Published on August 21, 2021
Updated on August 27, 2022

Elyon Realms & Races - What to Choose

Elyon (previously Ascent: Infinite Realm) is using the old-school Realm vs Realm system, which means two main opposing factions. Unlike WoW or BnS however, you have to choose your Realm as soon as you launch the game for the first time, and all of your future alts will also be members of the same faction.

This is a pretty stupid way to promote group play, since god forbid you or your friends start playing on a realm that you haven’t agreed upon. I hope this atrocious mechanic gets changed before the official western launch, and they make it like BnS at least, where you can freely change between Realms, or at least like WoW – where each alt can choose his own!

On the races front, there are only 4 to choose from in Elyon, but at least they are not gender-locked – except for the “furry weeb asian” race, which is obviously genderless. Let’s take a closer look at both your Realm & Race choices!

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Elyon Realms

As mentioned, the Realm choice you make as soon as you create your first character, will stick with your account forever. The Realm that includes fewer players, will be the one that’s recommended, but it’s pretty much an Alliance / Horde case here, so I hope you go with Vulpin. ?


[Descendants of the Kingdom motivated by honor and a great cause]

The Vulpin Parliament is a faction formed by those who dream of the righteous and honorable Solum Kingdom’s revival.

Vulpin, who encourages protecting the weak and combating injustice as the noblest acts, yearns to see the Solum Kingdom thrive. The Parliament rules over Southern Harth with the distinguished authority of the Este Senate.

Vulpin strives to punish the Ontari Union, a group of avaricious rebels, in order to restore peace and order to Harth. As such, it is critical that the Vulpin Parliament obtains the ultimate power which lies beyond Elyon.

The thought of Ontari reaching Elyon before Vulpin is simply inconceivable.

If you understand honor and justice, then you are welcome to join the ranks of Vulpin and reassert justice in Harth.


[Intrepid dreamers looking to begin a new era]

The Ontari Union is a congregation of up-and-coming factions that refute the reign of Solum Kingdom. Practical and reasonable, Ontari wishes to forge a new Harth in their image, leading Northern Harth with the immense charisma of the Vissen Federal Agency.

Ontari seeks to drive out the Vulpin Parliament—the incompetent dictators of Harth—and start a new chapter in Harth’s history.

To accomplish this, Ontari must claim the ultimate power that rests beyond Elyon. The Ontari and Vulpin will never be able to go across Elyon together.

If you are wise and rational, you are welcome to join under the Ontari flag and help bring in the dawn of a new era.

Elyon Races

Fortunately your race choice in Elyon is purely aesthetical, since all races can use all classes, and both genders (with the exception of Ein, which is genderless).


Ein, Elyon Race

Race Description: The Eins are actually a conglomeration of diverse races, which makes it difficult to characterize them in only a few words. That does not mean that these small bipedal folk don’t share any commonalities, though. They all like shiny things, and they can put together any complex object in no time. Even though they are mocked for their size, no one can deny the fact that Eins are the best engineers in the world.


Elf, Elyon Race

Race Description: It isn’t just their long lifespan that elves have to boast about. Born with high intelligence and sharp senses, elves adapted to the ever-changing history of Harth, fully inheriting the customs and knowledge of their ancestors. Some scholars refer to elves as the prodigies of Harth as a sign of reverence.


Human, Elyon Race

Race Description: Humans don’t have exceptional talents, delicate crafting skills, or robust physiques. However, there is one thing they have plenty of: a fiery passion that’s second to none. The continent of Harth may be harsh and cruel, but it wasn’t enough to discourage the humans from flourishing more than any other race. Nowadays, human civilization is the standard for all others.


Orc, Elyon Race

Race Description: Orcs are often misunderstood as a barbaric race due to their belligerent, combative nature. However, one would be mistaken to believe that ores are hooligans who mistreat others or look down on the weak. Though in truth, they mostly value achieving things through honed muscle. The machinery and technology of Harth may have diminished the importance of physical labor, but there will never come a time where an ore’s combat skills and brute force will lose their value.

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