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Guild Wars 2 - All Currencies - PvE, PvP, Dungeons & Keys

In Guild Wars 2 many currencies can be found, each used in a different aspect of the game. By currencies we are reffering to all those that are going straight into your wallet -meaning they don’t take up your bag space- like karma, gold, fractal relics etc.

Following the link in each currency’s name will lead you to GW2Wiki’s site of the corresponding currency, in case you wanna check out prices etc.

Currency can be used by all characters, since the wallet is account-wide.

We are going to split them in categories so we can better understand how they are earned and what they are used for. Let’s begin:

Table of Contents

General Currencies

Coin (gold)

Coin is the main currency of Tyria. It may be used for various stuff, from buying Gear to buying Gems (with Currency Exchange).

Earned from almost any activity in the game. Events, dungeons, daily achievements, selling to merchants or the Trading Post, anything you do will grant you gold. Not much to say here, you will soon realize that money makes the world go around, and that doesn’t change in Tyria 😀


In Guild Wars 2, Gems can be acquired in 3 different ways:

  1. Bought with real money
  2. Some are awarded every 5.000 Achievement Points
  3. Exchanging gold for gems

They can be used only in the Gem Store, where you can buy account upgrades, convenience items and cosmetics among other things. Keep an eye out for occasional sales, if you wanna save some gems!


Karma is awarded for completion of Events, Hearts, Dungeons, Fractals and Raids. It can also be gained from consumables that grant you Karma.

There are plenty of modifiers in order to increase your Karma gain and I suggest that you use as many as you can because Karma is indeed a bitch, and may be hard to farm if you end up using a lot of it.

But where can it be used? Well for starters you can buy Gear with Karma. It can also be used to buy stuff from Heart vendors and you will probably need a lot of it later in the game if you go for Legendary items.

Another good use of Karma is the Pact Supply Network Agents. There are 6 agents around Tyria that change location everyday. What you want to buy from them is the Pact Scout’s Mapping Material. There are 6 agents which means you can buy up to 6 of these items per day, for a total of 31.500 Karma. What these do is that they grant you the next map reward when consumed. In time, if you have enough they can be a good way to make some gold or get Tier 6 materials needed for legendary crafting. So be sure to check in which map lies that material you want, then go there and use up your Mapping Materials!

Spirit Shards

Spirit Shards are tied with the Mystic Forge. Their main use is for Legendary Crafting as well as Forge-Specific skins. At first you will think “wow I’m in a real need of Shards”, then by the endgame you will have more than you will ever need, so don’t worry about farming shards.

Shards can be found in various ways. They can randomly drop from foes at level 80. You get some for completing three daily achievements. When you hit level 80, every time you gather 254.000 XP or use a Tome Of Knowledge you will gain spirit shards.


Ah Laurels. They are quite a pain to get nowadays. Why is that? Because you only get them from login rewards, and trust me, they ain’t that many. In a month, you may receive up to 55 laurels if you open all login rewards.

Now, Laurels are used in two kinds of vendors: Laurel Merchant and WvW Laurel Merchant. If you follow the above links, you will notice that mainly you can buy Ascended Trinkets with Laurels. Other uses involve containers with different tier materials, gathering tools, boosters, equipment containers and WvW Infusions. Be wise of how you spend your Laurels! They ain’t easy to come by.

Guild Commendations

Guild Commendations is a currency available only to those who are in a guild. That is because they are earned only by completing Guild Missions. Missions reset once per week and the most you can get out of them is 12-15 Guild Commendations. Now let’s see where you use them.

Commendations can be traded at the Guild Commendation Trader, found in the Guild Hall as well as major cities like Lion’s Arch. By trading your commendations you will be able to get Ascended Trinkets, as well as equipment containers and of course Guild Banners, which grant bonuses to those who interact with them. Last but not least, you can purchase Guild Weapon Skins from the same Trader.

Also, depending on your guild level, some more traders are unlocked. There are 4 traders that sell different kinds of stuff. For example, the Guild Armorer specializes in Ornate Guild armor recipes, the Guild Weaponsmith sells Shimmering and Tenebrous weapon skins.

Transmutation Charges

Transmutation Charges are used in order to change the appearance of a weapon, armor or back item without changing their stats. Every time you change the skin of a weapon or armor piece, you consume 1 transmutation charge.

