Published on July 12, 2019
Updated on August 27, 2022

GrandChase – Beginner’s Guide to Heroes, Levels, Raids, PvP & End-Game

The original Grand Chase came out in Korea back in 2003, and it was a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG. KOG Games (who are also responsible for the well-known MMO Elsword) made a comeback in 2016, by releasing Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser for Android & iOS devices, short after the closure of the last PC servers.

GrandChase has more in common with other popular gacha games, than the original MMO, but that doesn’t make it any less unique. Most notably, it provides a way more meaningful grinding experience that its counterparts, and a quite fair & balanced F2P model.

Getting to know the game isn’t too hard at first, but after clearing the first few stages, you are going to become overwhelmed with questions and options, so it’s best to learn the ins-and-outs early on, without wasting any of those precious early game rewards (like free S & SR Rank Select Tickets).

You can jump to the section that interest you the most from the table of contents below, but I heavily suggest reading through the whole guide, as you’re definitely going to discover quite a few important tips you wouldn’t otherwise.

Please keep in mind that a big update is coming on 21st July 2019, that changes a lot about Adventure / Story Mode, so some parts of the game have been left out for now.

Heroes – How to Upgrade & Level Up

A hero collector RPG can be as good as its hero lineup right? Unless you have a distinct hate for well-made and vibrant anime characters, you won’t be displeased with the roster!

Hero Classes

Poseidon (Spear of the Deep Sea), S Rank Tank Hero, GrandChase

GrandChase uses classes to identify each hero’s abilities and role in combat, so it’s (usually) wise to build a balanced team, with the holy trinity of tank / healer / dps. The 5 classes are:

  • Tank – Their role is to stay at the front lines, and absorb most of the enemies’ damage, while protecting the other party members. They will usually be the last men / women standing, so you want to make sure that you prioritize their upgrades, just after your main DPS hero.
  • Healer – If you ever been a part of a dungeon party in an MMORPG, you know how important the role of the hearer is! He / she will increase your party’s sustainability by a long, long margin, long enough to help you unlock new content faster. Leave him last for upgrades, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a must-have in your party (unless you are on grinding mode).
  • Assault – Melee physical DPS. Since both other DPS classes are ranged, it makes sense to use an Assault hero as your 1st DPS, but it doesn’t mean you have to do it (I personally don’t).
  • Ranger – Ranged physical DPS. You need at least 1 ranged DPS in your team, so that you can unleash some powerful skills while being safe from harm. RNG & preference will be the deciding factors here.
  • Mage – Ranged magic DPS. Same as above, personal taste will be the deciding factor of your DPS classes (don’t forget there’s more battle modes that will let you use more than 4 heroes in your team).

Hero Ranks

S Rank Hero Symbol, GrandChase Heroes

A Hero’s rank, is synonymous with its rarity – therefore its power – to a great extent. There are 4 different ranks in GrandChase:

  • B Rank – The worst rank. Your best bet is to sell them for Prestige Points (Inventory -> Hero -> Sell Hero) to advance your main heroes, or for occasional Fusions (Inventory -> Hero -> Fusion).
  • A Rank – Don’t let the fact that Kyle – the story’s main hero – is an A rank fool you. They will just provide you with more Prestige Points, and can get you better Fusion rates for S / SR than B Ranks can.
  • S Rank – Starting out, and for a really long time, S Ranks will be your bread & butter! They are relatively easy to acquire by progressing through the game’s thousands of quests / rewards / events, so you just want to make sure that you decide on your main S ranks quite early. You will need a lot, a lot of copies in order to advance them, so better start collecting the same ones early on (you will get a lot of Select Tickets, which let you select the S rank hero you want for free).
  • SR Rank – SR is the dream, as in most gacha games! These are quite, quite rare to stumble upon, so if you get to choose one, make damn sure you know who you’re getting!

Hero Evolutions

GrandChase Hero Evolved to 6-Stars

As you would expect from a hero collector RPG, heroes come in different evolutions, depicted with stars!

A hero can have 3, 4, 5 or 6-stars, which also change his sub-name, appearance and portrait, and of course make him more powerful! All heroes you can get from Summons or Tickets are either 3 or 4 stars (or 5 stars for SR rank), but you can evolve them up to 6 (check out Hero Evolve below).

