Published on August 3, 2022
Updated on August 27, 2022

Dragon Awaken Finally Returns with HTML5 Support

Dragon Awaken – a thrilling browser RPG, has announced the official launch of HTML5 version from Game Hollywood Games and R2 Games. Dragon Awaken is continuing its soaring evolution from Flash to mini client and now to HTML5. With this upgrade, players will be able to enjoy the download-free RPG on their browsers once again.

And to celebrate the migration, there’s plenty of bonuses to look forward to.

What does the Dragon Awaken HTML5 Upgrade Entail?

The conversion to HTML5 involved the migration of 7000 code files and 90,000 resource files. Overall, over a million lines of code have been converted. So what does that mean for players? Well, it means that players can enjoy the latest evolution of this classic MMORPG all from the comfort of their browser once again.

What is Dragon Awaken?

Dragon Awaken is a thrilling browser RPG set in a dangerous fantasy world. As a warrior fated for greatness, players’ protagonist characters gain the power of the dragon after assaulting one of their lairs. With the spirit of the dragon raging through them, players must navigate the dangers of the world and their newfound powers as a legendary dragon knight.

Key Features of Dragon Awaken

Boss Battles

You didn’t think you’d play a game called  without having to battle a few dragons, did you? These ferocious bosses require cooperation and teamwork, as players must unite to take down these ancient, scaled beasts.

Loyal Pets

Who wants to go on adventures without a furry companion at their side? Perfectly counterbalancing the bloodthirsty foes, pets will follow players around the map once they reach Level 54. Players can freely switch between having their Pets or tamed Dragons following them depending on their mood.

There are plenty of cute critters to choose from, ranging from puppies and kittens to bunnies and piggies. Each one contains the power of a different element that can aid the player in battle. One thing unites them all, they’re adorable! There is plenty of customization available too, Pets have their own Fashion system wherein players can give them distinct and fabulous new looks.

Legendary Armors

Forged from the fire of dragons, legendary collectible armors are like nothing else. For players fortunate enough to gain a set, they will witness an impress video scene as the armors’ new powers are bestowed upon them.

Lively Community

With abundant in-game events and updates, the Dragon Awaken community is a great place to make new friends. What better way to start your journey than by meeting fellow players on the Dragon Awaken Discord and Facebook groups? And what better time to start than during the exciting new Dragon Awaken HTML5 relaunch.

Along with this HTML5 upgrade, there will be more surprise events and version updates to bring to players. Stay tuned to see what’s going on with Dragon Awaken on all major platforms and don’t miss out on the benefits! More information on Dragon Awaken can be found on the official website. The best way to learn, however, is by playing the game and getting started! Now play Dragon Awaken on Game Hollywood and R2 Games! May your fire-breathing adventures begin!

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