Getting them is quite easy. They can actually be bought with gems but that’s totally not recommended. You will get most of them from Achievement Points chests and collection achievement chests. They are also a potential drop from Black Lion Chests.

PvP Currencies

Badges of Honor

Badges of Honor is a currency earned and spent in WvW. Participating in any WvW activity will net you some badges of honor. Can also be gained from Achievement Reward Chests (the ones you get every 500 Achievement Points).

They can be used in WvW in order to buy Armor and Weapon skins, Ascended Trinkets from the WvW Laurel Merchant, and Cultural Armor from the Skritt Trader.

Also used to buy consumables like WvW blueprints, traps, Commander Icon, Bags and special consumables in the Edge of the Mists.

If you are active enough in WvW you don’t need to worry about farming them, they will come naturally.

WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets

These tickets are gained every time you complete a Tier of the Skirmish Reward Track of WvW. You get pips depending on your realm score and WvW level, as well as some extra for having completed at least Wood Division last week, or playing in an outnumbered map. Each time a tier is completed you get rewarded WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets among other stuff.

The most WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets you can make in a week is 365, and you are gonna need 1450 pips in order to earn all of them.

They can be spent to earn two minis: The Blue Catmander mini and the Yellow Catmander mini. My suggestion is to not spend them on these minis if you are going for the WvW Legendary Armor or Backpack, as you are gonna need a lot of them.

If you are going to make the Legendary WvW Backpack you are gonna need a total of 2.800 WvW Skirmish Tickets, which means 8 weeks of earning every 365 of them each week.

Obtaining one of the two Legendary armor sets will need you to play a lot more as the require many more Tickets as well as a High Rank.

For the Triumphant Hero’s Armor legendary set you will need a total of 7.880 Tickets while obtaining the Mistforged Triumphant Hero’s legendary set will need a total of 10.500 Tickets.

Needless to say that dedication is one of the most important things to obtaining these legendary armor sets.

Proof Of Heroics

Proofs of Heroics can be acquired by trading Testimonies of Heroics (see below). They are equal as currency, meaning that 1 Testimony of Heroics will net you 1 Proof of Heroics.

Can be redeemed in the Heroics Notary vendor for Notarized Scroll of Heroics which will automatically complete you a random Hero Point in Central Tyria and for Notarized Scroll of Maguuma Heroics which will automatically complete you a random Hero Point in the Heart of Thorns maps.

They can also be used in order to purchase Superior Blueprints from the same vendor, as well as Runes, Recipes, Inscriptions and Insignias.

Testimonies of Heroics

Testimonies are earned by leveling up in WvW or can be purchased from the Skirmish Chest.

Like the Proofs they can be used to buy Notarized Scrolls for Central Tyria, Heart of Thorns maps as well as Path of Fire maps.

They can be used for the same recipes, runes etc like the Proofs of Heroics, but they can also be spent on buying Legendary Armor components.

PvP League Tickets

PvP League Tickets are earned by completing PvP Divisions by winning ranked games while a season is active. 100 PvP league tickets can be earned in one season.

They can be spent in PvP vendors to purchase Legendary Armor components, Wings of Glory back items, Grandmaster Marks recipes, minis and Ascended Salvage Kits.

For crafting a full set of PvP Legendary Armor, you will need a total of 300 PvP league tickets, meaning you will need a full 3 seasons of obtaining every available ticket.

You will need a total of 100 in order to purchase the four Wings of Glory back items, in order to throw them in the Mystic Forge and get Wings of Ascension, which is the precursor item for The Ascension legendary back item, which in turn will need a total of 125 PvP league tickets to craft (including the ones for Wings of Ascension).

Ascended Shards of Glory

Ascended Shards of Glory are earned by completing Seasonal PvP Reward Tracks (like PvP league tickets). They don’t have a season cap, as more can be earned by completing the repeatable Byzantium track.

They can be spent to purchase Ascended Weapon chests, ascended trinkets with selectable prefixes, a Mist Capacitor, which resets the prefix of one of the aforementioned trinkets so you can choose another, Mistforged Obsidian Ascended Weapons with selectable stats, Ardent Glorious armor skins and finally, Ascended Ardent Glorious Armor pieces, which are basically the precursor of the PvP Legendary Armor Set and need to be bought in order for the latter to be crafted.

