pizzas.

Next, you will get three random reels, and these are divided into three categories: weapons, enemies, and mutators. Every reel is randomized, which means that in a round, you may encounter, for example, only wizards or cowboys, use only explosive weapons, and have a drunk control as your mutator. Each round has new reels, and if you survive 5 rounds, you get to face off against the final boss of the level.

However, the biggest change in Reelism 2 is your score. It’s no longer just a number at the bottom of the screen. Instead, it also serves as a currency. At the end of each playthrough, either by dying or by beating the level, you will travel to the town (which essentially serves as a hub with a marketplace), where you can purchase weapons, items, and ammo by spending your high score points.
The sheer amount of content will give you hours of fun, and even more importantly the humor in the mod is excellent.

Action Doom: Rampage Edition

Author: Stephen Browning et al.
Download link:

Action Doom: Rampage Edition, is a perfect mix of Contra and DOOM. Rampage Edition is a new and improved of the original mode, made back in 2004. Since this is an improved version, the important changes are: a new life system (the original difficulty is still available), levels now support more features of GZDOOM, the weapons are expanded upon and have more slots, and the widescreen option has been introduced.

The biggest change is that you now have three hearts for your health. Taking any sort of damage will lose a heart, however, there is a small period of invincibility that will help you a lot. Another addition is the safety grenades, of which you also have three. These are intended to only be used in a pinch, as they will wipe out any enemies in the vicinity.

This mod is a real blast from the past, from the modding community that is clearly a labor of love and dedication. There is so much content, a brilliant level design, challenging boss fights, and a huge number of Easter Eggs and references. For such an exquisite mod, that has so much to offer, you owe it to yourself to give it a try, even if you’re not a Contra fan.

Operation Body Count

Author: Mike MacDee
Download link:

Operation Body Count has a rather unique story to it. It’s actually a sequel, to the really bad game of the same name, made by Capstone Software back in 1994. You aren’t required to play the original game; all you need to know is that the main villain is back with a vengeance.

It’s like a 90s action movie, complete with terrorists but also robots, drones, and various bosses and enemies. The missions will take you all around the world, while the missions will have you saving hostages, disarming bombs, and clearing levels. Your arsenal of weapons is a bit more modern and will have your AK47s, dual-wielding UZIs, and in one case even firing a railgun.

The mod has 7 episodes in total, offering plenty of content and challenges along the way. There is a huge number of new enemies, ranging from ordinary goons to suicide bombers and even giant rats. If you’re looking for that old-fashioned Action movie, then give Operation Bodycount a try.

QC: Doom Edition

Author: DBThanatos, Michaelis
Download link:

After the release of Quake Champions in 2016, the DOOM modding community took one look and said we can do that, and make it better. This mod is exactly that, Quake Champions but with a few added bonuses. First of all, there are no microtransactions, and all of the champions are readily available. You can choose from 30 different champions and each of them has a unique ability, but some of them are changed to suit the mod better.

There are both the single-player and multiplayer options, with plenty of mods to choose from. Bots are also available if you need them for practice or multiplayer, and there are plenty of maps to choose from. Around 34 maps are available, and those include maps from Quake 1, 3, 4, Quake Live, Champions, and even DOOM 2016.
QC: Doom edition, also supports GZDOOM, Zandronum, and Delta Touch, making this one of the best multiplayer mods out there. And it’s completely free, so grab one and play it with your friends today!

Space Cats Saga

Author: DerTimmy
Download link:

A spin on a classic plot is always great when it’s done in an interesting way, and Space Cats Saga does just that. The story follows, Commander Aemi after she discovers an abandoned UAC ship near Mars, that is spreading a weird signal. Naturally, it turns out that the ship is infested with demons, and with her own ship stuck, she must board the cursed ship and find the source of the signal.

The mod is fast-paced and introduces a new roaster of weapons for you to choose from. One of the most interesting parts is the starting pistol, which with its rapid-fire ability, can shred a group of enemies in seconds. The new weapons follow the rule of cool, and they also feel great to use. It may be easy to think that this is just another overpowered fantasy, but that’s when the campaign comes into play.

Space Cats Saga is divided into 4 chapters, and each one is more challenging than the other. Some enemies have been reworked, such as the Imp or the Pinky Demon, but they can still be challenging, urging players not to get too comfortable. With its strong presentation and level design, it’s a definitive recommendation that you go and play this one.

The Adventures of Square

Author: BigBrik Games
Download link:

Not every Doom mod is about demons slaying, some are about fighting different shapes. The Adventures of Square has that distinct cartoon look, and it will have you fighting oppressive circles, led by the evil Dr. Octagon. While the premise might seem foolish, the actual mod however isn’t.