You will need the precious Evostones in order to evolve your heroes, so make sure you don’t waste them carelessly!

Hero Growth

There’s many, many ways to upgrade your heroes in GrandChase, and all of them feel balanced and rewarding, without the need for extreme grinding in order to progress.

They don’t earn XP through battle, and their growth relies on acquiring various materials, copies of the same hero etc. Let’s see all the ways you can upgrade your heroes in more detail:

Hero Upgrade

Hero Upgrade Screen, GrandChase

Each hero can be upgraded from +1 to +12, gaining better stats with each level, and being limited by its Evolution:

  • 3-star heroes can be upgraded up to +3
  • 4-star heroes can be upgraded up to +6
  • 5-star heroes can be upgraded up to +9
  • 6-star heroes can be upgraded up to +12

In order to upgrade heroes, you have to use Monster Cards as upgrade materials. Simply open the Party interface, choose the hero you want, then tap on Manage, then Hero Growth. The first tab you are going to see, is the upgrade tab.

Here, you can choose Monster Cards on the right, that you want to use in order to upgrade your heroes. Depending on your hero’s evolution (stars), and the Monster Card’s evolution, you will have a bigger / smaller chance of succeeding the upgrade.

Keep in mind, that each successful upgrade attempt, will cost you the corresponding amount of gold that shows up. This won’t be an issue when you’re starting out, but later on gold is going to be scarce, and correct management will make a big difference into how you progress into the end-game.

The table below will help you understand these chances better:

Monster Card Stars 3-Star Hero 4-Star Hero 5-Star Hero 6-Star Hero
1-Star Monster Card 25% 10% 1% 0%
2-Star Monster Card 50% 25% 10% 1%
3-Star Monster Card 100% 50% 25% 10%
4-Star Monster Card 100% 100% 50% 25%
5-Star Monster Card 100% 100% 100% 50%
6-Star Monster Card 100% 100% 100% 100%

Hero Evolve

Hero Evolve Screen, GrandChase

In order to upgrade a hero past its upgrade limit, you have to evolve it. The lowest hero evolution is 3-stars, and the highest 6-stars.

Each evolution offers better stats, and costs a special item called Evostones. Each class get its own version of Evostones, so for example in order to evolve a 3-star Tank hero to 4-stars, you need to use the Tank Evostones.

There’s many ways you can acquire Evostones, which we’ll discuss below, but with some pre-planning you won’t have a hard time getting them. This is the amount you need for each evolution:

  • To evolve a 3-star hero to 4-stars you need 2 Evostones & 5,000 Gold.
  • To evolve a 4-star hero to 5-stars you need 10 Evostones & 60,000 Gold.
  • To evolve a 5-star hero to 6-stars you need 40 Evostones & 100,000 Gold.

Hero Prestige

Hero Prestige Screen, GrandChase

After reaching the max level of evolutions and upgrades, which is 6-stars +12, you can start leveling his Prestige level.

Prestige can go up to 100 levels, and in order to upgrade it you need a special item called Prestige Points (and of course gold). The best way to acquire these, is by selling heroes you don’t need through Hero Sell in your Inventory, or by using Request Points (more on that below).

Prestige levels provide a great buff to your hero stats, so make sure to get as many as you can afford for your mains.

Hero Traits

Hero Trait Screen, GrandChase

Every 10 Prestige levels you get, you will also acquire 1 Trait point you can use to provide certain passive buffs to your hero.

You are quite limited into your choices, since you can only get a max of 10 points, letting you max out just 2 passives, or allocate them as you see fit. Fortunately, depending on your hero class, it is usually clear where you want to invest:

  • Skill Attack Damage Reduction > Basic Attack Damage Reduction for Tanks
  • Increase Healing Magic Recovery Amount > Skill Cooldown Reduction for Healers
  • Basic Attack Damage Increase > Basic Attack Speed Increase > Crit Chance for Ranged & Assault
  • Skill Attack Damage Increase > Casting Speed Reduction > Skill Cooldown Reduction for Mages

However not all heroes are the same, so make sure you understand your heroes’ skills, strengths and weaknesses before moving forward with allocating trait points. Some DPS heroes might need that extra survivability, or a Healer might benefit from going Hybrid and getting more damage.

