Epic Games released its battle royal mode in September 2017 and at the end of the same year it made a huge success becoming the most popular game all over the world. At the very beginning of the game you can realize why this game is so much different from the other BR (battle royal) games.

Fortnite isn’t just a game where you pick a gun and start the killing, the whole game is based on building; learn how to build and eventually master it in order to eliminate your opponents easier.

Gameplay In a Nutshell

About the new players who just started playing Fortnite, as to be expected their first games will be in vain until they get used to the mechanics. In order of them to survive and take their first victory, they must play and practice a lot and maybe even watch some tutorials on Youtube. When it comes to the content, up to one hundred players are dropped from a bus. In order to win you will have to gather your gear and become the last man or the last team to survive.

Fortnite isn’t the very same game as when it was released. Epic always adds new stuff like new locations, weapons and even vehicles and of course LTM (Limited Time Modes) like the 50vs50 team mode or Team Rumble in order to make it more challenging and more interesting.

Currently, the 8th season just started and there were some changes at the map like moving the block’s location, adding a volcano and a new location. Finally buying the Battle Pass for only one-time gives you access to 100 tier of rewards that you can unlock by playing and completing challenges.

About Weapons & DPS

Continuing, below we will get some information about all the weapons and some of their stats and also the items that Fortnite has at this very moment.

First of all, what is the meaning of DPS?

DPS means Damage Per Second and it can be calculated by the amount of damage a weapon can do.

However, the DPS of a weapon is affected by some parameters like:

  • The Fire Rate
  • The Clip Size
  • The Damage Per Round
  • The Reload Time

The weapons in Fortnite are distinguished in these levels:

  • Common (Grey)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Orange)

Furthermore, the weapons are distinguished in these categories:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • SMGs
  • Explosives Weapons
  • Machine Guns

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles can be used for medium to long range attacks and they can deal great damage, but shooting continually will reduce your accuracy, making it much more difficult to damage your enemy.

Crouching while shooting helps to improve your aim and accuracy, although by standing still in the same spot for a while, you will become an easy target for possible enemy snipers.

Assault Rifles

They can be found in all levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. The common, uncommon and rare Assault Rifles can be called M16 or M4 and finally the epic and legendary rifles are called SCAR because they look like the real guns.

Assault Rifles are usually the first choice of every player, but it’s not the best choice though. Still, SCAR is a reliable weapon, capable of destroying your enemies, and it’s sure the best among the “family” of Assault Rifles.

Assault Rifle
Rarity Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 165 170.5 181.5 192.5 198
Damage 30 31 33 35 36
Fire Rate 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Magazine 30 30 30 30 30
Reload Time 2.3s 2.2s 2.2s 2.1s 2.1s

Suppressed Assault Rifles

They are available in epic and legendary level. They are ideal for medium range combat, with a great damage output. You can use it to damage your enemies’ buildings up-close and pressure them, without revealing your location.

Suppressed Assault Rifle
Rarity Epic Legendary
DPS 176 181.5
Damage 32 33
Fire Rate 5.5 5.5
Magazine 30 30
Reload Time 2.2s 2.1s

Heavy Assault Rifles

They could be found in these levels: rare, epic and legendary. But with the new update v8.10, they can be found in these: common, uncommon and rare. They have less Fire Rate and Magazine than the other Assault Rifles, but they do more damage.

Heavy Assault Rifle
Rarity Common Uncommon Rare
DPS 135 142.5 150
Damage 36 38 40
Fire Rate 3.75 3.75 3.75
Magazine 25 25 25
Reload Time 2.8s 2.66s 2.52s

Infantry Rifle or M1 Rifle

This is the most recent weapon added and you can find it in these levels: common, uncommon and rare. It has an 8-bullet magazine and it’s a semi-automatic rifle. Infantry Rifle deals good damage, but the fact it has only 8 bullets, has to make you a bit more conscious on the use.

Infantry Rifle / M1 Rifle
Rarity Uncommon Rare
DPS 172 180
Damage 43 45
Fire Rate 4.0 4.0
Magazine 8 8
Reload Time 2.4s 2.3s

Thermal Scope Assault Rifle

You can find this weapon in these levels: epic and legendary. Using these weapon, you can easily locate other players, chests, lamas and supply drops, because of it’s “thermal” ability. Keep in mind that this weapon has a heavy recoil making it difficult to damage the enemies if you shoot continuously.

Thermal Scope Assault Rifle
Rarity Epic Legendary
DPS 64.8 66.6
Damage 36 37
Fire Rate 1.8 1.8
Magazine 15 15
Reload Time 2.185s 2.07s

Scoped Assault Rifle

It is an assault rifle that is available in these levels: uncommon and rare. It can be very deadly, cause of its high accuracy. Using it at medium range combat is not recommended because of its low Fire Rate.