The beginning will seem innocent enough, but after the first two levels, things really start to pick up. One of the highlights of the mod is the intelligent and intricate levels, combined with great shooting mechanics. The Adventures of Square weapons are paint-based, and each weapon uses a different color making your enemies literally splatter all over the place.

The protagonist, Square, also has a voice and will regularly shout one-liners, in line with the 90s FPS tradition. What on the surface may seem like a kid-friendly and colorful mod, is actually one of the most fun and challenging total conversions out there. There’s nothing quite like it, so you should definitely at least give it a go.

Sonic Robo Blast 2

Author: Sonic Team Junior
Download link:

Doom mods aren’t always FPS-oriented and they can be used for other genres as well. One of those mods is Sonic Robo Blast 2, a complete third person platformer on the DOOM engine, and ironically one of the better Sonic Games out there.

It has everything that a good Sonic game has, complete with well-designed levels boss fights, bonus stages, and even Easter Eggs. The mod is no joke, and halfway through, you may experience a slight difficulty spike. However, the game is lighter on the punishment and will offer more lives and several continues, and not place you at the beginning of the stage.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a clear sign of fan dedication and a labor of love, as it went through several iterations, before reaching the current build. It also features a multiplayer option, allowing you to play with a friend, which is more than enough. Best of all it’s completely free, and even if you’re not a Sonic fan, this is a mod that you should definitely check out!

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart

Author: Kart Krew
Download link:

You thought there was just one Sonic mod out there? Well, in addition to the full Sonic game out there, there is also a complete kart spin-off mod. It can be played either single-player or in multiplayer, with over 60 tracks to choose from.

In single-player, only one mode is available and that is Time Attack, which will have you racing against the clocks and ghosts of previous times. Multiplayer is more competitive and also supports add-ons. Add-ons can be additional characters, such as the Doom Guy, Kazuma, Hatsune Miku, etc. Or they can be additional tracks, often with a funny twist to them.

Multiplayer is the true gem of this mod, and it’s both enjoyable and chaotic. Connecting to one of the servers, you don’t even need to own any of the add-ons, as they will be downloaded automatically, having you ready to play in no time. Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, is something you wouldn’t expect to see in a Doom game, but it’s a sight to behold. It’s simple, fun, and an amazing community, making it a joy to play!

Best DOOM Mods & MegaWADs

A MegaWAD is a PWAD that contains 15 or more levels.

Project Brutality

Author: pa1nki113r and the Project Brutality Team
Download link:

What started as an add-on for the popular DOOM gameplay mod, Brutal DOOM, has also become a standalone mod. It’s a step above the standard Brutal DOOM in almost every way.

Project Brutality, not only adds extra weapons, it adds more enemies and new enemy tactics that will certainly keep you on your feet. It also has upgradable weapons, difficulty tweaks, and many other options to best suit your playstyle.

One of the most well-made and essential mods, that you will definitely have to try out for yourself.

DOOM the Way id Did

Author: Various (Ellmo, Esselfortium, Xaser, Marnetmar, and Alfonzo)
Download link:

DOOM the Way id Did, is a MegaWAD that contains 27 levels that were made in style by the original developers Sandy Peterson, Tom Hall, and John Romero. It contains three episodes, just like the original game did.

The success of the MegaWAD made it possible for even a few sequels to be released, namely: DOOM 2 the Way id Did DOOM the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (featuring submitted levels, that didn’t make the final cut), PhobosDeimos Anomaly No End In Sight.

All of them are unique and offer a fresh take on an already tested formula. So, if you’re looking for new challenges, but also something familiar, give this one a go.

Final Doomer

Author: Sgt. Shivers, Yholl et al
Download link:

Final Doomer is a gameplay mod that is based around weapons that were made for other popular MegaWADs. Once you start Final Doomer, you will have the option of choosing a weapon set from one of the other mods. These include Plutonia, TNT Evolution, Ancient Aliens, Back to Saturn X, Hellbound, Alien Vendetta, Whitemare, and Japanese Community Project.

Each one of these has a unique weapon set that will enhance your game and give you a new challenge to accomplish. A definitive recommendation.


Author: James Paddock
Download link:

Jenesis is a MegaWAD that was designed to keep the feeling of the original releases by id Software, as well as Final DOOM and it holds 32 amazing levels. The results are superb, as it manages to keep the spirit of the originals, while also adding something new.

From the first level onward, you’ll know that you’re in for a ride. You must be careful and efficient with your ammo; it’s quite easy to be wasteful, leaving you to scrape by, as two Revenants shoot at you from the end of the room at the very beginning. A huge help here is the — naturally present — secrets, as the bonus supplies will make the experience a lot more survivable.

