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Fortnite - All Items, Consumables, Traps & More in Battle Royale Mode

In the previous article about Fortnite (BR), we took a look at the weapons, their stats and some info about them. In this article we will check and analyze the items that are available at Fortnite such as consumables (healing items, etc.), explosive items and traps. It is preferable for the player to have at least one healing item or a shield item at their inventory for the harsh times that you need to rush your comeback mechanic.

Keep in mind that falling damage or damage due to the storm will decrease your health even if you have full shield. Therefore, shields will not protect you from fall damage, but they will protect you from weapon and explosive damage. Keep in mind that Epic has restored the amount of materials you can gather back to 999 instead of 500.

In Patch 8.30, Epic Games introduced us to the Reboot Vans. This update will allow you to bring back to life your teammates who have been eliminated. The only thing you have to do is collect your teammates Reboot Card which will drop alongside their loot. But keep in mind that you will have 90 seconds to collect the Reboot Card before it expires and you lose your only chance to resurrect him. Once you collect his card, you or another teammate will have to take it to the Reboot Van.

When you reach the van, you will have to interact with it and place the Reboot Cards of any fallen teammate. The re-spawned player will come back with a common pistol, 36 light ammo bullets, 100 wood and having full health. When a reboot van is activated, it will make a loud sound notifying the nearby enemies. Furthermore, once the reboot van finishes its job it cannot be activated again for a short time. You can find one Reboot Van on every named location on the map.

Consumables (Healing & Shield Items)

Below is showcased every item that restores health, shield or both. These items take some time to charge, so try to get cover really fast or hide somewhere. Experienced players will chase you down so hiding while charging is deadly-important.


Items Effect Duration Maximum Stack Info
Heal the player for 15 health 4 seconds 15 They can’t heal you above 75 health
Med Kit
Gives the player 100 health 10 seconds 3 Due to the long time you are vulnerable
Small Shield
Gives the player 25 shield 2 seconds 6 They can’t give you shield above 50
Big Shield
Gives the player 50 shield 5 seconds 3 Consuming 2 of them, will grant the player full shield
Slurp juice
Every 0.5 seconds grants one health or shield up to total 75 2 seconds 2 It will fully restore your health first and after your shield
Fully restore player’s health and shield 15 seconds 1 Build something or hide somewhere before consuming it
Gives player 5 health 1 second They can be found near apple trees, no need for inventory space
Gives player 5 shield 1 second They can be found in wooded areas, no need for inventory space
Gives player 5 health 1 second They can be found near banana trees, no need for inventory space
Gives player 5 health, if he has full health it gives 5 shield 1 second They can be found by destroying palm trees, no need for inventory space
Gives player 5 health and increase movement speed for 10 seconds by 20% 1 second They can be found in the desert, no need for inventory space


Explosive Items

Explosive items are very useful at destroying your enemies’ buildings and causes extreme AOE damage to grouped enemies. The only AOE exception is the Clinger, which is better toget it stuck onto an enemy.

Stink Bomb, on the other hand, does not affect at all any buildings, but you can force enemies to leave his building to avoid the poisonous gad damage. After he tries to escape, he is vulnerable to enemies.

Items Effect Duration Max Stack Info
It causes 70 damage 10 It will start a 5-second fuse and cannot be canceled once is throwned and the thrower can be damaged too
It causes 100 damage to players and 200 damage to structures 10 It will stick on it whatever it touches and the thrower can be damaged too
Stink bomb
It causes 5 damage every 0.5 second 9 seconds 6 It damages only the health and the thrower can be damaged too


Trap Slot


Traps might come handy during an intense combat, to surprise your enemy when he tries to break into your building. You can also place your traps inside enemy buildings, like above the door, and catch-off-guard anyone who tries to break in or out. Keep in mind that the Poison Dart Trap will receive damage over time, and it will affect only their health, ignoring the shield they might have.

Cozy Campfire

Cozy campfire will help you regain some of your life that has been lost due to an intense fight or from the storm. Placing two campfires side by side and standing in the middle of them, will heal you even faster. Be aware though that the process will take some to finish, so build something around you to keep yourself covered. 

Launch Pad

Launch Pad is an item that will come very handy at crucial moments like being far away from the safe zone and the storm is shrinking deadly. You can also use it as a gateway from a difficult fight with low chances of winning in order to survive and reposition yourself. Keep in mind that your opponent might use it too and follow you in order to kill you.

Mounted Turret

Mounted Turret is a gun with unlimited bullets but shooting continually will result to the gun overheating. You will have to wait until it cools down and is ready to be used again. It can be used to defend your high-ground base and cause some damage to the attackers or their buildings.