Scoped Assault Rifle
Rarity Uncommon Rare
DPS 80.5 84
Damage 23 24
Fire Rate 3.5 3.5
Magazine 20 20
Reload Time 2.3s 2.2s


Shotguns deal great damage on close combat. Always try to aim and shoot on the head and your chance to one-shot him and finish the battle quickly is pretty high.

Keep in mind that by firing with your shotgun and immediately swapping to your second shotgun, has a time penalty and cannot fire for a very short time.

As more pellets hit your target, the more damage the enemy will receive. Pump Shotguns do more damage but they have smaller Magazine and low Fire Rate than the Tactical Shotguns who do less damage but have bigger Magazine and higher Fire Rate.

Pump Shotgun

At Fortnite you will find Pump Shotguns at these levels: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. The damage that Pump Shotguns do is overwhelming, but keep in mind that they have lower Fire Rate from the other weapons.

If you don’t kill your enemy with the first shot, build something very fast, like a wall or a stair, in order to protect yourself from enemy’s shots, disrupt him and re-position yourself.

Pump Shotgun
Rarity Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 66.5 70 73.5 77
Damage 95 100 105 110
Fire Rate 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7
Magazine 5 5 5 5
Reload Time 4.8s 4.6s 4.4s 4.2s

Tactical Shotgun

Tactical Shotguns will be found in these levels: common, uncommon and rare. Its high Fire Rate and the good amount of damage that you can deal to your enemy, makes it the ideal weapon to finish your enemy at quick pace and without wasting too much time.

Tactical Shotgun
Rarity Common Uncommon Rare
DPS 100.5 105 111
Damage 67 70 74
Fire Rate 1.5 1.5 1.5
Magazine 8 8 8
Reload Time 6.3s 6.0s 5.7s

Sub Machine Guns

SMGs are very useful to close combat and are very effective destroying walls or any other building type during the fight. Use them in close combat, after you deal a good damage to your enemy with a shotgun. After the successful shotgun-shot was made, then immediately swap to your SMG and finish your enemy off.

Rarity Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 198 207 216 200 210
Damage 22 23 24 20 21
Fire Rate 9.0 9.0 9.0 10 10
Magazine 30 30 30 40 40
Reload Time 2.2s 2.1s 2.0s 3.135s 2.97s

Machine Guns

Machine Guns are useful for destroying enemy buildings, with the help pf their high Fire Rate and can offer great help to your teammates during a tense fight. Keep in mind though, that Miniguns will overheat overtime if you shoot continuously.

Rarity Common Legendary
DPS 216 228
Damage 18 19
Fire Rate 12.0 12.0
Reload Time No reload needed No reload needed


Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon is something like a substitute to a sniper rifle, dealing good damage to your enemy and useful for medium and long ranges. It is available on epic and legendary levels.

Hand Cannon
Rarity Epic Legendary
DPS 60 62.4
Damage 75 78
Fire Rate 0.8 0.8
Magazine 7 7
Reload Time 2.1s 2.0s

Suppressed Pistols

Suppressed Pistols are great for sneaky attacks on the backlines, damaging buildings and players without giving away your position and can be found in these levels: rare and epic.

Suppressed Pistol
Rarity Rare Epic
DPS 175.5 189
Damage 26 28
Fire Rate 6.75 6.75
Magazine 16 16
Reload Time 1.3s 1.3s


Pistols can be really deadly in close combats. But keep in mind, that if your enemy has a shotgun, you will have a hard time eliminating him. They make less damage in long distance, so if try to get away from the deadly-close-combat with shotgun, you will not make it to deal the needed amount of damage for the elimination. Available levels are common and uncommon.

Rarity Common Uncommon
DPS 155.25 162
Damage 23 24
Fire Rate 6.75 6.75
Magazine 16 16
Reload Time 1.5s 1.5s

Dual Pistols

Dual Pistols deal some good damage to your target but you will have to wait a little so you can focus your aim better and both of them fire with one pull of the trigger.

Dual Pistols are not very useful for long range combat, they are quite good for medium range and ever more preferable for close combat. Even if your enemy has a shotgun you have great chances of overtaking him during the fight, as long as you can surprise him.

Obviously, targeting your enemy’s head is ideal, because you have a chance of winning a battle before it even starts in case your enemy hasn’t full health and shield. Dual Pistols are available at rare and epic classes.

Dual Pistols
Rarity Rare Epic
DPS 162.36 170.28
Damage 41 43
Fire Rate 3.96 3.96
Magazine 18 18
Reload Time 2.8s 2.7s

Scoped Revolver

You can find this weapon as epic and legendary. It has a 6 bullets clip size and deals a decent amount of damage. You can use this weapon as a substitute of a Hand Cannon or a Sniper Rifle.

