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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is one of the most well-known anime games in mobile gaming, and it doesn’t seem it’ll be dying anytime soon. It can be a bit confusing for beginners to get their feet ready for the action due to the number of instructions one has to follow. Luckily, this guide exists to help newcomers understand how the game works. The particular guide will try to simplify every bit of information so that even those who haven’t played the game will get to grasp its essence.

Before we start the guide, let’s get to know what is Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle in the first place. It’s a free-to-play (F2P) mobile game based on the Dragon Ball anime by Toei Animation and manga by Akira Toriyama. Developed by Akatsuki and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment back in 2015.

Home Screen

The first thing you see the moment your game is done loading is the home screen. It includes your selected characters, as well as, your deck’s leader. To change the displayed character, just rotate the circle with your finger, and magic will occur. At the top of your screen, you can see a few things: Your rank, stamina, experience, Zeni currency, and how many Dragon Stones you own.

In the middle of the screen, there are 6 options to click on. I’ll explain below what each of these represents:

  • Recommended Characters: A section that recommends suitable characters for beginners who are just getting started. These characters are randomly picked and they’re bound to change at any moment.
  • Mission: After finishing quests and battles, you are rewarded with items that are essential to progress into the game. These items can be obtained from this section.
  • Shenron: Amidst your quest, you may stumble on Dragon Balls every now and then. After collecting all the seven Dragon Balls for Shenron or Porunga, you are rewarded handsomely.
  • Menu: This section includes several settings such as Data Linking, Options, your friends’ list, language, and voice settings, etc.
  • Gift: Whenever you log in, you receive daily awards. These awards are usually items and Dragon Stones.
  • News: A section for you to stay up to date with current news and upcoming events.
  • Start: Initiate your journey into the game.

Team Interface

In this section, you get to see a glimpse of your Team, Items, Awaken, Dokkan Awaken, and more. The first option shows the Team you’ve chosen. Of course, you can obviously change your characters at any time you want. Next, there’s Sell. The game allows you to sell any character that comes to your mind as long as it’s not equipped, but be careful with what you sell. Plenty of characters are extremely valuable and Seriously Super Rare to find.

You can also train your character to their maximum level then normally awaken or Dokkan Awaken them later on if you have the required materials. You can access your obtained materials and goods from the Items section. For other sections to be unlocked, you have to follow certain requirements. These requirements will be filled if you spend a chunk of your time in the game.

The closed sections that you’re looking at in the picture above are the following: Reverse and The Hidden Potential. The latter is a system where you can improve a character, even beyond the Max Lv of a character. To unlock the system you have to be ranked 50 or above, cleared stage 2 of An Epic Showdown on Z-Hard difficulty. Meanwhile, Reverse is the process of turning a character from LR to UR. Or, UR to SSR. You also unlock it by following the same steps of unlocking the Hidden Potential System.

Lastly, Special Stickers are items that can be used to apply an exclusive visual effect to a character. They can only be applied to characters that are able to Extreme Z-Awaken and to Dokkan Festival characters. Bear in mind that some stickers are only made for one character.

Summon and Shop

Like any Gacha game out there, DBZ: Dokkan Battle allows for summoning characters anytime. Summoning is done through two options; Single-Summon or Multi-Summon. Summoning great characters always depends on your luck and the timing the summoning was conducted. Luckily, you rarely run out of Dragon Stones in this game, but be wise when summoning since not every day is a holiday.

Alternatively, you can recruit characters with Celebration Summon Tickets. These tickets are obtained after each festival so use them wisely. In addition, you can recruit Rare or SR/SSR characters using Zeni currency, but these characters are only useful for sacrificing them in the training section to enhance your character.

Since summoning uses Dragon Stones, you can purchase them by heading over to the Shop section down below.

Baba’s Shop

The summon section isn’t the only corner where you can get new cards. As it turns out, Baba’s Shop has also got some goodies that you really want to check out. Baba is selling Awakening Medals, Character Cards, Items, and more. Every now and then there’s a discount in the Trade Pts. section for Awakening Medals that proves to be useful in case if you want to Awaken one of your characters.