Items Effect Reload Time/ Duration Max Stack Info
Damage Trap
Deals 150 damage 5.0 seconds Unlimited They can be placed on every surface that accepts traps and they remain intact on surface until other players destroys them
Poison Dart Trap
Deals 80 damage 7 seconds Unlimited They can be placed on every surface that accepts traps and they remain intact on surface until other players destroys them
Cozy Campfire
Restore player’s life with a 50 total healing if he is next to it 25 seconds Unlimited In order for the player to get healed they must place it on the floor, heal player for 2 hp (health points) /second and the effect can be stacked.
Launch Pad
Launches the player into the air Unlimited In order for the player to use it they must place it on the floor and it can be used from any other player too
Mounted Turret
Deals 40 damage 5 seconds Unlimited In order for the player to use it they must place it on the floor, it can be destroyed by shooting it directly or destroying the floor is placed on



Mobility items can help you move faster in case you are running to save yourself from the shrinking storm or they can be used to help you escape from a dangerous combat and reposition yourself to a higher ground where you can kill your enemy a lot easier, as you have a more clear field of view.


Gliders is an item that needs to be in your inventory in order to be used. The Gliders can be used 10 times max except for some LTMs where the Gliders can be used 50 times max, the item will disappear from your inventory if you max its use. To be able to use the Gliders the player must jump or fall from a height. The Gliders will help the player move further and faster.


Balloons will require a slot from your inventory space to be used. The Balloons will help you reach the safe zone more quickly but they can be used during the fight as well, in order to take high ground and eliminate your opponent. Keep in mind though that the other players can shoot you while you are floating to the air and they will aim to break/ pop your balloons in order to cause you fall damage.


Rift-to-go can be used to travel fast into the safe zone or even to escape from your enemies. Rift-to-go will send you up to the skies above the area you used it and will activate the skydiving mode. Keep in mind that the rift will expire after 10 seconds so be careful because your enemies might use it to follow you. Activating the rift makes a loud sound and as a result some nearby players will try to shoot you down.

Items Effect Duration Max Stack Info
Allows the player to redeploy their glider while falling or jumping 10/
Some LTMs 50
The player can have have only one stack of Gliders in their inventory and they will save them from falling damage
Allows the player to jump higher and fall slower 10 Balloons will protect you from fall damage if you use them in time
Brings the player up to the air and skydiving mode is activated 10 seconds 2 The rift will expire after 10 seconds but other players can use it before it expires


Other Items

Impulse Grenade

Impulse Grenade is an item which was removed from the game in Patch 6.00 until it was brought back in Patch 8.11. Impulse Grenade isn’t an item that will cause damage to the buildings but it will affect you, your allies and the enemy players.

When an Impulse Grenade explodes it causes Knock-back to you and the other players. You can use it to chase your enemies or run from them. To secure enemy kills using this item, aime to throw yourself on a high ground, or even better, aim to throw your enemies off some high ground areas, and cause them fall damage.

Boogie Bomb

When the Boogie Bomb explodes, players inside the blast radius are forced to dance for 5 seconds unable to build, fire with their weapons or use any item ?. The effect will be canceled and will be brought back to normal if the dancing player receives damage, either that’s from a weapon, the storm or fall damage. Be careful while throwing it. Try not to affect yourself too and make your allies to dance where it might lead to your, possibly, most humiliating deaths ?.


Bush is an item that camouflages the player into a bush. If the player who wears it receives any damage from a weapon or even fall damage and damage due to the storm the bush will be destroyed. You can use the bush to perform unexpected attacks to your enemies like shooting them with your sniper and eliminating them.

Keep in mind that moving too quickly while wearing the bush will alert enemies. Standing still all the time isn’t a good idea either, as you might be watched by high-ground-snipers.

The optimal way to use it is obviously outdoors but keep in mind to fit with your surroundings making it difficult for the player to notice you. Finding and standing near to other bushes will make you fit much better with the environment. Also when you use the bush don’t forget to crouch, standing up will expose some of your player’s body parts.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is a treasure map that will lead the player to a buried treasure. When you find it use your pickaxe and hit the marked ground a few times and the chest will be revealed. Opening the chest will give you some ammo, materials and of course legendary weapons.

When the player equips the treasure map a golden light/beam in the sky and a red line will appear and will guide the player to the buried treasure. Finally, keep in mind to check quickly the area for enemies and build something around you in order to protect yourself. 


Items Effect Duration Max Stack Info
Impulse Grenade
They can be used to knock back players and vehicles 9 Careful when you throw them because the blast might lead, you or your allies, to receive fall damage
Boogie Bomb
It will force the players inside the blast radius to dance 5 seconds 10 Careful when you throw them because it might affect you or/ and your allies
Camouflage the player into a bush 3 seconds for the player to apply it 2 Bush will be destroyed after receiving damage from a weapon, storm or fall
Buried Treasure
Provides the player with a map where the treasure is hidden 1 A golden light/beam and a red dashed line will guide the player to the treasure where an “X” marks the ground
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