Exploration Currencies


Geodes are a currency earned in the Dry Top map, in the Western part of Central Tyria. They are earned by completing events and opening chests in this specific map. Another means of obtaining Geodes is the Maguuma Wastes Reward track in PvP and WvW.

So where can it be used? Well first of all, if you are on your way of completing a precursor weapon collection, then you are gonna need a lot so keep that in mind.

Geodes can also be spent at the Zephyrite Merchant vendor. Items and prices of the vendor depend on the current tier of Favor of the Zephyrites in your current map of Dry Top. Higher tier means more goods offered and lowered prices. The goods vary from Zephyrite lockpicks (used for opening Zephyrite Chests), to recipes for food and Ambrite Weapons.

Bandit Crests

Bandit Crests are a Silverwastes specific currency. They are earned by completing events, opening chests and containers earned in the Silverwastes. Some can also be earned by completing Living World Season 2 achievements.

The main vendor they can be spent on is the Priory Historian in the Silverwastes. His wares vary from Ascended trinkets, to Carapace Armor Skins. You can also buy Bandit Skeleton Keys which open the Lost Bandit Chests found around Silverwastes and Endless Tonics.

Crests can also be spent on the same vendor to obtain specific Mordrem organ extraction devices, needed for Silverwastes achievements. Finally the can be used to purchase containers with Rare Gear and Masterwork gear.

Airship Parts

Airship parts are earned and spent in the Verdant Brink map of Heart of Thorns. They are obtained by completing events and opening Airship Cargo containers found in the map. Finally you can get some by completing adventures of the map.

They can be spent at Itzel Mastery Vendors to purchase various stuff. You will first need to train the Itzel Language Mastery. Recipes, skins, obsidian shards are among the stuff offered.

Gift of the Itzel can also be purchased and it’s used in crafting Second Generation Legendary Weapons. Tributes for some legendary weapons can also be bought.

Last but not least, the vendor offers some collectible items needed for specialization weapons collections.

Also used in the Ley-Energy Matter Converter once per day.

Lumps of Aurillium

Lumps of Aurillium are the map-specific currency of Auric Basin. They are rewarded by completing events in the map as well as gathered from Exalted Chests. An Aurillium node may also be purchased for the player’s home instance and can be gathered daily.

They can be spent at the Aurillium Collector vendor and at the Exalted Mastery vendor, both in Auric Basin.

The first one offers Exalted Keys, used to open Exalted Chests, as well as recipes for Insignias, Inscriptions and Jewels. Last but not least he offers Pact Rations, a consumable that can also be used to unlock items needed for basic collections.

The Exalted Mastery vendor offers a greater variety of things. He also offers Exalted Keys as well as Personal Exalted Chest Voucher, which is the item that unlocks the Aurillium node in your home instance. You can also purchase Aurillium Essence, which unlocks the Aurillium tab in the Ley-Energy Matter Converter.

The vendor also sells Exalted weapon recipes, runes, sigils, obsidian shards and the Gift of the Exalted, used in second-generation Legendary crafting.

After unlocking the Exalted Acceptance mastery, another tab is unlocked at the vendor, which sells Shieldings for Auric Weapons, one of the items needed for their collection, among other collection items.

Like the other vendors, it’s also possible to purchase Tributes, used for legendary crafting.

Ley-Line Crystals

Ley-Line Crystals are the map-specific currency of Tangled Depths. They are earned by completing events in the map and gathered from Crystallized Supply Caches, found in the map.

They are spent at the Nuhoch Mastery vendor. Like the Exalted vendor, he sells the Voucher that delivers a Ley-Line Crystal node at your home instance and unlocks the Ley-Line crystal tab at the Ley-Energy Matter converter respectively. Other wares include recipes, obsidian shards, runes, sigils and the Gift of the Nuhoch used in second-generation legendary crafting.

The vendor also sell Chak Weapons as well as collectibles for Ley-Line weapon collections.

Again Tributes for legendary crafting may also be purchased.

Ley-Line Crystals can also be spent at Zinn’s Print-o-Matic to purchase gizmos needed for collections.

Provisioner Tokens

Provisioner Tokens are earned in the Heart of Maguuma (Heart of Thorns) maps by trading Rare Level 80 crafted weapons and armor at the Faction Provisioners. The daily cap is 12 provisioner tokens per account.

