World of Warcraft

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Free Trial

Only available for the Retail version of World of Warcraft, you can play with any character up to Level 20.

You can't login with characters that are Level 21 or higher, and you can't earn any XP after Level 20 99.99%.

Buy to Play

MSRP: 39.99$ / 39.99€ / 34.99£

Required Subscription

MSRP: 14.99$ / 12.99€ / 9.99£

A monthly subscription is required in order to access the full content of World of Warcraft.

You can still use the benefits of the Free Trial while not subscribed.

Discounts offered when subcribing for longer periods:

  • 3 Month Subscription:
    • 41.97$ (13.99$ per month) for 3$ savings.
    • 35.97€ (11.99€ per month) for 3€ savings.
    • 28.17£ (9.39£ per month) for 1.8£ savings.
  • 6 Month Subscription:
    • 77.94$ (12.99$ per month) for 12$ savings.
    • 65.94€ (10.99€ per month) for 12€ savings.
    • 52.14£ (8.69£ per month) for 7.8£ savings.

Subscription will auto-renew on your chosen payment method, unless you cancel it from Account Overview > Subscriptions & Game Time > World of Warcraft > Manage > Cancel Subscription.

Cancelling your subscription will have no effect on your account, or your remaining game time.

Occasionally, a unique mount (that is also available to buy from the Store) will be given to your account, when you subscribe for 6 months. You can check if one exists, when you visit WoW's subscription page, while logged in on your BattleNet account.

Earnable Subscription

The WoW Token is an item that can be bought for real money from the Battle Net shop, and be sold inside the game's auction house, for in-game Gold.

1 WoW Token contains 1 month of Game Time, and is sold for 20$ / 20€ / 17£. Its Gold price fluctuates based on the game's economy.

This offers a way for some players to buy Gold with real money, and other players to buy Game Time without real money.

Paid Expansions

MSRP: 39.99$ / 39.99€ / 34.99£

World of Warcraft releases a new content expansion roughly every 2 years.

End-game progression is locked behind the new expansion always, and the cost of purchase for existing players, is as much as a new player buying the Base Edition of World of Warcraft (which always includes the latest expansion).

Paid Convenience

The following convenience products are offered through the game's Shop:

  • Character Boost
  • Server Transfer

Paid Cosmetics

The following cosmetic products are offered through the game's Shop:

  • Race / Faction Change
  • Name Change
  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Toys
  • Outfits

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