Keep in mind that you can reset your traits for 150,000 Gold, so it’s not the end of the world if you take the wrong decision.

Hero Awakening

Hero Awakening Screen, GrandChase

I guess you already noticed some heroes with pink stars – these show the hero’s awakening level.

Hero Awakening unlocks at the same time with Prestige levels (that’s when you attain a 6-star evolution and a +12 upgrade). Then, you are allowed to use one identical hero and a large sum of gold, in order to awaken your hero.

Identical, means the same hero, at 6-stars +12. Fortunately, it’s way less painful & grindy than it sounds, at least for S Rank heroes!

There’s also a special hero called Splendid Shiny, and if it’s the same class & rank with your hero, it can be used instead of an identical one in order to awaken (these are quite rare, so when you get the choice, think carefully which one you will choose).

The gold cost for each awakening varies based on the awakening level, and the hero’s rank:

Stars A Rank S Rank SR Rank
1 Awakening Star 50,000 Gold 200,000 Gold 500,000 Gold
2 Awakening Stars 100,000 Gold 400,000 Gold 1,000,000 Gold
3 Awakening Stars 150,000 Gold 600,000 Gold 1,500,000 Gold
4 Awakening Stars 200,000 Gold 800,000 Gold 2,000,000 Gold
5 Awakening Stars 250,000 Gold 1,000,000 Gold 2,500,000 Gold
6 Awakening Stars 500,000 Gold 1,500,000 Gold 3,000,000 Gold

Hero Promote

Hero Promote Screen, GrandChase

Last but not least, a 6-star max awakened hero, can be promoted to the next rank with 1,000,000 Gold! That means that you can promote your S Rank to a SR Rank, providing the maximum potential, and.. starting all over!

Promoting S to SR shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it’s the first expensive upgrade so far, that will downgrade your hero! This happens because promoting strips away your Awakening levels, and as it’s normal an unawakened SR hero, is way weaker than a 6-star awakened S hero.

What’s more, don’t forget than in order to awaken your newly acquired SR hero, you will need an identical hero. You guessed right, you have to go through the whole process of promoting the S rank copy to SR, before you can awaken just one level.

Is it worth it? Well, by the time you reach your first 6-star awakening, you will know better how much time you needed for it, and if it’s really that worth it. Sure, pure SR heroes are even harder to come by, so the best advice here is to make sure you have at least 3 additional SR copies of your hero, so that you can get him / her to 3-star SR awakening at once, and not ruin your Battle Points.

Items – Acquiring & Upgrading Gear

The item system of GrandChase is not too deep – or too shallow. It’s quite simple to grasp, and quite rewarding to level up!

Item Type

Equip Types, GrandChase

There are two different item types, Equip & Accessory.

Each Equip corresponds to a hero class, so it’s easy to make decisions, and hard to find the ideal item for each slot.

Each hero can equip:

  • 1 Weapon Equip
  • 1 Support Weapon Equip
  • 1 Armor Equip
  • 2 Support Armor Equip
  • 1 Artifact

Accessories can be used by all classes, and you will start collecting them way later in the game:

  • 1 Ring
  • 1 Necklace
  • 1 Earring

Item Set

Equip Sets, GrandChase

The best items belong to raid sets, which give you additional buffs if you have 2 or 4 of them equipped.

You will be able to choose your first raid set for free early on through the new players quests, so make sure to decide beforehand which hero class & item set you want to choose.

Personally, I suggest you choose to buff either your main DPS or your Tank, so that you can clear harder content faster.

Normally, you acquire the raid sets through the raids in Adventure Mode. There’s a limited number you can get per week, since the stages you clear for them can’t be rerun, until they reset in the end of the week. Make sure you clear as many raid stages as possible each week, so that you can get the best items for your main team asap.

Item Level

Equip Levels, GrandChase

Apart from the class requirement, each item has its own level, which you can’t upgrade unless it’s a raid item. Each level provides a big boost in stats, so make sure to always equip the best ones you have available.

Early on, don’t bother upgrading any items lower than level 3, and even then, don’t go higher than +3 or +6 (so you can get the additional buffs, without a great gold cost).

Item Upgrade

Equip Upgrades, GrandChase

Similar to heroes, items can be upgraded to, up to +9. Upgrades cost just Gold, but a lot of it the higher you go.