The main use of Provisioner Tokens is buying Bloodbound Weapons, but they can also be spent to buy containers that contain materials, a random exotic weapon and the Gift of Craftsmanship needed in Legendary Armor crafting.

Magnetite Shards

Magnetite Shards are tied with Heart of Thorns raids, Forsaken Thicket and Bastion of the Penitent. They are earned by killings bosses and completing events in the aforementioned raids. Some can also be earned even if you fail to kill the boss:

If you reach 75% HP you will be awarded one Magnetite Shard, another two if you reach 50% and finally another two if you reach 25%, totalling 5 Shards if you fail the boss below 25% HP.

There is a weekly cap of 150 Magnetite Shards that can be earned from boss kills and events.

Extra Magnetite Shards can be acquired by salvaging ascended weapons, armor and trinkets dropped by Raid Bosses and trading raid dropped minis.

One of the vendors they can be spent at is the Basic Magnetite Exchanger who offers Ascended Armor, Ascended Weapons and Ascended Trinkets. There’s also an exchange tab where the player can trade raid-dropped minis in exchange for Magnetite Shards. Gaeting Crystals (see below) can also be equally exchanged for Magnetite Shards, meaning you can give 1 Gaeting Crystal for 1 Magnetite Shard.

The other vendor that takes Magnetite Shards is Scholar Glenna. She has a variation of apperances, appearing in different spots depending on the raid. She sells Ascended Armor, Weapons and Boss Rewards, which are unlocked after defeating the corresponding boss. You can follow the link to see exactly where she resides and what she sells.

Gaeting Crystals

Gaeting Crystals is the Path of Fire equivalent of Magnetite Shards. They are earned in Path of Fire raids and their weekly cap is currently 50 from killing bosses and completing events.

The only vendor currently taking Gaeting Crystals is the Hall of Chains version of Scholar Glenna, who sells items like the other versions of her. Players can trade Gaeting Crystals for an equal amount of Magnetite Shard, therefore able to use them at the Basic Magnetite Exchanger.

Unbound Magic

Unbound magic is a currency found in Living World Season 3 maps: Bloodstone Fen, Ember Bay, Bitterfrost Frontier, Lake Doric, Draconis Mons and Siren’s Landing. They are earned in various ways.

First of all for Unbound Magic to be gathered from Resource Nodes or floating orbs the player needs to have completed the Reaper of Magic story step of Out of The Shadows episode of Living World Season 3. If the player hasn’t completed the story step he can purchase either Ancient Mursaat Relic or Unbound Magic Gatherer.

They are dropped by some mobs in the above maps. If you go over a floating orb in the above maps you will also get some Unbound Magic. Also salvaging or consuming LWS3 map-specific materials like Blood Rubies and Bitterfrost Berries.

It’s also a map reward meaning that completing events will reward you some. It can also be salveged from a number of items, like ascended trinkets. In all honesty there are tones of ways to earn Unbound Magic. If you want a complete list, follow the link to the wiki in order to check it out.

As for the items you can purchase, the list is even longer so I suggest that you check the wiki page linked above. They vary from trinkets, to map-specific buffs like Karmir Retribution, which has a chance to reward you karma for killing mobs. Other stuff include recipes, collection items, legendary tributes, portals to the LWS3 maps and gathering tools.

Trade Contacts

Trade Contacts are a currency specific to Path of Fire maps, earned from opening chests found around in PoF maps and contained in some containers also dropped in PoF specific maps.

They can be traded for Traders Keys, which open Trade Caches found around Crystal Desert, Trade Caches that contain materials, Ascended Trinkets, Minis, Recipes and items needed for Legendary Crafting and Scribbing.

Elegy Mosaics

Elegy Mosaics are earned by defeating Bounties found across the Crystal Desert, as well as the legendaries at the end of the meta-event of each map. They are also earned by some specific events and the meta event of the Domain of Vabbi, the Serpent’s Ire.

They can be traded at the Primeval Steward for Funerary Armor, Weapons and Trinkets, which have Grieving stats.

Volatile Magic

Volatile Magic is the Path of Fire counterpart of Unbound Magic. Completing dailies in the Living World Season 4 maps will reward you some. It can also be gathered from resource nodes like Difluorite Crystals, or from every node if you are using Volatile Gathering Tools.

