Published on March 20, 2023
Updated on March 20, 2023

Dead or Alive™ Characters

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About DOA 1

Release Date
Nov 26, 1996
Team Ninja
Koei Tecmo
Country of Origin
Dead or Alive

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Dead or Alive made its debut with just 8 characters (which was quite acceptable back in 1996), initially on the Japanese arcades and the SEGA Saturn in Japan, before getting localized for the western market and the PS1. While Bayman and Gen Fu have skipped one entry in the DOA series, all of the characters from the original game have been appearing on every single Dead or Alive game since!

Character Selection Screen, Dead or Alive 1

It's worth noting DOA1 offers a fair amount of female characters - most fighting games at the time barely had 1! But of course, female beauty ended up being one of the main selling points of the franchise from DOA2 and onwards.


Bayman, Dead or Alive™ Character Artwork
Base Roster
Fighting StyleRussian Commando
Date of BirthOct 10
Weight231 LB
HobbyCollecting fire arms, Chess
Favorite FoodBeef Stew

Bio (manual): Working as a professional assassin, the mercenary Bayman uses his code name, well known in the darker side of the world. As a child Bayman witnessed the assassination of his parents, carried out under martial order. He was later trained by the Russian military in commando-style fighting, and served as a special agent for many years. He is posing as a participant of the Dead or Alive® World Combat Tournament and his true assignment is to find and exterminate Fame Douglas, the notorious leader of DOATEC (Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee.)

Gen Fu

Gen Fu, Dead or Alive™ Character Artwork
Base Roster
Fighting StyleXinyi Lihue Quan
OccupationUsed bookstore Owner
Date of BirthJan 5
Weight172 LB
HobbyChinese Painting
Favorite Food

Bio (manual): Gen Fu may appear to be just a feeble shop owner, but this master of Xinyi Lihue Quan is no one to patronize.

No one knows the reason why Gen Fu recently came out of retirement to enter the Dead or Alive Tournament, nor would anyone guess about the dream that haunts Gen Fu nightly ...his granddaughter Mei Linn, lying in her bed in agony... the harsh reality forces him to fight again in order to save his granddaughter's life.


Hayabusa, Dead or Alive™ Character Artwork
Base Roster
Fighting StyleHayabusa Ninjutsu
OccupationAntique Shop Owner
Date of BirthJune 15
Weight154 LB
HobbyMountain climbing, fishing
Favorite FoodSushi

Bio (manual): Ryu bears the name "Hayabusa" an honor bestowed upon only the most distinguished of Ninja's from the Hayabusa School. His life was a continuous fight until he met his love, Aileen, and found satisfaction and peace. But his thirst for challenge returned when he learned that his best friend's sister, Kasumi, had disappeared.

Shortly thereafter, a dark figure approached and handed Ryu a piece of paper stained red. Then, without a word, the figure slipped away, "Welcome to Dead or Alive - from Fame Douglas" the letter read. Another seduction from the dark, the invitation in his hand beckoned like an old lover. Once again, Ryu slipped into the shadow of darkness.

Jann Lee

Jann Lee, Dead or Alive™ Character Artwork
Base Roster
Fighting StyleJeet Kune Do
OccupationBody Guard
Date of BirthNov 27
Weight165 LB
HobbyWatching action movies
Favorite FoodHamburger, Grapefruits

Bio (manual): Jann Lee has never seen the faces of his parents; they died when he was very young and left him an orphan, alone to fend for himself. Soon after, he absorbed himself in the study of Jeet Kune Do. At first he fought to replace the feelings of loss from when his parents died, but eventually Jann fought purely for the sake of fighting.

One day, he heard the rumour of a tournament to honor the strongest fighter in the world. He wondered if he could find what he had been searching for in the tournament. He smiled just for a moment and clenched his fist tightly.


Kasumi, Dead or Alive™ Character Artwork
Base Roster
Fighting StyleMugen Tenshin Ninjitsu
Date of BirthFeb 23
Weight106 LB
HobbyFortune telling
Favorite FoodStrawberry Millefeuille

Bio (manual): Kasumi is torn between her responsibilities and the urge to know the truth. Kasumi's brother, Hayate, was rightful heir to the Mugen Tenshin style and ready to succeed as the 18th leader of the clan ...until one fateful day when an assassin attacked and crippled him. Kasumi's father, Shiden was left bitter and refuses to discuss the details surrounding the attack on Hayate. He ordered Kasumi to succeed her brother's position as the leader of the Mugen Tenshin style.

However, Kasumi secretly left her village, without a[sic] leaving a trace, in order to avenge her brother an seek out the truth.


Leifang, Dead or Alive™ Character Artwork
Base Roster
Fighting StyleT'ai Chi Quan
Date of BirthApril 23
Weight110 LB
Favorite FoodAlmond Jelly

Bio (manual): Lei Fang is an impulsive, yet determined prodigy of T'ai Chi Quan. Don't let her sweet smile fool you ...she may look like an angel, but she's got a devilish determination to prove her strength. Her confidence was shaken just once. Several years ago Lei Fang was challenged by a gang of street fighters, she was prepared to take them on single-handedly, but a boy wearing a dragon emblem suddenly jumped to her rescue.

If there's one thing she hates, it's someone assuming that she can't handle things on her own. The incident left her determined to find and defeat that boy... and anyone standing in her way. You'd better keep your eyes on her at all times.


Tina, Dead or Alive™ Character Artwork
Base Roster
Fighting StyleProfessional Wrestling
Date of BirthDec 6
Weight130 LB
HobbyVideo games, cycling
Favorite FoodSeafood

Bio (manual): Tina entered pro wrestling in High School and has worked her way up to become one of the world's most lethal and feared competitors. Bass Armstrong is Tina's father, trainer, and chief support ...whether Tina likes it or not! Tina almost "threw in the glove" last year until her father stepped in again and convinced her to take on the world. Bass thinks Tina is in the[sic] it for the glory of winning the DOA Tournament, but her real aim is to be discovered by Hollywood.


Zack, Dead or Alive™ Character Artwork
Base Roster
Fighting StyleMuay Thai
Date of BirthApril 3
Weight172 LB
HobbyPool bar
Favorite FoodIce cream

Bio (manual): Reporter: We're here with MR. ZACK who is about to participate in the DOA championship. MR ZACK...

Zack: Where's the camera? Are you sure you've got my best side?

Reporter: MR. ZACK, uh, that's a little too close to the camera. Great. So I understand that you studied the oriental martial art Muay Thai...

Zack: Hey man, sorry. You know what I mean? Gotta Go. Thanks for your support. It's gonna be a cool night. The prize is mine.

Reporter: Sir, I...

Zack: Sorry, man. Be cool. This tournament rocks!