You can safely upgrade an item up to +4, but then there is a chance that it will downgrade with each attempt. Hopefully, there’s a much more expensive “Safe Upgrade” option, which will never downgrade your item (I suggest always using the safe option, as the RNG is more manageable).

Every 3 levels – at +3, +6 and +9 – the item will get a big additional boost to its main stat, making it real worthy to go for these milestones (keep in mind that +6 to +9 can turn out very expensive though).

Item Promote

Equip Promotions, GrandChase

As mentioned above, Raid Items can be promoted, and reach a higher level, and of course way better stats.

To promote them, you need to farm the same type of Raid materials you used to make them in the first place, and craft the corresponding upgrade item by opening the Raid Screen, and choosing “Craft Equipment” in the bottom.

Then, through Inventory -> Equip you can choose the item, hit Promote, and pay the additional gold price to promote the item.

It’s worth noting that these promotes “jump” levels, so for example a 5 level raid item will get promoted to level 8, therefore providing a great increase in stats, and your team’s Battle Points.

How to Handle “Old” Items

You always want to be using better items for your heroes, so the question is, what to do with the old, lower level ones?

There’s two things you can do:

A) If you are unsure, you can always equip lower level items to your lower level heroes. This way you clear up the inventory space, and you can raise the Battle Points of secondary teams, which you might want to use in expeditions, and hit the BP targets without a big gold investment.

B) You can just sell them for Gold, through Inventory -> Equip -> Sell. The amount you get is not bad at all, so it’s a solid option if you don’t want to look any further for these useless-to-be items.

Party – Making Your Team Stronger

Through the Party interface you will be able to manage all your team lineups & formations, upgrade heroes, passive team skills, and pretty much anything you need to power up your Battle Points and progress through GrandChase.


Offensive Teams Setup, GrandChase

In the Attack screen, you can manage all your offensive team lineups, as well as your heroes, with ease. Just click a hero, then “Manage” in order to upgrade him, or another hero in order to swap their positions.

You can quickly setup various hero / pet / skill combinations, so it’s easier to split your Adventure / PvP / Boss lineups, as well as figure out where you will be investing next.

You will unlock up to 5 slots for your teams while leveling up, and you can buy 3 more with gems, which might come in handy way later in the game.


Defensive Teams Setup, GrandChase

In the Defense screen, you can setup 1 team to defend against other players in PvP, and 1 team to defend in Guild Wars. Don’t forget to check your Defense teams every now and then, so that you are using the best possible compositions.

In both PvP & Guild War, you can choose up to 8 heroes & 1 pet in your lineup. You will be fighting with 6 heroes, but you are able to use 2 hidden heroes, so that your opponent has no way of banning them, so it’s wise to hide your 2 strongest heroes.

Skill Research

Skill Research, Party Screen, GrandChase

The Skill Research tab will let you buy many permanent passive buffs for your team, as well as Party Skills you can use manually in battles (they won’t be triggered in auto-play, and will make a huge difference into helping you clear content faster), and last but not least, passive buffs that apply to your Defending teams.

Each skill upgrade will cost you more and more money & time, and soon enough you will need a whole day to finish researching a skill. For that reason (and along with Expedition Slots), buying the other 2 research slots for a total of 3, is the best gem investment you can make early on, so don’t hold back.

If you are struggling to decide where to invest, then I suggest:

  • Party Skill – Focus on Rally Zone (attack damage % increase), Hero’s Shield (HP % shield) and Endless Growth (attack damage % increase that stacks up to 10 times). These will help you clear everything faster, but if you face hard stages that your heroes can’t survive, it’s worth looking at some of the defensive skills as well.
  • Party Passive – Get everything ASAP! You can choose to prioritize offensive or defensive skills, based on your situation. If you are an AFK player, get passives first. If you are an active player, get Party Skills first.
  • Defender Passive – Get everything as well. You will unlock these after hitting Account Level 60, so not much to worry about early on. Since most players play quite offensively, it might be wise to invest in healing / defensive buffs first (as long as you make sure you can have at least 1 healer active in your defense).

Hero Training

Hero Training, Party Screen, GrandChase

The last tab of the Party Interface is Hero Training, which will let you passively enhance each different class’ stats.

