Published on January 29, 2023

Fate: Grand Order - How to Play On PC & Transfer Your Account

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Fate/Grand Order is one of the most commercially successful Gacha games out there. It revolves around summoning hundreds of different servants and cooperating with them in an incredible journey to restore the normality of established past events in order to save humanity!

There is however one unfortunate thing about F/GO. It can only be played on mobile devices, and there is no statement or intention of releasing the game on Windows by the Developers. As you will see in this guide however, there is a way to play this game on a PC by following some specific steps.

Table of Contents

Important Notes Before You Play FGO On PC

  • First of all, a Fate/Grand Order account cannot be active on more than 1 device. This means that, at a given moment, you will have to choose to play on your PC or on your mobile device.
  • For your own reasons, you may want to revert back to your mobile device. In order to do that, you perform the same steps I mentioned above, but you substitute the PC for Mobile and vice versa.
  • Last and most likely most important of all, when you finish the transfer, whether it is from PC to Mobile or vice versa, always generate a new “Transfer Number” and write it down! You never know when you may need it!

Generate A Transfer Number On Your Mobile Account

First of all, you need to generate a Transfer Number. This can be done by going to “My Room” and then “Issue Transfer Number”. You will then have to create a password, which will be needed during the transfer, so make sure to remember it!

After creating a password, your “Transfer Number” will be revealed. Make sure to write it down, because its randomness can be quite confusing.

This pretty much sums up all the steps you need to do in your phone.

Set Up A Mobile Emulator for Your PC

First of all, you need to download an android emulator on your PC. There are many different emulators that you can use, but I would suggest using one of the most commonly known ones (Bluestacks, LDPlayer, etc).

Most emulators will require you to enable virtualization on your PC, which you can achieve by accessing your system’s BIOS, locating it on your CPU’s settings, and enabling it.

You can check our full guide on how to play mobile games on PC if you are stuck in this step.

Transfer Your Account Data From Mobile to PC

  1. After you have set up your preferred emulator, use it’s in-built search function for “Fate/Grand Order (English)” and download it.
  2. Open the game and wait patiently for it to download the required data.
  3. After the download is over, you will be prompted to select your country of origin and afterwards you will be greeted by the classic F/GO Start screen.
  4. There, on the bottom left of your screen, you can see “Data Transfer”. Press it, and you will be presented with a screen where you can input the “Transfer Number” and the password you created.

If the input is successful, your game data from your phone will transfer to your PC and you will be able to play!

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