A Market for Swindlers

Play 10 0-cost cards – 40 Gold

Delvin: They say there’s a Swindler’s Market in Morthal now. Make sure we get our cut.

A Show of Strength

Win 3 games with Strength – 40 Gold

Rogthun: Got a job for you. We’ve had complaints about a new gang in town. Go flex your muscles and scare them off.

Arrow In The Night

Win 3 games with Archer (Strength & Agility) – 50 Gold

Lywen: The archer on my highway robbery crew is injured. Think you can fill in?

Bandit Hunt

Attack your opponent 30 times – 50 Gold

Valnia: We’ve got a bandit problem. How many do you think you can kill?

Biting The Hand

Change 15 creatures with Beast Form – 1 Heroes of Skyrim Pack

Kodlak: The Silver Hand has taken one of our own. We must make them pay with blood and claw.

Eager Victims

Win 3 Versus Arena games – 60 Gold

Taviah: I need you to test this destruction spell on someone. Now where can we find people eager to die…

Filling In

Win 3 games with House Telvanni (Intelligence, Agility & Endurance) – 60 Gold

Aryon: I have a task I’d normally only entrust to a high ranking Telvanni. But you seem competent for an outlander.

Gaining Leverage

Pilfer 6 times

Lywen: There’s a noble whose been promising to clean up the town. See if you can find some leverage that can shut her up.

Grand Designs

Play 10 cards that cost 10 or more – 1 Morrowind Pack

You dream of Dagoth Ur, gathering power at the Red Mountain. He is calling you once more, urging you to find this power.

Hunting Big Game

Summon 15 creatures that cost 4 or more

Rogthun: We’ve been asked to kill a Giant near Riften. We’re gonna need some big figthers for this one.

Killing The Dead

Destroy 15 enemy creatures with actions – 60 Gold

Taviah: We’ve found a tomb of undead resistant to normal weapons. Dispatch them before they kill another hapless knight.

New Recruits

Summon 30 creatures that cost 3 or less – 50 Gold

Lywen: We have some prospects looking to join our ranks. Take them on a job and find out if they’re up to it.

Secrets of Magicka

Boost your max magicka 6 times

Kianra: Magicka is a mage’s best friend, my mother always said. I have a book on the subject if you’re interested.

Setting Up The Shill

Move 5 creatures – 40 Gold

Lywen: Got a shill job for you. Plant this false evidence in the mark’s home. Stay on the move, in and out.

Silent Stalker

Win 3 games with Scout (Agility & Endurance) – 50 Gold

Lywen: We have a mark who’s hiding a big stash somewhere in town. You need to tail him until he leads you to it.

Stopping The Fire

Gain 40 Health – 60 Gold

Valnia: There’s a rogue Flame Atronach on the loose. You’ll need to be able to heal yourself to withstand its flames.

Summoning Training

Summon 5 Daedra creatures – 40 Gold

Taviah: Looking to improve your conjuration skills? Try summoning these atronachs. Most of them are perfectly tame.

Taviah’s Ritual

Play 10 Support cards – 60 Gold

Taviah: I’m casting a complex ritual, and you’re the most competent mage I can find. It’ll be lucrative if you survive.

Watching The Baron

Summon 12 creatures with Guard – 40 Gold

Rogthun: The local baron needs a bodyguard. He’s a wealthy patron, so don’t screw it up.

Bonus Daily Quests

Evoker Bonus Quest

Win 5 Games with Willpower – 60 Gold

Naris: Ah! Our new evoker! I am Archmage Naris. I have been impressed by the power of your will. Let’s put it to the test.

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