Therefore there are 5 different Upgrades here, Assault, Ranger, Tank, Healer & Mage Upgrades, for which you’ll need Blessings of Valor and a lot of Gold.

Each upgrade can get up to Level 240, being “gated” by your account level as with most things in GrandChase. So don’t worry too much about investing a lot on it, you’ll soon have to wait to level up in order to upgrade further.

Adventure Modes – Progressing Through the Story

This is the place you’ll start out on your Grand Chase adventures, and you’ll find both Story Mode Stages, as well as Raids inside.

Both modes are quite different in how you’ll approach them, but both offer necessary advancement for your account, and will help you unlock all Battle Modes, upgrade your Request level, as well as acquire Epic Gear!

Story Mode

World 1 Kricktria, Adventure Mode, GrandChase

GrandChase’s story mode is divided between 5 Worlds:

  • World 1 – Kricktria
  • World 2 – Mouspia
  • World 3 – Kounat
  • World 4 – Demon World – Crimson River
  • World 5 – Demon World – Burning Canyon

And each world offers 4 different difficulties (Story, Chaos, Hatred & Destruction), with each difficulty changing up the stage completion requirements, not just the Recommended BP.

Each world is divided in different Acts, with each Act containing 9 different stages (stages 3, 6 & 9 always contain a Boss of a certain class), and each stage offers 3 different completion objectives (stars), which also award you with 1st clear rewards.

When you clear the last stage of each World, you will unlock the next difficulty for this World. It’s definitely worth going after full completion at each difficulty, because you will be able to claim an awesome reward for doing so, as well as unlock more game features at times.


Temple of Time, Raid, GrandChase

Raids (as you may have guessed from the name) are extremely important. They reset once a week, and will provide you with powerful crafting materials that you can use to craft Raid Gear for your heroes, in order to gain a huge stat boost.

You will definitely have to move & use your skills manually in raids, as the content is very hard, and most of the times you will have to clear certain objectives – which your heroes won’t be able to do in auto mode.

Keep in mind that Raid items are soulbound. That means you need a special item to unequip them from your character, called Common Equipment Removal Kit, which you can acquire in the Honor Shop for 1,000 Honor Points each.

There are 5 different raids in GrandChase (one for each World), and they reset every Monday on 22:00 GMT:

  • Siege of Teroka (World 1 – Kricktria)
  • Temple of Time (World 2 – Mouspia)
  • Great Explosion of Kounat (World 3 – Kounat)
  • Purgatory (World 4 – Demon World – Crimson  River)
  • Underworld Train (World 5 – Demon World – Burning Canyon)

An in-depth raid guide for GrandChase will arrive soon.

Battle Modes – Putting Your Team to the Test

There’s a wealth of different battle modes available in GrandChase, and you can access them through the “Battle” button on the bottom right corner of your home screen.

You will start with.. nothing, and slowly unlock all 10 modes through progressing in the game’s Adventure mode. It’s imperial that you take your time with all of them, since the rewards are great, and limited!

Keep in mind that every day you will receive two Dungeon Clear tickets, which will let you instantly complete a level you have previously completed, if you don’t have enough time to manually run it. If you can’t clear the next Rank of a mode, it’s always wise to use a ticket on the previous one.

Trial Tower

Trial Tower, GrandChase Battle Mode

How to Unlock: Clear Adventure 1-9 (Story)
Main Rewards: Evostones / Gold / Gems

The Trial Tower is the first Battle Mode you will unlock by playing the story mode, and it’s a mode where only your power will stop you from advancing.

Without any daily limits or resets, you can try to go as high as you can anytime, and the first time you do every day, will award you with a Secret Chest for each previous Rank you have cleared.

There are 100 Ranks in total, so for example if you’ve been up to Rank 20, and tomorrow you clear Rank 21, you will get 20 additional chests, that most of the times include Monster Cards. There is a time limit for each stage, so being strong is not enough, you have to clear the enemies fast as well.

Keep in mind that every 3 floors a special reward will be waiting for you, like 4-star S Rank Select tickets (letting you pick any S Rank 4-star you want for free).

Hero’s Tower

Hero’s Tower, GrandChase Battle Mode

How to Unlock: Clear Adventure 4-9 (Hatred)
Main Rewards: Blessings of Valor / S Rank Summon Tickets & S Rank Splendid Shiny

Probably one of the hardest & most rewarding battle modes, Hero’s Tower offers a lot of summon tickets and blessings of valor to help with Hero Training.

