Published on July 9, 2021
Updated on August 27, 2022

9 Stunning Guild Wars 2 Cosplay Costumes

Guild Wars 2 offers a diverse cast of characters that cosplay artists can use and bless us with their creations! I’ve handpicked the best Guild Wars 2 cosplay I could find on the internet below, along with the creators’ social media handles!

Almost everyone knows how much dexterity and perseverance the cosplay creators put in their costumes, and as gaming fans, we love to see and evaluate how lifelike these creations are!

Don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments! Hold up, 9 insane cosplays ahead:

Sylvari by Kyoko-amaterasu

Sylvari Costume from Guild Wars 2

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Facebook: Amaterasu Cosplay
DeviantArt: Kyoko-amaterasu

Norn Warrior by Kamui Cosplay

Norn Warrior Cosplay from Guild Wars 2

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Website: Kamui Cosplay
: Kamui Cosplay
Instagram: Kamui Cosplay
Twitter: Kamui Cosplay
YouTube: Kamui Cosplay

Necromancer by Shiaya-costumes

Necromancer Cosplay from Guild Wars 2

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Facebook: Shiaya Costumes
Instagram: Shiaya Costumes
Twitter: Shiaya Costumes
Ko-fi: Shiaya Costumes

Asura by Enayla Cosplay

Asura Cosplay from Guild Wars 2

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Facebook: Enayla Cosplay
Instagram: Enayla Cosplay
Twitter: Enayla Cosplay

Caithe by Team Paraluna (Medowsweet)

Photo took by Jeroen Weimar

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Facebook: Team Paraluna
Tumblr: Team Paraluna
YouTube: Team Paraluna
DeviantArt: Medowsweet

Faolain by Team Paraluna

Faolain Cosplay from Guild Wars 2

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Facebook: Team Paraluna
Tumblr: Team Paraluna
YouTube: Team Paraluna

Elementalist by Atai Cosplay

Photo took by DeZzibELL

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Facebook: Atai Cosplay
Instagram: Atai
DeviantArt: Atai
Twitter: Atai Cosplay

Guardian by Shoop Cosplay

Guardian Cosplay from Guild Wars 2

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Photo took by Brandon Klements

Necromancer by Tennyo Cosplay

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Facebook: Tennyo Cosplay
DeviantArt: Tennyo Cosplay

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