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Forsaken World Classes - What to Play

Forsaken World offers a wide variety of 14 classes, that are heavily race-locked, but hopefully not gender locked! It includes all the main classes you’d expect from an old-school MMORPG, while adding a few unique ones for taste!

Each class can choose 1 out of 3 specialization paths, opening up even more possibilities and builds.

Since it’s quite hard to choose from 42 options, we hope that this short guide will help you alleviate some of the pain!


Assassin, Forsaken World Class

Races: Human (M/F), Kindred (M/F), Lycan (M)

Assassins are agile killers who love light weapons and dark nights. Only Humans, Kindred, and Lycan are capable of being Assassins.

  • Poison: With a combination of vile poisons and quick daggers, Assassins who study venom bring heavy damage-dealing capabilities to any group.
  • Edge: Edge Assassins master the blade above all other things and can overwhelm their enemies with devastating blows and confusing maneuvers.
  • Dark: A master of Darkness cares little if his opponents a single soldier or a ravenous horde. These Assassins are masters of speed and stealth, and bring chaos and death to all they face.


Bard, Forsaken World Class

Races: Elf (M/F)

Agile and graceful, Bards play melodious music to inspire their allies and frighten their enemies. Only Elves may become Bards.

  • Wind: Wind Bards personify the grace of their element, providing benefits to themselves and their allies.
  • Water: Lovers of somber and dulcet melodies, Bards who focus on Water magic confuse and cripple enemies with their songs of doom.
  • Light: Light Bards weave powerful healing magic into every note. Their songs have saved many an injured ally.


Dragoon, Forsaken World Class

Races: Human (M/F)

Emerging from the Dragon Realm, the Dragoons are warriors that have inherited the ancient spirits of the Dragons, tasked with the duty to protect Eyrda.

  • Ashen: I shall surrender myself to the eternal flame, and burn my enemies with my ashen fury!
  • Sleet: The land freezes where my lance touches, binding the bodies and souls of my enemies.
  • Bleak: Divine condemnation leaves everything a bleak void. I condemn my foes.


Juggernaut, Forsaken World Class

Races: Human (M/F)

The mysterious new force that will create a new order in the continent. They will slay all who dare stand in their way. This is their attitude towards the world.

  • Rage: They have given up some defensive abilities in order to stack their offensive force. Ignoring their bleeding bodies, they will risk their lives to fight the enemy. But more often than not, they are not the ones to die.
  • Renunciation: Moving swiftly like phantoms, attacking heavily like hurricanes, they are the reapers of the battlefield.
  • Military: They are great attackers and good defenders. As the physically-strong Juggernauts grasp the power of magic, they are the most versatile warriors.


Mage, Forsaken World Class

Races: Human (M/F), Kindred (M/F)

Human and Kindred Mages are masters of devastating magic who were drawn to its power and now spread its chaos.

  • Fire: Fire Mages tend to be an indiscriminate lot. In keeping with the preferred element, they bring destruction to many enemies at once.
  • Lightning: Masters of wind and storm, Lightning Mages rain down death from above, whether it be a raging tornado to stop an army in its tracks or a single bolt of lightning to turn an enemy to dust.
  • Frost: Frost Mages have the advantage of dealing with a more substantive element. From razor-sharp blades of ice to thick protective barriers, they are masters of flexibility.


Marksman, Forsaken World Class

Races: Dwarf (M/F)

Dwarves deal damage from long range using hand-crafted rifles. Stout and sturdy, only a Dwarf may be a Marksman.

  • Precision: Precision Marksmen: for when you absolutely, positively need to bring down that one target.
  • Soul: Soul Marksmen channel the powers of Balder himself to master thievery essence of a Soul Bullet and unleash it on their enemies.
  • Burst: The explosive potential of each rifle bullet is exploited by Burst Marksmen, who live to immolate vast swaths of their enemies.


Races: Human (M/F), Elf (M/F), Lycan (F)

Priests are support casters that excel at healing and supporting their allies. Only Humans, Elves, and Lycan have the faith necessary to be Priests.

  • Divine: A focus on the healing and blessing powers of Light magic makes Divine Priests popular among their allies.
  • Rebel: Rebel Priests believe that helping one self is the first step to reaching perfection. They seek independence  through a combination of healing and damage dealing abilities.
  • Glacial: A healthy interest in meditation and internal reflection gives Glacial Priests access to powerful Water magic and abilities to control the pace of battle.