In each Rank, you will face a team of 6 enemies, with the same rules of PvP. 4 of them come out at first, then gradually the 5th and 6th enemy will show up.

The battles are very hard, so it’s wise to study the enemy teams and bring a more appropriate setup, but the progress will be slow either way, so it’s great if you manage to clear one stage every 2 days on average.

There’s a total of 80 Ranks to go through, and each one will give you additional rewards for every one of 3 stars you clear it with. Keep in mind that you have to clear with 3 stars in order to progress in the next stage, and there’s no daily limit onto how many times you can participate.

Wizard’s Labyrinth

Wizard’s Labyrinth, GrandChase Battle Mode

How to Unlock: Clear Adventure 2-9 (Chaos)
Main Rewards:  4-Star S Rank Select Tickets / Gold / Prana / Monster Cards
Daily Limit: 2 Wins

The Wizard’s Labyrinth is a quite unique battle mode, that offers big long-term rewards, so as always, make sure to not miss out on it!

Every time you clear a stage, you will get to choose from 2 cards, out of the 4 possible options of: Hero / Prana / Gold / Monster Card. After you acquire 4 cards, an automated shuffle will choose one of them, and you will get an instant special room containing a lot of what the card said.

You have a max limit of 2 entries per day, so at best you can get a special room every 2 days, and it’s definitely worth it! Don’t forget that you can also use the Dungeon Clear tickets if you are struggling to go higher.

There’s “just” 30 Ranks here, and after each stage you clean, apart from a big amount of Prana, you will earn a special Shard, which after collecting 20 you can turn in for a 4-star S Rank Select Ticket.

Daily Defense

Daily Defense, GrandChase Battle Mode

How to Unlock: Clear Adventure 5-9 (Story)
Main Rewards: Evostones
Daily Limit: 1 Win
Additional Entry: 360 Gems

Daily Defense is a cool objective mode, where you have to defend a shard from the enemies. If they destroy it, you lose.

Expect huge waves of enemies and a ton of burst damage to your units, as well as slow progress through the ranks. If you plan to AFK the fight, at least remove “Auto Move” and make your units stand next to the defense point, as it will be much easier to actually defend it.

You should also expect special events during the fights, like statues showing up, which if  you don’t destroy fast will unleash a curse on your team (or on your enemies if you do destroy them), so playing the battle manually will make a big difference.

There’s only 8 ranks of difficulty here, but it ramps up real quick. Daily Defense is probably the most important mode because it awards you with a lot of Evostones, which you need to evolve your Heroes, as well as a lot of other resources depending on the day.

Each day, the Daily Defense awards are different:

  • Mondays award Mage Evostones & Monster Cards
  • Tuesdays award Assault Evostones & Gold
  • Wednesdays award Tank Evostones & Adventurer’s Marks
  • Thursdays award Ranger Evostones & Prana
  • Fridays award Healer Evostones & Blessings of Valor
  • Saturdays award ???
  • Sundays award ???

Dimensional Boss

Dimensional Boss, GrandChase Battle Mode

How to Unlock: Clear Adventure 2-9 (Story)
Main Rewards: Evostones / Guild Points / Equipment
Daily Limit: 5 Boss Summons & 1 Battle / Boss

Dimensional Bosses are awesome, since they can add up to your daily Gold income, as well as provide you with Accessories, which are quite, quite hard to find in GrandChase.

They come in many different levels / difficulties, and obviously rewards. In order to summon a Dimensional Boss, you need to have the respective Summon Card. The best way to make sure you always have enough cards in stock, is to always have an Expedition farming for Dimensional Boss Summon Cards.

Keep in mind that you only get one chance at a boss (or you can get additional entries by spending Gems), so make sure to Summon bosses low enough that you can take in one round, unless you have an active guild that can help you clear them (Pro Tip – find one!).

Last but not least, there’s a daily Gold limit you can gain from Dimensional Bosses (similar with PvP, so you can’t “exploit” it), which depends on your account level. What’s more, every time you fight you will accumulate damage towards unlocking more and more powerful accessories.

