Legends Solo Arena Rewards

Due to the way Solo Arena rewards work, it’s very hard to estimate exactly what you are going to get.

Your arena rank, along with the number of wins you get (and a ton of RNG of course), will determine your reward.

For example, if you get 9 wins at Rank 1, your reward will be better than if you get 9 wins at Rank 8. Similarly, you will be getting better items for 7 wins at Rank 7, than 4 wins at Rank 7.

Even 0 wins will net you a reward, in most cases almost breaking-even the gold it costs to enter (you lost 3 games after all, that requires effort!), usually giving you back 1 card pack and 30 gold.

Each rank promotion you get, will net you 50 extra gold. You will also gain a special legendary card when you reach 9 wins for the first time, but no more spoils on that!

Legends Versus (PvP) Arena Rewards

PvP Arena rewards are far better than Solo Arena, and it’s only natural, since you’re competing with human players (even though the AI is very tough as well, when you progress the Solo ranks).

The main difference is the win cap, where the max number of wins you can achieve is 7, while at 3 losses the arena ends.

The enemies’ skill level is going to be based on a similar win-ratio with yours, and not so much of the Arena Rank, and that’s fair IMHO.

The rewards from PvP are far more predictable than Solo, since your Rank is mainly “aesthetic”.

Possible rewards based on number of wins:

  • 0 Wins – 1 Pack & 20-30 Gold
  • 1 Win   – 1 Pack, 25-35 Gold & 25-35 Soul Gems
  • 2 Wins – 1 Pack, 25-35 Gold, 0-95 Soul Gems and / or 0-2 cards (rare or epic)
  • 3 Wins – 1 Pack, 30-50 Gold, 0-120 Soul Gems and / or 0-2 cards (rare or epic)
  • 4 Wins – 1-2 Packs, 35-60 Gold, 0-150 Soul Gems and / or 0-2 cards (rare or epic)
  • 5 Wins – 1-2 Packs, 60-80 Gold & 0-175 Soul Gems and / or 0-2 cards (rare or epic)
  • 6 Wins – 2-3 Packs, 100-130 Gold & 0-200 Soul Gems and / or 0-2 cards (rare or epic)
  • 7 Wins – 3-4 Packs, 150-170 Gold & 150-250 Soul Gems or 1 card (epic or legendary)

Each time you get to 7 wins you get a Rank Promotion, which earns you 50 additional gold.

It’s very hard to find data from many players on the exact Versus Arena rewards, so take the above values as a close estimate.

What’s sure, is that 5+ wins will get you the best rewards, and you definitely break-even the gold cost with 3 wins.

Legends Chaos Arena Rewards

The Chaos Arena is a special monthly event, that’s the same with Versus, but contains special lanes and rules for each game, making it harder, and more fun!

The drops stay the same with Versus.

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