Jenesis, which deservedly won a Cacoward in 2011, is playable on almost all of the source ports. Even if it can be challenging at times, the wad is a joy to play through, keeping you occupied for hours.


Author: Steve Nelson
Download link:

My House isn’t just a mod, it’s a journey. It takes the mod experience to a completely another level, in both level design and story structure. On paper, the premise is simple, You simply explore a seemingly typical suburban house and kill demons. Upon completion of the first level, the level resets with some minor variations, but digging deeper, you will find that not everything is as it seems.

The level design, and the story surrounding the mod, are what make it unique. Designed as a tribute to an old friend of the author, My House must be played in its entirety and with documentation that is provided to be understood completely. However, the level design is some of the best seen in the modding community, with the ability to walk through mirrors and explore another world. Attention to detail is key, as the environment gives you clues to the story and reveals possible endings.

My House also achieves an almost perfect level of psychological horror, complete with serious themes. It’s unique in its presentation, and it must be played if you’re looking for good horror or something unique. Even if you’re not looking for weird mods this one deserves to be played.

DOOM 4: Death Foretold

Author: DBThanatos
Download link:

This mod has one goal and it’s to make the game even faster. The original DOOM is already a fast game but this mod combined with new jump mechanics adds a whole new experience to the gameplay. There are no hit-scan enemies, but their projectiles will be either too slow or too fast, but will never get to the point where you don’t know what hit you. Situational awareness is the key to this mod.

In addition, Death Foretold also introduces several new weapons as well. All of the weapons in the mod represent those from DOOM 2016 and they can even be upgraded. There are the usual upgrades, such as more ammo and more damage, but each weapon also has several that are only unique to them.

If you’re looking for a new way to play the game, with new weapons and monsters, then Death Foretold is the mod you should check out. It can be also used to play multiplayer matches and also offers support for mobile devices.


Author: Kinsie
Download link:

MetaDoom can be best described as one big DOOM compilation. It takes elements from other games, such as 2, 3, DOOM 2016, and DOOM RPG, and mixes them together into one giant mod. In addition to this, it also introduces the enemies from those games as well. It introduces them in stages, making the game challenging as you play along, slowly upping the challenge.

The mod uses a randomizer when it comes to loot and enemies, but it never gives you a difficulty spike early in the game. Among the more unique weapons are the Holy Water pistol and Fire Extinguisher (both from DOOM RPG), which lead to some pretty hilarious situations. In addition to this, you can also use items from your inventory such as Dog Collars (which allow you to pick up demon dogs), grenades, and even a Doomguy hologram for distracting enemies.

All in all, it brilliantly manages to mix almost all elements from the other DOOM games, thus creating a sort of DOOM extended universe and creating an unforgettable experience. It also has secrets and plenty of Easter Eggs, and as a plus, it can be mixed with other map packs, creating endless possibilities.

High Noon Drifter

Author: TerminusEst13
Download link:

A Wild West-themed mod seems like a must doesn’t it? Well, High Noon Drifter does just that, it offers a great Wild West experience, where you are slaying demons left and right with your six-shooter. In addition to your trusted revolver, you also have at your disposal a whip, which can be used to destroy projectiles mid-air, or just beat the enemies with it.

Keeping with the Western theme, there is also a fan animation, meaning that depending on how fast you click you can kill enemies faster, like a true gunslinger. When it comes to weapons such as shotguns (or revolvers), you will need to manually reload them, but the game will not give you a big warning across the screen. Instead, it will come naturally, almost rhythmically as you play further.

High Noon Drifter is also compatible with other map packs, and other add-ons, allowing you for some pretty wild combinations. There are 11 new weapons, complete with original graphics, creating the ultimate Wild West experience while you go around demon slaying.

Combined Arms

Author: Combine_Kegan
Download link:

Weapon mods are always popular, but unique weapon mods are even better. Combined Arms is a mod that will satisfy all your needs and desires.

What may start out as a fairly normal weapon mod, things will get progressively more crazier and over the top. Each weapon has an alt-fire mod, that makes the weapon even more overpowered.
For example, the shotgun can fire a cluster of shotgun shells, completely obliterating everything in its path. Also, you can wield even more unique weapons, such as the Diebatana, a baseball bat that is as powerful as the BFG.

The weapon roaster is big and most importantly unique, and it must be experienced personally, just to see how crazy it all is. It works perfectly with other mods, and map packs, so if you’re looking for something crazy during your playthrough, go pick it up!

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