Game Modes Guide

For beginners, Quest is the story mode of the game and can be accessed via the blue Start in the images above. Here you can experience Dokkan’s storyline as you travel through different areas. Each area has multiple stages with each stage having up to 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Z-Hard. Each difficulty consumes your stamina. The higher you go, the more stamina you lose. Here are quick details for difficulty:

  • Normal: The standard difficulty, and it’s easy to progress in the game if you stick to this one.
  • Hard: Proves to be a challenge as it requires strong cards with fully leveled characters.
  • Z-Hard: A hellish challenge if your team is not filled with fully leveled and awakened cards. The difficulty imposes certain requirements on the player though.

You get to unlock a new difficulty titled ” Super ” after you clear Area 19. However, that difficulty is tough, and you’ll want to have a strong team to finish it. Thankfully, it’s not a necessity unless if you want to farm for items and cards.

Quest mode is easy to breeze through if you stick with the Normal mode. The mode also awards you with Dragon Stones, Zeni currency of Dokkan Battle. In addition to this, You will find Dragon Balls scattered around throughout the stage. Make sure to collect any Dragon Ball you find. In case if you’ve missed one, you can always go back and try again.

Dragon Stones aren’t the only valuable items in the game, green Incredible Gems are too. These gems start to appear from Area 16 onwards. These are usually obtained through fighting special enemies, and you can exchange them at Baba’s Shop for cards.

Event Guide

This section will tackle various events in the game, as well as, explaining what each of these events represents. Bear in mind that these events are bound to change every time.

Story Event

Events are divided into 4 categories: Story, Growth, Challenge, and Z-Battle.  We start with Story events. Basically, this one lets you re-experience the events of the original anime and manga on your phone. You get to fight renowned villains such as Cell, Frieza, Buu, and the Androids. This event is useful if you want to win valuable cards, items, and more. Unfortunately, you may recruit some bad characters in the events, but they come in handy when you need to sacrifice them.

For beginners, it’s best to check out these story events early on to get the best cards at the beginning of the game.

Growth Event

Growth has got the best thing in Dokkan Battle. New players have to seriously check this section if they want to have the best items early on in the game. Of course, there are many growth events every day, and each of these events rewards you with something. For instance,  Full on Crisis Bulma on Duty is a God’s gift event that lets you quickly earn 10 Dragon Stones every time you clear this event. Meanwhile, Epic Showdown is a facile event that rewards players with a Goku Card that they can easily Dokkan Awaken to SSJ Goku. He may not be strong, but he can be useful early on.

As you mostly have figured out already, this event consists of stages. Normal and Hard difficulty Stages drop 5 Gregory and 10 Bubbles Awakened Medals. Meanwhile, Z-Hard difficulty drops the R Overflowing Resolve- Goku TEQ Card that can be Dokkan Awakened into SR Message from Another World – Goku (Angel) AGL.

On the other hand, stage 2 drops SR Message from Another World – Goku (Angel). This card can be of course Dokkan Awakened into SSR Legendary Super Saiyan – SSJ Goku TEQ by using what’s you’ve earned on Z-Hard difficulty.

Training with Korin is worth the shot if you want to obtain lots of training items. You can use these items to power up your characters to their maximum level.

Turtle School Training is great early on if you want to quickly level up your rank, but as you progress, this event becomes pretty much useless. However, the extra platinum Turtle-Shells makes it a recommended event regardless.

If you want to get filthy rich, Hercules World’s Tournament has got your back. Not only do you obtain Hercules status that you can sell in exchange for Zeni but you also earn items and EXP.

Training in the Clouds is a daily Stage that rewards the player with Battle Items, EXP, or Awakening Medals depending on which path you choose. Additionally, if that isn’t enough for you, pick up Battle for Awakening Medals. The title is self-explanatory, so no need to get into further details with this one.

Challenge Event

A challenging event that rewards you with several UR cards that can be awakened into LR. Before you proceed into this event, make sure you are equipped with a strong team.


An event for masochists looking for challenging fights. Z-Battle events usually have tough restrictions and get harder with every Stage you fight. Luckily, the first stage doesn’t require any Stamina, but as you progress, the price becomes higher and the difficulty keeps on spiking.

World Tournament

Once every two months for the weekends, you can engage in Events and compete with players all over the world. It can get tough as the players you will be encountering may be powerful to defeat, but it’s worth participating even if you are not very strong. Because after all, among the rewards you’ll get are Dragon Stones, SSR tickets, and exclusive SSRs.