Protector, Forsaken World Class

Races: Stoneman (M)

Stonemen are conjured from stone. They worship Tytan and Solarien. Every Stoneman feels the urge to protect the land from whence he came.

  • Earth: Taking breaks from guarding allies to take the fight to the enemy directly is the focus of any Diamond Protector.
  • Light: A dazzling array of powerful auras let Granite Protectors adjust their tactics to the needs of each battle.
  • Protector: Sturdy as a statue, Marble Protectors truly live up to their name, ensuring no harm comes to their allies.


Ranger, Forsaken World Class

Races: Elf (M/F), Demon (M/F)

Ranger has inherited the traditional archery. They are elegant but also fatal. They use agile arrows to protect nature. Only Demons and Elves can take Ranger responsibilities.

  • Sky Shot: Rangers born with the Marksman Talent are equipped with hawk eyesight and meticulous power control. They deal massive damage on ranged enemies, but suffer weakness from melee attacks.
  • Hunt: Rangers born with the Hunt Talent are masters in different fighting skills. With friends alongside, they can easily cast AOE attacks and end the lives of their enemies.
  • Nature: Rangers born with the Nature Talent are called Masters of Nature. Besides their inborn power, they can also summon followers through the Nature Contract to fight with them. Don’t look down on these followers as they all have special abilities.


Reaper, Forsaken World Class

Races: Kindred (M/F), Lycan (M/F)

Reapers live in hatred and destruction. They are fearless warriors, willing to destroy their enemies by harming themselves for more power.

  • Bloodwind: Mastering the power of Wind Elements, Bloodwind Reapers are very powerful when faced with many enemies. They can start a storm of blood among the enemies by skills like group pulling and Wind controlling attacks.
  • Shadowbind: Living in shadows, the Shadowbind Reapers have great viability and intensity. They like to stand right in front of the enemies, bringing them fear. They are perfect to Tank for the group.
  • Bloodbrawl: Using blood as their media, Bloodbrawl Reapers have great power to face single enemies. They can reduce a living creature to a cold dead body instantly with single target Dark damage.


Tormentor, Forsaken World Class

Races: Demon (M/F)

In their quest to purge the world of all sinners, they inflic the most painful of torture on their enemies. They hail from the deepest depths of the abyss.

  • Hellfire: Demons hail from the world’s most dark and infernal paths. The high temperature of their native realm grants them explosive and fiery power that strikes fear into the hearts of all but the staunchest of enemies.
  • Torture: Tormentors are masters of the so-called art of torture. They revel in the agonized expressions of their captives, and they’re always inventing new ways to inflict and draw out suffering.
  • Darkpact: Demons have always been masters at manipulating the terms of a contract. There are many ways to obtain power in this world, but signing a contract with demons is undoubtedly the fastest… as long as you’re careful to read the fine print!


Vampire, Forsaken World Class

Races: Kindred (M/F)

Vampires can deal massive damage instantly, heal themselves and shapeshift. They are more powerful than you can imagine.

  • Blood: Some Kindred are so focused on blood that it becomes their central drive in combat, and is used to both benefit allies and punish enemies.
  • Dark: Dark Vampires master the fluidity of light and shadow so that the very flow of combat becomes their plaything.
  • Inferno: The only way to conquer a fear is to face it head on.


Warden, Forsaken World Class

Races: Elf (M), Kindred (F)

Warden is the favourite of Light and Dark. He has the sharp sword to attack and the solid shield to defend. He gains the support skill power from the stars.

  • Moon Eater: The moon rules the sky with the light from the sun. They are good at turning enemy’s energy into their own and can develop the full potential of the power. All the land under the moon is my territory.
  • Sun Ray: The warm sunlight brings them courage and power. They are masters of defending and guarding. They are light protectors in the battlefield.
  • Astromancy: The envoy of sky and the underworld are in charge of life and death. They are skilled in healing multiple targets over time. They are good supports in a team.


Warrior, Forsaken World Class

Races: Human (M/F), Elf (M/F)

Warriors are powerful melee fighters with a versatile arsenal of powerful skills. Only Humans and Elves can be Warriors.

  • Survival: Aegis Warriors know that a sharp sword is only good so long as you’re alive enough to wield it! They focus on defense, if only to make sure they finish their fights.
  • Bloodlust: Bloodlust Warriors use their love for combat as a weapon itself, terrifying enemies as they shrug off lethal blows and spells alike.
  • Elemental: Elemental Warriors abandon any thoughts of self-preservation on advanced tactics. Only by focusing one’s own skills with a blade can perfection be achieved.
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