Scoped Revolver
Rarity Epic Legendary
DPS 67.2 70.4
Damage 42 44
Fire Rate 1.6 1.6
Magazine 6 6
Reload Time 2.32s 2.2s

Flint-Knock Pistol

Flint-Knock Pistol is a weapon added in Battle Royale and it can be found in common and uncommon classes. It’s the first weapon at Fortnite that will knock back the shooter and the enemy player in close range combat. So, it can be used like this: fire your enemy with the pistol and immediately swap to another weapon like Shotgun or Smg and eliminate him.

Flint-Knock Pistol deals huge amount of damage but it has long reload time, leaving you vulnerable. As I said before the shooter will knock back, so keep in mind when you fire try not to be near a cliff or something like that because you will fall and might die because of that. Finally, if you fall from a height to your death aim towards the ground and fire before you hit the ground, doing that will result to knocking back yourself and saving you from dying.

Flint-Knock Pistol
Rarity Common Uncommon
DPS 28.38 29.7
Damage 86 90
Fire Rate 0.33 0.33
Magazine 1 1
Reload Time 3s 3s


Sniper Rifles acquire very good timing and accuracy especially when your target is moving, so have patience before shooting.

Non other weapon at Fortnite gives you such satisfaction when blowing your enemy’s head. Don’t forget though that standing and observing your enemies’ movement for a time you become an easy prey, so switch positions often.

Suppressed Sniper Rifle

Suppressed Sniper Rifles deal a decent amount of damage and you won’t be easily detected by your enemy because of the silencer, but some good players will eventually figure out very fast where the shots are coming from. So, wait patiently to find an opening where your enemy is vulnerable and aim carefully in order to finish him quickly.

If you miss your shots leave your hiding spot as soon as possible and move/hide to another spot, it might give you a chance of surprising your enemy and killing him. They can be found at epic and legendary classes.

Suppressed Sniper Rifle
Rarity Epic Legendary
DPS 33 34.65
Damage 100 105
Fire Rate 0.33 0.33
Magazine 1 1
Reload Time 2.85s 2.7s

Heavy Sniper Rifle

Heavy Sniper Rifle deals huge damage to your enemy and it’s a massive destroyer, but it has a longer reload time. They are available at epic and legendary classes.

Heavy Sniper Rifle
Rarity Epic Legendary
DPS 49.5 51.81
Damage 150 157
Fire Rate 0.33 0.33
Magazine 1 1
Reload Time 4.275s 4.05s

Hunting Rifle

Hunting Rifle does not have a scope, so you will have to aim good. The lack of scope though, gives you a great field of view, and the damage output is very high as well. They can be found in two types: uncommon and rare.

Hunting Rifle
Rarity Uncommon Rare
DPS 68.8 72
Damage 86 90
Fire Rate 0.8 0.8
Magazine 1 1
Reload Time 1.9s 1.8s

Explosive Weapons

Explosive Weapons are great to deal heavy damage to your enemies. There are two types of Explosive Weapons: first we have Rocket Launcher and second, we have the Grenade Launcher.

Rocket Launcher

Shooting with the Rocket Launcher can deal massive damage, especially to buildings. Rocket Launcher is available in these levels: epic and legendary. There used to be a rare type too but now you can find it at LTMs High Explosives.

Rocket Launcher
Rarity Epic Legendary
DPS 87 90.75
Damage 116 121
Fire Rate 0.75 0.75
Magazine 1 1
Reload Time 3.42s 3.24s

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher, besides the heavy damage that it deals to the players, can also deliver heavy damage to buildings. So, it can easily erase your enemies’ buildings and leave them vulnerable for you to kill.

Grenade Launcher is not made for long range combat due to the fact that the grenades will explode before even reaching your target. I would recommend it for medium range where with a calculated aim you will catch your enemy by surprise and eventually explode him to bits. At close combat while you are using it be aware that grenades bounce and you might explode yourself. It is available on these classes: rare, epic and legendary.

Grenade Launcher
Rarity Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 100 105 110
Damage 100 105 110
Fire Rate 1.0 1.0 1.0
Magazine 6 6 6
Reload Time 3.0s 2.8s 2.7s

Boom Bow

Boom Bow is the newest weapon added at Fortnite and it is available only as a legendary class. Boom Bow is an explosive-type bow whose arrow will cause a small explosion where it lands. Despite the fact that it’s a bow, it uses ammo Shells (Shotgun Ammo).

Keep pressing the fire keybind/button, the bow will charge and as a result it will increase the distance and the velocity of the arrow. Boom Bow delivers a heavy blow to your enemies and can easily destroy your opponent’s buildings. Finally, shooting a fully charged arrow (it takes 1.6s to fully charg) into your enemy’s head will result to a one-shot, even if he has full life and shield.

Boom Bow
Rarity Legendary
DPS 115
Damage 115
Fire Rate 1
Magazine 1
Reload Time 1.3s

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