Ultimate Clash

As the name implies, this corner is reserved for pro players. So, don’t worry about it for now. Wait until you’ve ranked up.

Portal Memories

This section allows you to revisit old events at the cost of special Keys. These keys are usually given in Log in rewards. However, if you find yourself low on keys, you can always buy them in the Exchange Treasure Shop.

Pettan Battle

A newly added mode that lets you engage other opponents using Sticker Cards. You basically deploy your cards and watch as they automatically engage. Fights take up to 45 minutes at times and quitting the match is not advisable as you will lose your card and gain nothing in return. Obtaining these stickers is easy:

  • From the Login Bonus of Pettan Battle.
  • Winning fights
  • Accomplishing specific missions
  • Sticker Card Packs by defeating enemy Sticker Cards

Basic Mechanics of the Game

Each card has its own Skill that can benefit both the team and the card. Skills are the following: Leader Skills, Passive Skills, Link Skills, Active Skills, and Super Attacks. This section will tackle all of that below.

Leader Skills

When a leader is equipped, his skill benefits the whole team. That is why it’s called ” Leader Skill “. Choosing a leader with the best skills is crucial to guarantee triumph. As you can see above, when Gogeta is equipped as the leader, all types benefit from Ki +2, ATK+2500 which is great.

You can also have two Leader Skills Active in regular content, with the second one coming from a Guest Card chosen before each Quest. Be sure to choose a Guest Card that fits well with your Team. You can also have two Leader Skills when choosing a Guest (friend) Card before each Quest. Make sure to pick a well-suited Guest Card with your team.

Passive Skills

There exist several effects depending on the cards you choose. Some cards can lower enemies ATK & DEF, Heal Damage, Boost your ATK, and so forth. Before you pick a card, make sure to read their Passive Skill.

Super Attacks

When you gather 12 Ki you active the special move known as Super Attack. However, some particular cards don’t require collecting 12 Ki to active their Super Attack.  And similar to Passive Skill, some cards have extra effects that are attached to their Super Attack. Like increasing your ATK & DEF or lowering your enemies Stats. Bear in mind that the more KI you collect, the higher your damage will be. It can reach up to 160% most of the time depending on the card.

Link Skills

When cards with the same Link Skill are placed next to another the particular skill is activated. The process of doing this is simple and offers ki Boosts and extra effects.

Active Skills

Like Passive Skills, Active Skills have several activation conditions and effects. For instance, some allow for transformation while others cause extreme damage attacks. All these skills that we went through are highly recommended to assure victory against your enemies.

Dragon Balls Guide

The Dragon Balls are scattered throughout the stages. Collect 7 of these and you can make one Wish reward come true. Upon completion, the Dragon Balls will reappear and you’ll be obliged to collect them once again. But what do you get from these wishes you may ask. Well, there exist 3  wish batches, and I’ll talk about them below.

Wish Batch 1

  1. I want more allies!: Increases Card Inventory by 10 and rewards you with 10 Dragon Stones.
  2. I want a bunch of items:  You are given 20 Training Location Items and 95 Battle Support Items.
  3. I want a stronger team: Increase your Team Cost by 10, and awards the player 30 Awakening Medals as well.
  4. I want help in battle: The ability to take 4 types of Battle Support Items instead of 3, and allows you to bring 2 of each item instead of only 1.

Wish Batch 2

  1. Gimme lots of treasures (2x): Gives you 100 Incredible Gems.
  2. I want to have more allies (2x): Increases Card Inventory by 10 and reward you with 10 Dragon Stones.
  3. I want more teams: You get an extra Team Deck Slot.
  4. I want to make an AGL/TEQ/INT/STR/PHY character stronger:  Rewards you with 16 type-specific Awakening Medals and 7 Z-Sword Training Items. You can make this wish once for each type.

Wish Batch 3

  1. I want to go back to the past: Get 10 Incredible Hourglass medals for the Reverse Dokkan function.
  2. I want more teams: Get an extra Team Deck Slot.
  3. Unlock AGL/TEQ/INT/STR/PHY Type hidden potential:  Rewards you 1500 Small Orbs, 1000 Medium Orbs and 100 Big Orbs of the chosen type to be used in Hidden Potential
This marks the end of this guide. Thank you for reading.
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