It can also be obtained by consuming Kralkatite Ore, Difluorite Crystals and Inscribed Shards. Like Unbound Magic, floating orbs also give you some Volatile Magic. It can also be dropped by enemies and from Volatile Crystals if smashed with the Roller Beatle’s Barrier Smash mastery.

It has similar use of Unbound Magic, I’d suggest checking the whole list at the gw2wiki link above, since the list is quite long, but it can buy you map-specific buffs, minis, collection items etc.

Something worth mentioning for those of you who look to make a little extra gold is the shipments of materials that are bought for 250 Volatile Magic and 1 gold at vendors like the one at the east coast of Istan. Currently the most lucrative one is the Leather Shipment.


Zephyrite Lockpicks

Zephyrite Lockpicks are used to open Buried Locked Chests in Dry Top.

They are dropped by Mordrem in the Silverwastes and Dry Top and can also be earned by completing certain Living World Season 2 story steps. They are also sold by vendors in Dry Top for Geodes and gold.

Bandit Skeleton Keys

Bandit Skeleton Keys are used to open Lost Bandit Chests in the Silverwastes.

They are dropped by Mordrem found in the Silverwastes, sold by vendors in the Silverwastes for Bandit Crests and contained in containers dropped in the Silverwastes. Some achievements also reward you with some Bandit Skeleton Keys.

Another note, they can be combined with 25 Essences of Nightmare, to create a Key of Greater Nightmares.

Pact Crowbars

Pact Crowbars are used to open Airship Cargo found in Verdant Brink.

Daytime events in Verdant Brink reward Pact Crowbars. Nightime events does not, but you can still get them as Map Bonus rewards.

You can also get 1 for free every day with the Ley-Energy Matter Converter (choice between Pact Crowbar, Exalted Key, Vial of Chak Acid and Machete).

Exalted Keys

Exalted Keys are used to open Exalted Chests found in Auric Basin. They also open their “Great” and “Grand” equivalents found after Tarir meta-event.

They can be bought at vendors in Auric Basin for Aurillium and Gold. Completing events in the map will also reward a great number of Keys.

You can also get 1 for free every day with the Ley-Energy Matter Converter (choice between Pact Crowbar, Exalted Key, Vial of Chak Acid and Machete).

Vials Of Chak Acid

Vials of Chack Acid are used to open Crystallized Supply Caches found in Tangled Depths.

They are earned by completing evets in Tangled Depths and can also be bought at vendors in the same map.

You can also get 1 for free every day with the Ley-Energy Matter Converter (choice between Pact Crowbar, Exalted Key, Vial of Chak Acid and Machete).


Machetes are used to open Noxious Pods found in Dragon’s Stand.

They are awared by completing events in Dragon’s Stand and can also be bought at the vendors in the map in exchance for Airship Parts, Aurillium and Ley Line Crystals.

You can also get 1 for free every day with the Ley-Energy Matter Converter (choice between Pact Crowbar, Exalted Key, Vial of Chak Acid and Machete).

Trader’s Keys

Trader’s Keys are used to open Trade Caches found all across the Crystal Desert (Path of Fire and Living World Season 4 maps).

They can be bought in vendors all across the Crystal Desert in exchange for Karma and Trade Contacts.

They are also found by interacting with Sand Piles. Also rewarded as Map Bonus Rewards. Last but not least they are found by various interactibles like Forgotten Debris, Eerie Driftwood, Bleached Bones etc.

Dungeon Currencies

Fractal Relics

Fractal Relics are rewarded for completing Fractals inside the Fractals of the Mist. Number rewarded depends on the level of the fractal. Increased rewards are awarded if the Challenge Mote is activated in Nightmare and Shattered Observatory fractals.

Some can also be earned by turning in Mist Potions earned through fractal chests and daily recommended fractals.

Converting Pristine Fractal Relics will net you 15 Fractal Relics per Pristine Fractal Relic

They are invaluable as there is a huge amount of things to be used for. Follow the link to see full list.

Some of the most important things to buy are the infinite mist potions, which grant you buffs in the fractals. There are 3 potions: Offensive, Defensive and Mobility. Purchasing all three of them will require a total of 18.000 fractal relics.