You can already tell that these bosses play a big role in your advancement, so make sure to clear your 5 daily summons, as well as be a part of an active guild, that will also help you tackle higher level bosses, and hit your daily gold limit quicker (remember – Gold is King in GrandChase)!

List of GrandChase Dimensional Bosses:

  • Lv. 20 Gorgos
  • Lv. 25 Wendy
  • Lv. 55 Troll
  • Lv. 80 Troll
  • Lv. 90 Gardosen

World Boss

World Boss, GrandChase Battle Mode

How to Unlock: Clear Adventure 4-9 (Chaos)
Main Rewards: Gold / Guild Points
Availability: Fridays through Sundays

The World Boss only shows up on Fridays & weekends, so make sure to participate on time in order to get the tons of gold it has to offer!

You need to progress way, way far in order to even do 1 million of damage, so be patient with it, and make sure to always max your cumulative damage as much as possible.

You can bring 3 different teams to the fight, and their total damage will count towards your global ranking, as well as the reward you will receive. Beware though, that the first and last team have heavy debuffs on them, so place your main team in the middle:

  • The first team gets a 50% Magic Damage reduction, so make sure to bring Physical Damage heroes.
  • The middle team gets no damage reduction at all.
  • The third team gets a 50% Physical Damage reduction, so make sure to bring Magic Damage heroes.

By following this simple tip, you are going to have a much better chance at higher damage output, and greater rewards!

Dimensional Chasm

Dimensional Chasm, GrandChase Battle Mode

How to Unlock: Clear Adventure 10-9 (Chaos)
Main Rewards: Dimension’s Crystals & Magic Enchant Materials

The Dimensional Chasm will be unlocked quite later in the game, that goes up to 17 Ranks and will provide you with powerful Support Weapons, as well as Magic Enchant materials. It’s worth rushing your progress as much as possible, to unlock the Dimensional Chasm as quickly as possible.

Each Rank you have to choose between two hard fights – clearing one of them is enough to progress in the next Rank – and will award you with many crafting materials for the Support Weapons.

The easiest way to progress, is by using the recommended heroes for each boss, or at least similar variants, however keep in mind that the recommended BP is a bit misleading here, these are hard stages.

Keep in mind that the Dimensional Chasm resets every week, similar to Raids, so always try to go as far as possible to get the precious crafting materials!

You can craft the following Support Weapons from the Dimensional Chasm (all of the crafts will assign random stats to your weapons):

Twisted Dimension’s Support Weapons – Item Level 14

The “cheapest” version costs 100 Dimension’s Crystals and 1,000,000 Gold for each craft.

  • Assault – Twisted Dimension’s Dagger – 2,110 Physical Attack
  • Ranger – Twisted Dimension’s Dart – 2,990 Physical Attack
  • Tank – Twisted Dimension’s Shield – 1,410 Physical Attack
  • Healer – Twisted Dimension’s Orb – 2,470 Magic Attack
  • Mage – Twisted Dimension’s Grimoire – 2,990 Magic Attack

Raging Dimension’s Support Weapons – Item Level 17

The mid-tier Dimensional Chasm support weapons cost 225 Dimension’s Crystals and 3,000,000 Gold each.

  • Assault – Raging Dimension’s Dagger – 2,580 Physical Attack
  • Ranger – Raging Dimension’s Dart – 3,650 Physical Attack
  • Tank – Raging Dimension’s Shield – 1,720 Physical Attack
  • Healer – Raging Dimension’s Orb – 3,010 Magic Attack
  • Mage – Raging Dimension’s Grimoire – 3,650 Magic Attack

Burning Dimension’s Support Weapon – Item Level 20

The best support weapons in GrandChase cost 305 Dimension’s Crystals and 4,000,000 Gold each, making the Raging Dimension set a bad investment.

  • Assault – Burning Dimension’s Dagger – 3,040 Physical Attack
  • Ranger – Burning Dimension’s Dart – 4,310 Physical Attack
  • Tank – Burning Dimension’s Shield – 2,030 Physical Attack
  • Healer – Burning Dimension’s Orb – 3,550 Magic Attack
  • Mage – Burning Dimension’s Grimoire – 4,310 Magic Attack


PvP, GrandChase Battle Mode

How to Unlock: Clear Adventure 3-9 (Story)
Main Rewards: Gold / Guild Points
Daily Limit: 30 Battles

PvP in GrandChase is very rewarding and challenging! You can do up to 30(!) battles per day, but there’s a limit of Gold & Honor you can get daily (with each win you get a great amount, with losses you get nothing). This limit goes up based on your PvP Rank.

