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Fate: Grand Order Saint Quartz - How to Get Free & Where to Spend

Saint Quartz is undeniably the most important currency in F/GO, since it allows you to summon new powerful servants to aid you in your quest through the Singularities and Lostbelts! Although you can purchase Saint Quartz with actual money, it is possible to gather thousands of them (and perform hundreds of rolls!) without spending a single dime! In this guide, we will have a look at the ways this can happen.

Get Saint Quartz Through Quests & Events

Playing through the main quest

Sounds pretty straightforward, but playing through the singularities can net you a good amount of Saint Quartz since every time a quest is finished you are awarded with 1 of these valuable crystals! So make sure to level up your servants and to grab a good support servant in order to make it through the battles!

Aside from getting 1 Saint Quartz for every main quest, you also receive 10 Saint Quartz for every Singularity, Pseudo-Singularity or Lostbelt you finish!

One more thing that is worth mentioning, is that because of last year’s anniversary, all main quests also reward you with Saint Quartz Fragments after completion!

Playing the free quests

For almost all main quests you finish, the node they were previously occupying will now be inhabited by a new “free” quest. These quests award you with 1 Saint Quartz upon completion! Free quests are probably the faster way to obtain Saint Quartz, since they are quicker to finish than their main quest counterparts, and like in the latter, upon completion of 10 of these quests, you are once again rewarded with 10 Saint Quartz!

Playing the Events

While events awards are usually oriented towards event currency, there still are some event quests that reward you with Saint Quartz. With the augmented frequency of events, they have become a steady source of Saint Quartz, along with other important materials, such as Holy Grails for Palingenesis, which are required in order to ascend a servant beyond their final ascension cap.

Get Saint Quartz Through Your Servants

By playing Interludes/Rank Up Quests

Playing Interludes/Rank Up Quests is one of the most reliable ways to obtain Saint Quartz, especially after you have finished the Main/Free missions that are available. In order to unlock these missions, you need to reach a specific ascension point, that varies for different servants, and also you need to reach a certain bond level with the servant which you desire to unlock these quests for.

You can increase your Bond Level with a servant if you place them in your squad during missions.

Finishing 1 Rank Up Quest / Interlude usually nets you with 2 Saint Quartz, which is a pretty good deal considering you also upgrade your servants in the process.

Completing 10 Rank Up Quests / Interludes rewards you with 10 Saint Quartz as well!

By increasing your bond level with high rarity servants

As I mentioned earlier, you can increase your Bond Level with a servant by using them in your missions.

If you reach Bond Level 6 with a servant of 3-stars rarity or above, you will start receiving Saint Quartz for each level you achieve.

For example :

  • Once reaching Bond Level 6 with Jeanne D’Arc Alter, which is a 5-star Avenger, you will receive 3 Saint Quartz.
  • Same goes for all Bond Levels until 9.
  • Upon reaching Bond Level 10, you will be awarded with a special Craft Essence, and the ability to unlock further Bond Levels, up until level 15.
  • The amazing thing is that for each Bond Level you proceed through after 10, you will be awarded 30 Saint Quartz!

Simply by ascending your characters

After last year’s anniversary, new quests were introduced that whenever you ascend a specific class servant to the final ascension, you receive 3 Saint Quartz! After completing this mission once, it can be completed again, however the number of servants you need to reach final ascension with becomes 2. You can easily get many Saint Quartz simply by ascending your servants and completing these missions with all kinds of different servants from different classes.

Other Ways to Earn Saint Quartz

Logging in daily

Logging in daily essentially guarantees you 4 Saint Quartz every week!

Aside from the usual Log In rewards however, F/GO many times hands out many Saint Quartz because of maintenance downtime or anniversaries!

Also it is worth to be noted that there is a login count that awards you with Saint Quartz: For every 10 days you login until the 50th day, you receive 10 Saint Quartz for free! For every 25 days until day 100, you receive 10 more! After day 100, for every 50 days you log in, you receive 30(!!) Saint Quartz!

And the best news is, that this counter is cumulative and NOT consecutive. This means that not logging in for some days does NOT reset this streak!

Completing Weekly missions

Every week, you will have the opportunity to complete 7 new missions that award you with 3 Saint Quartz Fragments each. These missions are usually very easy to finish, and can provide a steady source of 21 Saint Quartz Fragments per week. Upon exchanging the fragments, you will be rewarded with 3 Saint Quartz!

These are pretty much all the ways you can get free Saint Quartz that currently exist in the game. If you do all the stuff I mentioned, you will definitely become a Saint Quartz connoisseur.

Where To Spend Your Saint Quartz

Summoning new servants and Craft Essences

The most common use of Saint Quartz is to perform summons in order to get new servants and powerful Craft Essences. Using 3 Saint Quartz performs a summon that will always give you 3-Star or higher rarity servants or Craft Essence. I would strongly advise you to never do single rolls, because it is always more profitable to use up of your Saint Quartz to do 10 rolls instead, which will also award you with a gift of one more summon, which brings the number to 11 summons. Also, rolling 10’s also guarantees you that you will receive a minimum of a 3-star servant and 4-star Craft Essence, which is way better than rolling single’s and having no guarantees.

Reviving your party with full HP and NP

If your whole party dies during a battle, you can expend one Saint Quartz in order to revive your party with full HP and NP. This is quite unprofitable however since you can do the same thing by using 3 of your command spells or a leyline stone. It is advisable not to use your Saint Quartz in this way.

Filling your AP bar

The last way to use your Saint Quartz is to refill your Action Points bar in order to play more quests without waiting for it to refill on it’s own. However, using your Quartz like this, similarly to using it to revive, highly unprofitable. There are other ways to refill your AP bar, like using fruits or leveling up, and of course waiting for it to refill on it’s own is the smartest decision in order to safeguard your Saint Quartz.

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