The Elder Scrolls: Legends – All Player Titles

Councilor of Dagoth

The Master Wizard

The House Leader

Summon 300 Dark Elves.

The Tactician

Move 30 creatures.

Common Titles

Fighters Guild Associate

Complete 3 Fighters Guild Quests.

Mages Guild Associate

Complete 3 Mages Guild Quests.

Mages Guild Evoker

Complete 10 Mages Guild Quests.

The Assassin

Use Lethal creatures to kill 200 creatures.

The Blademaster

Play 200 items.

The Captain

Play 100 Guards.

The Chamberlain of Sheogorath

Complete 1 Chaos Arena event.

The Clever

Defeat your opponent in six turns or less.

The Deadly

Kill 1.000 creatures.

The Destructive

Deal 10.000 damage.

The Fisherman

Kill 10 Slaugtherfish.

The Forgotten Hero

Starting title.

The Healer

Gain 500 health.

The Hist Mage

Reach 15 max magicka in a game.

The Imperial Captain

Summon 300 Imperials.

The Kingslayer

Assassinated the King of Wayrest.

The Lone Warrior

Win a game dealing damage with one creature.

The Monster Hunter

Kill 150 Undead and Daedra.

The Quick

Starting Title.

The Runebreaker

Destroy 500 runes.

The Savior of Cyrodiil

Complete Chapter 20.

The Smart

Starting title.

The Smuggler

Complete Chapter 8.

The Strong

Starting title.

The Temple’s Chosen

Reach 40 health at the Temple of Akatosh.

The Victorious

Win 100 games.

Thieves Guild Pickpocket

Complete 3 Thieves Guild Quests.

Rare Titles

The Pastry Chef

Make a Sweet Roll.

The Supreme Atromancer

Summon 40 atronachs.

Epic Titles

Hero of the People

Complete Cunning, Mighty, Nimble, Resolute, and Stalwart.

The Dovahkiin

A mortal warrior with the soul of a dragon.

The Nerevarine

The chosen one of Azura’s prophecy.

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