You also get a weekly reward based on your Rank – a nice amount of Gems & Evostones! So make sure to finish each week with the highest possible Rank.

Just push “PVP Matching” to begin, and then you are going to see your enemy’s team on the right. If you remember from setting up your PvP Defense team earlier, each player can hide 2 heroes, so that the opponents won’t be able to see them during matchup, and most importantly they won’t be able to ban them!

So your first job is to ban 2 heroes from the enemy team. Your strategy is going to depend on your own team composition, but it’s usually a good choice to ban a very strong Healer, Tank or DPS. Then you “Start Battle”, and it starts out as a 4v4.

After the first 60 seconds pass, the 5th hero of your enemy will join the battle, and the 6th one at 120 seconds. This is to balance the fact that you can actively use your skills, while your opponent has to rely on AI’s decisions, making it harder for him.

Keep in mind that “ultimate” skills don’t work in PvP, so you will have to manage your Party & Hero skills more efficiently. Last but not least, remember that all heroes get a 30% reduction of Damage, Shield & Healing.

Expeditions – Getting Free Loot

Expeditions List, GrandChase AFK Loot

Expeditions are a great AFK feature, where you send of up to 5 teams of 4 heroes away (you can still fight with them, but not sell them while away), and they will return with the loot you have chosen!

There are 4 different mission types, which may award you with Account XP, Gold, Monster Cards or Dimensional Bosses. They come in two durations, 4 or 8 hours. The 8-hour versions offer exactly the double amount of resources, so which one you choose depends mostly on your gameplay times, and what’s easier for you to do as many times as possible each day.

What’s more, the further you progress the Adventure Mode stages, the higher Expedition rewards your heroes can bring back (but the BP requirements for each team rise as well).

Keep in mind, that there’s also a mechanic called “Great Success”, where the more different classes your team has, the bigger the chance of obtaining an extra chest after the expedition is over, up to 60% (the kind of chests that you open with Adventure Keys obtained daily from your friends).

GrandChase FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Even though this guide answers all of the frequently asked questions below directly, or indirectly, many people might be looking for some quick answers for “hot” subjects, so here we go:

Which are the best GrandChase heroes? 

This is always the hottest question in these types of games, but unfortunately there is no legit GrandChase tier list posted anywhere. There’s only a few mediocre attempts, that I don’t want to link here, since they really don’t offer anything.

Don’t despair though, GrandChase is all about trying out what works and what doesn’t, and there’s really too many team compositions you can make that are either top-tier for grinding Adventure stages, or getting you to the top of PvP Ranks.

The best advice I can give you, is to check out the user comments / reviews in-game for each hero, since you’ll get a good grasp of who’s popular (popular doesn’t mean best though). It goes without saying, that SR heroes are by far the strongest and most versatile.

How should I decide which heroes to keep or sell?

Unless you have formed a special emotional relationship with a B or A rank hero, or you want to try your luck at Hero Fusion, there’s no reason to keep and B / A heroes around. Simply sell them through Inventory -> Hero -> Sell Hero, so that you can get valuable Prestige Points (to upgrade your heroes’ prestige level) & Prana (to buy Evostones from the Prana Shop) in return.

If you can afford the “inventory management pain”, you can also make sure to complete the Hero Collections (Diary > Book > Collections) before discarding any heroes, since they reward you with a lot of Gems.

What should I do with low level items?

Sell them for a nice Gold sum, through Inventory -> Equip -> Sell. You can also check the relevant section up top, for a more in-depth answer.

Am I ever going to find accessories for my heroes?

Of course! Accessories are hard to come by at first, so your best best is to make sure to clear all 5 Dimensional Boss Summons you are allowed to do each day.

The guide will be soon updated with information on Pets, Guilds, Missions & Shops. Sorry for releasing it “half-done”, but it’s been a long haul, and I’ve had too many people asking for it. We’re also waiting on a big update in the Adventure system, so I don’t want to post outdated numbers or information.

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