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Guild Wars 2 Races & Racial Skills

Guild Wars 2 may have a small race selection – with only 5 of them – but the attention to detail and unique features of each one, more than make up for it! The aesthetic differences, body types and skin colors change dramatically between them, so it’s a choice that will form your character in & out!

Each race also comes with 6 race-specific skills (which also may include many sub-skills like special forms!), so we have listed all of them below, hoping to help in your character creation process! Keep in mind that the Engineer profession offers additional variations for these racial skills, which are also supplied below.

So before you choose your Guild Wars 2 profession, make sure that you choose the most appropriate race as well!

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Asura, Guild Wars 2 Race

Race Description: These alchemagical inventors may be short in stature, but they’re intellectual giants. Among the asura, it’s not the strong who survive, but the clever. Other races believe they should rule by virtue of their power and strength, but they’re deluding themselves. In due time, all will serve the asura.

Skill Type Racial Skill Cooldown Description
Utility Pain Inverter 30 Apply confusion to nearby foes. You gain resolution.
Utility Radiation Field 60 Create a Radiation Field at target location, inflicting poison and weakness on foes.
Utility Technobabble 45 Daze target foe.
Elite Summon 7-Series Golem 180 Summon a 7-Series attacking golem to fight for you.
Elite Summon D-Series Golem 180 Summon a D-Series defensive golem.
Elite Summon Power Suit 240 Summon a Power Suit which you or your allies can enter and use to combat foes.
Engineer Pain Transference 45 Send out a bolt that steals a boon from your foe and gives them one condition from you.
Engineer Vent Radiation 45 Vent radioactive gas to poison nearby foes.
Engineer Confusing Speech 45 Confuse nearby foes with complex calculations.


Charr, Guild Wars 2 Race

Race Description: The charr race was forged in the merciless crucible of war. It is all they know. War defines them, and their quest for dominion drives them ever onward. The weakling and the fool have no place among the charr. Victory is all that matters, and it must be achieved by any means and at any cost.

Skill Type Racial Skill Cooldown Description
Utility Battle Roar 35 Let out a battle roar, giving might and fury to nearby allies.
Utility Hidden Pistol 15 Shoot target foe with a hidden pistol while evading backward.
Utility Shrapnel Mine 20 Throw a shrapnel mine that bleeds and cripples foes.
Elite Artillery Barrage 240 Call down an artillery barrage at target location, damaging foes.
Elite Charrzooka 180 Pull out a powerful charrzooka that shoots rockets.
Elite Warband Support 240 Call in members of your warband to assist you.
Engineer Invigorating Roar 50 Let out an inspiring roar, removing weakness and vulnerability from allies and granting vigor.
Engineer Booby Trap 45 Place an explosive charge on yourself that is triggered by a melee attack.
Engineer Hidden Pistols 30 Draw both hidden pistols and unload a volley of bullets on your foe.


Human, Guild Wars 2 Race

Race Description: Humans have lost their homeland, their security, and their former glory. Even their gods have withdrawn. And yet, the human spirit remains unshaken. These brave defenders of Kryta continue to fight with every ounce of their strength.

Skill Type Racial Skill Cooldown Description
Healing Prayer to Dwayna 30 Beseech Dwayna to restore your health.
Utility Prayer to Kormir 40 Beseech Kormir to remove 3 conditions from you.
Utility Prayer to Lyssa 12 Pray to Lyssa, granting a random boon to yourself and a random condition to target foe.
Elite Avatar of Melandru 180 Transform into an Avatar of Melandru.
Elite Hounds of Balthazar 240 Summon two Hounds of Balthazar to fight at your side.
Elite Reaper of Grenth 180 Become a Reaper of Grenth, chilling and poisoning nearby foes.
Engineer Blessing of Dwayna 40 Beseech Dwayna to restore health and grant regeneration to allies at target location.
Engineer Blessing of Kormir 30 Beseech Kormir to remove one condition from your allies at the target location.
Engineer Blessing of Lyssa 35 Pray to Lyssa, granting a random boon to allies and a random condition to foes at target location.


Norn, Guild Wars 2 Race

Race Description: This race of towering hunters experienced a great defeat when the Ice Dragon drove them from their glacial homeland. Nevertheless, they won’t let one lost battle—however punishing—dampen their enthusiasm for life and the hunt. They know that only the ultimate victor achieves legendary rewards.

Skill Type Racial Skill Cooldown Description
Utility Call Owl 30 Call upon an owl to attack and bleed your foe.
Utility Call Wurm 60 Summon a wurm to fight for you.
Elite Become the Bear 240 Shape-shift into norn bear form.
Elite Become the Raven 240 Shape-shift into norn raven form.
Elite Become the Snow Leopard 240 Shape-shift into norn snow leopard form.
Elite Become the Wolf 240 Shape-shift into norn wolf form.
Engineer Eat Owl Egg 30 Eat an owl’s egg to gain swiftness and regeneration.
Engineer Eat Wurm Egg 30 Eat a wurm’s egg to gain vigor and regeneration.


Sylvari, Guild Wars 2 Race

Race Description: Sylvari are not born. They awaken beneath the Pale Tree with knowledge gleaned in their pre-life Dream. These noble beings travel, seeking adventure and pursuing quests. They struggle to balance curiosity with duty, eagerness with chivalry, and warfare with honor. Magic and mystery entwine to shape the future of this race that has so recently appeared.

Skill Type Racial Skill Cooldown Description
Healing Healing Seed 45 Create a healing seed at targeted location which periodically gives nearby allies regeneration.
Utility Grasping Vines 45 Target foe becomes entangled by vines, and is unable to move until they have been destroyed.
Utility Seed Turret 60 Create a Seed Turret at targeted location which will attack nearby foes.
Elite Summon Druid Spirit 240 Summon a Druid Spirit to fight at your side.
Elite Summon Sylvan Hound 180 Summon a sylvan hound to fight at your side.
Elite Take Root 150 Take root at your current location, becoming immobile, but causing several turrets to grow nearby.
Engineer Leafy Bandage 40 Use natural bandages to heal yourself and remove bleeding, burning, and poison.
Engineer Vine Shield 45 Block incoming attacks.
Engineer Throw Vine 45 Throw a vine and trip your foe.
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