20 Slot Bags can also be bought. Other buys include Ascended Weapons, Armor and Trinkets, passive buffs for Karma, Experience and Agony Resistance, Ascended Salvage Tools, Recipes, Ascended Materials, Obsidian Shards and Material Bags.

Gift of Ascension can also be bought. Required for the Legendary Backpack Ad Infinitum, among other stuff.

Pristine Fractal Relics

Mainly, Pristine Fractal Relics are rewarded by completing daily Fractal Achievements. In total 15 can be gained daily if all achievements are done with an additional 2 rewarded for completing Nightmare fractal with challenge mote and 2 more for completing Shattered Observatory with challenge mote.

Some are also awarded from the Fractal Iniate, Fractal Adept, Fractal Expert and Fractal Master achievements.

They can be converted to Fractal Relics as mentioned above or used directly to buy Ascended Trinkets, Fractal Weapon skins, Recipes and Mist Attunement buff.

Ascalonian Tears

Earned in the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon. Can also be rewarded by completing the respective Reward Track in PvP and WvW.

Traded for Ascalonian skins at Dungeon Armor and Weapons merchant at Lion’s Arch.

Gift of Ascalon, required for crafting Twilight, The Flameseeker Prophecies, Sunrise, Bolt and Mad King weapons can also be bought for 500 Ascalonian Tears.

Seals of Beetletun

Earned in the Caudecus’ Manor dungeon. Can also be rewarded by completing the respective Reward Track in PvP and WvW.

Traded for Council armor skins and Golden Wing weapon skins at Dungeon Armor and Weapons merchant at Lion’s Arch.

Gift of the Nobleman, required for crafting The Minstrel, Quip and The Moot, can also be bought for 500 Seals of Beetletun.

Deadly Blooms

Earned in Twilight Arbor dungeon. Can also be rewarded by completing the respective Reward Track in PvP and WvW.

Traded for Nightmare armor and weapon skins at Dungeon Armor and Weapons merchant at Lion’s Arch.

Gift of Thorns, required for crafting The Dreamer, Kudzu, Howler and Mad King Weapons, can also be bought for 500 Deadly Blooms.

Manifestos of the Moletariate

Earned in Sorrow’s Embrace dungeon. Can also be rewarded by completing the respective Reward Track in PvP and WvW.

Traded for Forgeman armor skins and Dark Asuran weapon skins at Dungeon Armor and Weapons merchant at Lion’s Arch.

Gift of the Forgeman, required for crafting Kraitkin and The Juggernaut, can also be bought for 500 Manifestos of the Moletariate.

  Flame Legion Charr Carving

Earned in Citadel of Flame dungeon. Can also be rewarded by completing the respective Reward Track in PvP and WvW.

Traded for Flame Legion armor skins and Molten weapon skins at Dungeon Armor and Weapons merchant at Lion’s Arch.

Gift of Baelfire, required for crafting Incinerator and Rodgort can also be bought for 500 Flame Legion Charr Carvings.

Symbols of Koda

Earned in Honor of the Waves dungeon. Can also be rewarded by completing the respective Reward track in PvP and WvW.

Traded for Kodan armor and weapon skins at Dungeon Armor and Weapon’s merchant at Lion’s Arch.

Gift of the Sanctuary, required for craftng Frostfang and Frenzy can also be bought for 500 Symbols of Koda.

Knowledge Crystals

Earned Crucible of Eternity dungeon. Can also be rewarded by completing the respective Reward Track in PvP and WvW.

Traded for Inquest armor and weapon skins at Dungeon Armor and Weapon’s merchant at Lion’s Arch.

Gift of Knowledge, required for crafting The Predator, Meteorlogicus and Mad King Weapons can also be bought for 500 Knowledge Crystals.

Shards of Zhaitan

Earned in The Ruined City of Arah dungeon. Can also be rewarded by completing the respective Reward Track in PvP and WvW.

Traded for exclusive Weapon and Armor skins at Dungeon Armor and Weapon’s merchant at Lion’s Arch.

Gift of Zhaitan, required for crafting Kamohoali’i Kotaki and The Bifrost can be bought for 500 Shards of Zhaitan.

And that concludes our list of currencies, which will be updated whenever a new one pops up. Feel free to express your questions in the comment section below 🙂

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